Saturday, March 10, 2012

Town mismanager blows community center grant

Alex Taft's mismanagement will cost Quartzsite about $235k. Quartzsite was awarded $235k in Community Development Block Grant monies, ("free money") last year, and promised the town a community center. They even orchestrated a public show of support for the project. But not surprisingly, Ms. Graft could not fulfill the grant requirements correctly.  The Arizona Department of Commerce gave them notices and warnings that went unheeded.  Now it seems Ms. Graft failed to show up to an informal meeting on the topic so a formal notice was issued and formal hearing set to terminate the award.  When it gets to this point in the road there is no salvaging the situation.


  1. Par for the course, no wonder she wants to keep Chief Dilbert around!

  2. well i imagine the whole town knows about this mess by know. its too bad that people cant move, i imagine the town govt has made real estate values decline and then you have the flip side that whoever knows about this tyrannical govt sure as heck isnt gonna want to move to quartzite
    sounds alot like my town you go to the pd you cant even get inside. they got a big old metal door and an intercom. you state you business then wait and wait and wait and wait till somebody does or doesnt show up