Sunday, September 23, 2012

Will Orgeron's reckless politics jeopardize his day job?

It's been rumored that Quartzsite's newest councilman bought into the Education Options charter school franchise, and the higher the enrollment, the more money he stands to make. But parents I've spoken to are quickly losing both faith and patience with the excessive amount of time he is spending on politics instead of focusing on educating their children.

If parents start pulling their children out of Ed Options, and the charter school goes under, there's likely no going back to the public school system for Mr. O. A rift was created with the school board before he resigned to become "head of school" for Ed Options.

As the neo cabal mechanations become more bizarre with each council meeting, one has to wonder if Orgeron actually has a future in Q Ville or should move back in with his wife in Yuma. Maybe Jerry Lukkasson will take him in!

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