Monday, February 15, 2010

Deena Blythe to face felony charges?

Why all the celebrating at the Yacht Club on Wednesday night? Word on the street was that candidate for Quartzsite Town Council Deena Blythe had been arrested...Apparently the local pedicurist hasn't made many friends around town by bragging about how many married men she has slept with. It sure make you wonder why anyone, especially the local veterinarian, Dr. Hadlock is pimping for her campaign...

Court records revealed that La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman has charged Ms. Blythe with two counts of perjury (a level four felony) for allegedly lying about her residency status in order to run for a seat on the Town Council (twice). Wives all over Quartzsite are hoping to see Deena do "hard time"...stay tune for the next episode of "As the Election Turns"!

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