Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Because we say so, that's why - Jewitt v Prutch runoff

This just in from Starr Bearscat (sounding eerily like Rain) on Parkerliveonline - According to recent information from County and Town Hall "the Election is a Quartzsite Election and the Town Attorney and Town Clerk will make the final decision" .

Joni Hoffman, General Counsel League of Arizona Cities and Towns, had sent out a memo in October informing "Attorneys; Clerks" that "During the 2011 legislative session, SB 1318 (Chapter 271) was enacted.specifying how vacancies on a general law city or town council,including the office of mayor, will be filled."The email memo stated emphatically that, "The vacancy is filled for the remaining two years at a.regular city/town election, not a special election." I guess Marty Brannon and Terry Frausto must have hit the delete button on that one.
Someone needs to remind Marty that Ms. Hoffman's memo also stated: "This new law supersedes any city or town code provisions you may have on filling council vacancies to the extent those provisions conflict with this new law.

"We will see what happens at the next Council Meeting if it was decided to be a Special Election for Mr Jewit or not. " says the Bear to Goldilocks. Yes, lets all see if they are going to break the law while being investigated by the FBI Public Corruption Unit!

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  1. Quartzsite is a pimple on a gnat's ass in the scheme of things, good luck with the whole FBI thing. Jeffy was in rare form today in court. Your mind tricks don't work on me el jeffy. The Force is with ME!