Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Qville's newest grifter sends lil Johnson home

With "new business" added to today's 2pm council agenda, the council returned from executive session to contract with California Board of Education scam artist Laura Bruno. This brilliant choice was engineered by rogue Councilman Mark Orgeron. Councilwoman Pat Workman was the only "nay" vote.

Her first act in office was to call the council to meet with her in and tell them she was putting Assistant clown manager Al Johnson on administrative leave. Johnson was spotted discussing something (hopefully not town business) with suspended clown manager Alex Taft at her new old residence behind Castor's Antiques around 5:30 tonight. The cabal canabal carnage continues.


  1. Mark Orgeron, Here Quartzsite goes again!
    Try to get a descent city council in this town, the thought is nothing more than a big bubbling barrel of B.S. There may not be enought descent people in this town to have a descent city cuoncil?
    Mark rode the coat tails in the position he is in by the very people he will soon if not already turn against.
    The way Mark orgerron acts is he ran on he on and got voted in on his on merit and platform.
    I thought he ran with EDD Foster's and Pat Workman platform. MARK Orgeron Looks like another fraud. He sure is going to be surprised come next election, that's if he isn't in jail for fraud? what a dum move for the school teacher, He has more enemies than any man alive in this town, both sides if he thinks the eatery will protect him, if he's going to do any thing than what he ran his platform on or should I say, Edd and Pat ran on, Hope he isn't just another crooked coatailer? Hey that's a good label let's see if it is his!!

  2. LOL, you called a school teacher "dum"!


    Looks like lill Johnson had the authority to get rid of Gilbert after all. They really need to find a lie and stick with it, and make sure there isn't evidence around to prove their lie false. Sucks to be them!

  4. Boy, they sure threw Bruno under the bus too. Now, if Gilbert repeats his bad behavior (and he will), then she can be sued for failure to supervise.