Monday, October 31, 2011

Quartzsite job stress kills town employee?

This morning, Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Official Gary Howell passed away on the clock (?), of an apparent heart attack(?). Howell was as well liked as any enforcement official could be, and tried to be fair and resonable in his job, under very difficult and stressful circumstances. He was only in his fifties. His widow is a former town employee who was fired recently, while still on probation. Our prayers are with her and the children.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Magistrate Frausto resigns!

Controversial Quartzsite Magistrate/grant writer Terry Frausto, wife of corrupt Police Sgt. Xavier Frausto has resigned , for reasons unknown at this time. This was reported to Mayor Ed Foster by his public defender, Michael Frame this morning. See:

In a related story, charges will reportedly be dismissed against Foster for last spring's false arrest related to an incident with Desert Freedom Press Publisher Jennifer Jones, where Foster had picked up Jones car keys in the parking lot behind Quartzsite Town Hall. Charges were dismissed against Jones over that incident last month. Foster's cases have been postponed until the new magistrate is seated, and no, he's not the Larry King from the tv show!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mayor Ed Foster jailed on warrant!

Yesterday, former Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster turned himself into the La Paz County Jail commander, and was booked and release on "nonfeasance" in office charges related to the June 14th Town Council Meeting.

Town Attorney/Prosecutor Martin Brannan accused Mayor Foster of not ending the meeting when the remainder of the council walked out on AZCOPS Vice President John Stair.
However, Brannan (sitting to the left of Taft and Walsma in the video below) did not charge the council for the illegal Quorum they held in the adjoining room, or Al Johnson for usurping the mayor's authority and ending the call to the public without the authority to do so.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A turd by any other name

Is still a piece of shit!

According to the Desert Freedom Press:
"Activist Dana Stadler, age 58, was arrested this afternoon on a charges of "harassment, disorderly conduct, interfering with judicial proceedings" relating to an encounter Saturday afternoon outside of the McDonalds in Quartzsite, wherein he told councilman "Machine Gun Joe" Winslow "You're a worthless piece of shit." This is the second warrant-less misdemeanor arrest in a week for Stadler, who many feel is simply being punished by Police Chief Jeff Gilbert for participating in 's "chalk the police" day, on October 1st.

Stadler's first warrant-less arrest was for starting his chalking criticism of the Police Chief a few days early, on Tuesday, September 27th, prior to the town council meeting.
Quartzsite Councilman Joe Winslow is becoming infamous for his erratic behavior, bizarre comments, and a string of ridiculous charges against anyone who criticizes him. Winslow filed for a restraining order against Michel Roth, for calling him a "turd", had local videographer Doug Gilford arrested for asking him why he refused to put the police chief on administrative leave, and for ordering town police to forcefully remove Jennifer Jones from a town council meeting over the orders of Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster. "