Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair today, gone to charity!

Former Councilman and current candidate Bill Moore had his now trademark ponytail severed by a stylist at Cactus Curlers today. Moore had been growing his hair for the charity Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

Last year, while serving on the Quartzsite Town Council, Moore was harassed by current "mayor" Huntley because his long hair did not meet Huntley's dress code agenda. Apparently our current mayor has no sympathy for the children Moore was trying to help. Undaunted, Moore defied Huntley and continued to grow his hair for the charity.

When asked why he chose a Delilah from Cactus Curlers to do the deed, our Samson (with his mojo cleary intact) replied "I wanted to support a business in Quartzsite that is open to the citizens year round".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Incumbents approve $3,500 for fireworks when Town almost a HALF MILLION in new debt!

Again tonight at the regular meeting of the Quartzsite Town Council, the incumbents showed there blatant disregard for the monies entrusted to them by their constituents. Mayoral candidate Charlie Kukral addressed the council before the vote on the consent agenda to point out that we should not approve a $3,500 check for fireworks when we are struggling to pay around four million in debt with a half million deficit in revenues currently. When offered the suggestion of making a motion to remove that one item from the consent agenda payables, in order to discuss it further, the incumbents all sat silent. Those present voted unanimously to approve all checks before them. Jose Lizzarraga was absent from tonight's meeting but since the fireworks are for the fire department, it's not hard to guess how he may have voted...

Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night's "Meet the Candidates" event at the Quartzsite Senior Center was the best show in Town. Of course, the FACT that incumbent Councilman Kelley's wife Carol runs the center had many anticipating a rigged Q & A...

The stars of the show, more or less in the order of appearance:

Appointed incumbent Patricia Anderson was inarticulate and befuddled as usual

Deena Blythe admitted to the felony charges (in front of her parents no less) when asked directly!!! She never actually denied lying, but insisted "I did nothing wrong" (after bragging that she was the only candidate that would tell the truth - HAH!)

Chaunce Hamilton was humble and well received.

What Bob Kelly lacked in specifics, he made up for in volume, while insisting that he recused himself from voting on conflict of interest issues (no denial about influencing the vote of the others though...)

Erik Larson failed to appear and the word around Town is that he was shook down and scared off by the powers that be at Town Hall...

Jose Lizarraga defended the rate increase - too bad, so sad, not a good campaign strategy to endorse such an unpopular policy change

Jerry Lukkasson claimed that he was not getting preferential treatment on his business construction, but no mention of how he rose to power so quickly

Bill Moore was was concise and asked the people to decide his fate, now that the majority will actually be in Town to vote

Russell Sias made a good showing, pro vendor and pro "snowbird" but needs to elaborate on planned high tech solutions to tele conferencing over the weeks of unbearably hot summer weather

Brad Trainer neither wowed nor offended and still holds more promise than any of the current regime

As far as the Mayor's race candidate responses:

Former Councilman Hal Davidson confessed to having only a high school education with a trade certificate, and focused on his cost cutting plans.

Ed Foster cleared the air over filing a writ of mandamus to get the incumbent council to abide by the law.
And seemed to be the favorite, if you are polling by the number of cars in the parking lot with his campaign signs.

Bumbling appointed "mayor" Wes Huntley publicly admitted to having only a seventh grade education!!! As if it weren't blatantly obvious by the fact that he could neither read, nor understand, nor answer the questions put before him. He lost any remaining chance of re election by promising lots more out of town retreats (vacations to casinos). He did disclose inside knowledge about a secret land development deal that may be on the horizon, but failed to elaborate...makes you wonder who's going to reap the potential profits!

Charlie Kukral made a good showing with his knowledge of finances and he has a like able demeanor.

After the mayoral climax, Town Manager Alex Taft was overheard chastising the moderator for making "mayor" Huntly look like an idiot...sorry to have to point this out to Ms. Taft but Huntly does that all by himself. As a former 1-800 number fortune teller, Taft should have seen it coming...

As a final note, the PAC money raised by Former Town Manager Dan Field and his protege current Town Manager Alex Taft (and her cronies) appears to be wasted. The effort to keep the incumbent appointee PUPPETS is going down like the Titanic, as being associated with "mayor" Huntly after his debacle last night will surely sink the chances of the standing council members. Citizens are poised to take back control of their Town. Revolution is in the air and I wouldn't want to be the Police Chief when the dust settles...gee, the poor delusional man actually believes that he's running the town behind the scenes. Of course, it's rumored that he registered to vote with a Rainbow Acres street address but a town zip, will Vederman go after him with the same enthusiasm that he's prosecuting Deena Blythe with?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Did Deena Blythe refuse a plea bargain?

