Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quartzsite voters tell Lukkkasson to roll up his sewer hose

626 votes were cast. The unofficial results show  

Ed Foster had 50.98% with 312 votes. 
Jerry Lukkkasson had 38.40% with 235 votes.
Jenny Mills had 9.15% with 56 votes.
There were 9 Write-in votes cast.

9 candidates were seeking two Town Council positions:
Barbara Cowell had17.79% with 212 votes.
Pat Workman had 15.86% with 189 votes.
Joe Winslow had 14.43% with 165 votes.
Mark Orgeron had 13.84% with 165 votes.
It appears these top four will be in a run-off election in May.

Other candidates:
Jennifer Jones had 11.24% with 134 votes.
Starr Bearscat had 8.72% with 104 votes.
Dean Taylor had 6.29% with 75 votes.
Sean Austin had 5.79% with 69 votes.
Bill Moore had 4.19% with 50 votes.
There were 22 write-in votes cast.

In the Vacancy Council Member race:
Mike Jewitt received 51.97% and 251 votes.
There were 232 write-in votes cast for former town manager John Prutch with 48.03% of the votes. 

74.87% of the voters rejected a resolution to replace town ordinance asking to appoint the mayor, rather than by vote.
Clearly the voters of Quartzsite do not want Jerry Lukkkasson appointed as mayor or grand high poo-bah in perpetuity. The resolution was started by Jerry and Michele Lukkkasson but failed to garner enough signatures. Then the council placed it on the ballot, yet it still failed three to one.
This election has been the subject of ballot tampering by the town government and civil rights violations by the chief of police in an effort to bully potential voters who would have supported opposition candidates. Despite these efforts the people of Quartzsite are clearly fed up with the current town government and desire a regime change.



  2. Since you're playing the name game, parody, of course:
    It's Ed Fraudster, Jenny Milly, Pat Works-not, Mark Or-your-shot, Dean Pays-your-beer, Sean Ass is a ton, Bill More or Less, John Douche. Equal opportunity for free speech! Hear, hear! Last but not least is the owner of this blog, Ms Jennifer Jonesing for attention.
    Disclaimer, it's just theater.

  3. Oh look, we've been joined by Marty soon to be unemployed and lose his BAR card Brannan. Hey Marty, can you and Janet fit in a shopping cart and who will be pushing whom? Say bye bye to the Arroyos and hello arrroz con frjoles! Disclaimer, you're way off the mark and maybe off your meds.

  4. There is a difference between free speech and bashing or in your case Anonymous, sore loser hate speech! You have little or nothing to bring to the dogfight other than name calling and your uneducated hate speech.

    The La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman in his January 3rd letter to the F.B.I. requesting that they conduct a full Criminal Investigation into the Quartzsite Town Hall along with Chief Jeff Gilbert and the QPD is one of the many eye openers that place Mayor Ed Foster back into office where it is his desire to save what is left of Town Hall.

    How he plans to do this with all the damage that Town Manager Alex Taft has done is beyond my pay grade. The fact you refuse to listen or view the evidence is your problem. You remind me of the many officers in the Nazi Party, Concentration Camp Guards, and SS Soldiers that cried, “I was only following orders”! Their cries didn’t work then and they don’t work in the present day.

    It will take you several days to read, view, and listen to the documentation that is unedited and without comments at and if you spend the time to visit this growing web site you may just become enlightened in your lifetime. We have over 50,000 hits with a growing number of visitors each day. At present we are received additions almost daily and we are trying to keep up as best we can.

  5. It is disturbing to see a fascist coup d'etat taking place in the US with little assistance for the elected official designated to rule that community. This is where the 2nd Amendment protects the people! When the armed thugs that call themselves police are running your city while the good officers are relegated to house arrest & sanctions, it is the duty of the people to protect democracy!

    It is patriotic to stand against the oppressive rule of a self important & self imposed ruler. Nobody elected the police chief to run the city. Screw asking for him to resign, FIRE HIM! Strip his position of all authority leaving him in a figurehead position until he is no longer a part of the system. The people have the right to place him under citizens arrest for assault & illegal activities. His violation of fundemental civil rights should be abhorrent to all but the most committed Nazi sympathizers.

    1. Glad I am not the only one with that view. The citizens of this town need to gather behind the Q Site 8 and go fire ALL of them!
      L.P.H. Zani

  6. I was for some reason unable to post my name to my previous post but feel free to add that my name is Dan Feske & I support democracy & not the martial law of an illegal police chief.

    Dan Feske
    Chico, CA

  7. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for being here. Sorry to burst your bubble, but believing in a democracy to save ourselves is how we got here

  8. Charlei-Why would you ask or care if Mr. Gilberts father is a jewish Rabbi? What possible difference does that have to do with anything being discussed here? (BTW typing in capital letters is considered the same as shouting on the internet.)

  9. MOST STATES ALLOW WRITE-IN VOTES FOR PRESIDENT. We need to cajole voters in these states to write in RON PAUL as PRESIDENT.


    These are the communistic states that don't allow write-in voting: Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota.

    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: "When a government outlaws 'terrorism', it's planning something for which 'terrorism' is the only recourse. Obviously."