Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Incumbents approve $3,500 for fireworks when Town almost a HALF MILLION in new debt!

Again tonight at the regular meeting of the Quartzsite Town Council, the incumbents showed there blatant disregard for the monies entrusted to them by their constituents. Mayoral candidate Charlie Kukral addressed the council before the vote on the consent agenda to point out that we should not approve a $3,500 check for fireworks when we are struggling to pay around four million in debt with a half million deficit in revenues currently. When offered the suggestion of making a motion to remove that one item from the consent agenda payables, in order to discuss it further, the incumbents all sat silent. Those present voted unanimously to approve all checks before them. Jose Lizzarraga was absent from tonight's meeting but since the fireworks are for the fire department, it's not hard to guess how he may have voted...


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  3. Lizzarga doesn't need to have YET ANOTHER anti-common sense "lets do what we're told" vote on his record..

    At the meeting the "not elected" council also voted to allow another Taftoid to go after a grant not knowing the Co-pay again....

    More free money that isn't free.....

    But at least Taft didn't directly lie about the co-pay (this time)she has the appointees so stump broke she no longer needs to falsify a report or hide information, she does it our of habit..

    She just "recommended" they vote blindly with no idea of the costs and they did... With Bob (What corporation commission?) Kelley leading the charge to jump into anything Taft wants without getting full information..

    The appointes gave "her" pal a blank check just as the pre meeting meeting

    Its ever so handy to have a magistrate on board... a presumptous chief of police, an idiot council or your own choosing and a mayor thats at best somewhat backwards.....not to mention a building inspector even less competent than she is... Ohh and code enforcement that has no clue what the code is, but they have the T shirt...and instructions on who to target....

    Who does the current crop of council people represent? Who elected them?

    Concerning other allegations....

    A Town manager and County manager being involved is a PAC is a major conflict of interest...... almost as bad as a Town manager being president of a non profit that is used to recieve Town Funds