Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Justice is served - Charges dismissed against Foster!

Today, all charges were dropped against former Mayor and current mayoral candidate Ed Foster. This didn't sit too well with Ms. Graft. At 4 pm yesterday, she reportedly told Special Prosecutor Tom Jones that he was fired, but Judge King stated that with a trial date set, only the court could remove an attorney. Undaunted, the town mismanager marched herself right into Foster's final pretrial conference and attempted to pass a note to the court. King was flabergasted and although he would not take exparte in her conspiracy, he would be speaking to her about it. Who wishes they could be a fly on the wall for that spanking?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Because we say so, that's why - Jewitt v Prutch runoff

This just in from Starr Bearscat (sounding eerily like Rain) on Parkerliveonline - According to recent information from County and Town Hall "the Election is a Quartzsite Election and the Town Attorney and Town Clerk will make the final decision" .

Joni Hoffman, General Counsel League of Arizona Cities and Towns, had sent out a memo in October informing "Attorneys; Clerks" that "During the 2011 legislative session, SB 1318 (Chapter 271) was enacted.specifying how vacancies on a general law city or town council,including the office of mayor, will be filled."The email memo stated emphatically that, "The vacancy is filled for the remaining two years at a.regular city/town election, not a special election." I guess Marty Brannon and Terry Frausto must have hit the delete button on that one.
Someone needs to remind Marty that Ms. Hoffman's memo also stated: "This new law supersedes any city or town code provisions you may have on filling council vacancies to the extent those provisions conflict with this new law.

"We will see what happens at the next Council Meeting if it was decided to be a Special Election for Mr Jewit or not. " says the Bear to Goldilocks. Yes, lets all see if they are going to break the law while being investigated by the FBI Public Corruption Unit!

Friday, March 16, 2012

All seats to go to run off on May 15th

Despite Foster trouncing Lukkasson in the primary, the 15 provisional ballots and 23 mail ins that arrived in time to be counted altered the total vote count just enough that it will go to a run off for the mayor's seat, along with the three seats on the council.

Incumbents Cowel and Winslow will face challengers Workman and Orgeron for 2 four year terms.

In a primary, the candidate must get 50% +1 vote to avoid a run off, and in the ever so special 2 year election, Jewiitt will now have to run against Prutch with both names on the ballot. Bye bye Mikey!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quartzsite voters tell Lukkkasson to roll up his sewer hose

626 votes were cast. The unofficial results show  

Ed Foster had 50.98% with 312 votes. 
Jerry Lukkkasson had 38.40% with 235 votes.
Jenny Mills had 9.15% with 56 votes.
There were 9 Write-in votes cast.

9 candidates were seeking two Town Council positions:
Barbara Cowell had17.79% with 212 votes.
Pat Workman had 15.86% with 189 votes.
Joe Winslow had 14.43% with 165 votes.
Mark Orgeron had 13.84% with 165 votes.
It appears these top four will be in a run-off election in May.

Other candidates:
Jennifer Jones had 11.24% with 134 votes.
Starr Bearscat had 8.72% with 104 votes.
Dean Taylor had 6.29% with 75 votes.
Sean Austin had 5.79% with 69 votes.
Bill Moore had 4.19% with 50 votes.
There were 22 write-in votes cast.

In the Vacancy Council Member race:
Mike Jewitt received 51.97% and 251 votes.
There were 232 write-in votes cast for former town manager John Prutch with 48.03% of the votes. 

74.87% of the voters rejected a resolution to replace town ordinance asking to appoint the mayor, rather than by vote.
Clearly the voters of Quartzsite do not want Jerry Lukkkasson appointed as mayor or grand high poo-bah in perpetuity. The resolution was started by Jerry and Michele Lukkkasson but failed to garner enough signatures. Then the council placed it on the ballot, yet it still failed three to one.
This election has been the subject of ballot tampering by the town government and civil rights violations by the chief of police in an effort to bully potential voters who would have supported opposition candidates. Despite these efforts the people of Quartzsite are clearly fed up with the current town government and desire a regime change.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Town mismanager blows community center grant

Alex Taft's mismanagement will cost Quartzsite about $235k. Quartzsite was awarded $235k in Community Development Block Grant monies, ("free money") last year, and promised the town a community center. They even orchestrated a public show of support for the project. But not surprisingly, Ms. Graft could not fulfill the grant requirements correctly.  The Arizona Department of Commerce gave them notices and warnings that went unheeded.  Now it seems Ms. Graft failed to show up to an informal meeting on the topic so a formal notice was issued and formal hearing set to terminate the award.  When it gets to this point in the road there is no salvaging the situation.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What a rip off!

Anybody out there want to contribute a report of their own?