At 3:00 pm today in the La Paz County Superior Court the pre trial hearing for Quartzsite wanna be council woman Deena Blythe was postponed until March 15th. Prosecutor Sam Vederman apparently offered a lesser charge to the defendant's attorney earlier today but the rumor is that Blythe will refuse to accept a misdemeanor on her record, and roll the dice on the two felony counts! Apparently, having a criminal record might put a damper on her delusions of grandeur...I mean political aspirations. Ironic, when you consider that being a criminal is almost a prerequisite for the job if you want to be a power player in Quartzsite.

Reportedly, Blythe was overheard bragging that she was assured a seat on the council due to her overwhelming popularity (after all, she's the self proclaimed queen of all the local scaraoke bars).
And because the election precedes her trial date, the BlythE may believe that the voice of the people will drown out any evidence Vederman has against her...I guess she hasn't figured out that the voice of the people is shouting "lock her up and throw away the key"!

Because the perjury charges stem from documents filed in Deena's paperwork to run for the Quartzsite Town Council, even if elected her seat would be invalid. This would allow the council to appoint someone to that seat. The real question is, will the votes cast for the "Toe Jam Tart" invalidate the entire election or will her name be preemptively crossed off the ballot? Gee, I guess that Deena should have been paying more attention in civics class.

The standing joke around town is that Town Manager Alex Taft might be receiving special woman to woman favors from the pedicurist in exchange for a residency alibi...will Deena's former landlady come forward and supply Prosecutor Vederman with documents to disprove Deena's claims? And what about "One Eyed Bob"? Stay tuned, more charges are possible...

Was Deena Blythe a resident when she filed the first time? Not according to her own drunken public comments last spring, but hey even the jury pool in Parker is smart enough to figure out that her last name is BLYTHE, after all.

Ms. 2txgirl was a resident of the Lone Star State.

says she's a resident of Scottsdale, AZ

Her profile at "Hot or Not" says

And so does her friends only profile on Myspace

Monday, February 15, 2010

Deena Blythe to face felony charges?

Why all the celebrating at the Yacht Club on Wednesday night? Word on the street was that candidate for Quartzsite Town Council Deena Blythe had been arrested...Apparently the local pedicurist hasn't made many friends around town by bragging about how many married men she has slept with. It sure make you wonder why anyone, especially the local veterinarian, Dr. Hadlock is pimping for her campaign...

Court records revealed that La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman has charged Ms. Blythe with two counts of perjury (a level four felony) for allegedly lying about her residency status in order to run for a seat on the Town Council (twice). Wives all over Quartzsite are hoping to see Deena do "hard time"...stay tune for the next episode of "As the Election Turns"!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Special favors for Quartzsite Councilman Lukkasson?

Has anyone else noticed the new addition on the front of what used to be Chen's Q-Laundromat?

It's right over the hot dog peddling enclosure owned by the Lukassons that connects to the Main St. facing exit doors.

Funny, but while Chen was alive his attempts at merely serving coffee and cans of soda were thwarted at every turn by Quartzsite Town Hall. Rumor - it was because he refused to play along with deal making on the zoning board...Chen was reportly also denied permission to sublet for a vendor in his parking lot. However, after Chen's widow sold the laundromat to the Lukassons the permits slipped out so quickly one would have thought they were well greased little piggies! Now, your beverage of choice comes with a side of food while you wait for your clothes to dry!

Shortly after the Lukasson's grand opening, Jerry was appointed to fill Hal Davidson's' seat on the Town Council. Apparently no one noticed (or cared) that Hal resigned on Wednesday Oct. 28th, 2009, following the previous evening's heated Council meeting but Lukasson was appointed by the remaining Council members before weeks end- without posting 72 hours notice for or holding a special session of the Town Council to discuss the matter in public. A VIOLATION OF THE ARIZONA OPEN MEETINGS ACT!

After years of service to Quartzsite, Chen must be rolling over in his grave every time a hot dog is served at the business he worked so tirelessly to build...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quartzsite Town Council kicks residents while they're down...

At last nights regular meeting of the Quartzsite Town Council, building official Al Johnson's proposal to add a one time connection fee for both water and sewer was voted in. Only Councilman Jose Lizarraga voted in opposition. This additional charge comes in the wake of a steep rate increase for water and sewer that was voted in unanimously at the last regular meeting of the Town Council. As Councilman Lizarraga pointed out "Why are we charging to inspect a hole in the ground? We are already paying his wages and gas...shouldn't we be giving the people something in return?".

This departure from asking all the right questions and then voting in favor of every bad idea put forth by Town Manager Alex Taft and her cohorts came as a surprise to many. Is Councilman Lizarraga growing a backbone, or is this just pre election lip service to curry favor with angry residents who may show their outrage at the polls on March 9th?