Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Magistrate Frausto resigns!

Controversial Quartzsite Magistrate/grant writer Terry Frausto, wife of corrupt Police Sgt. Xavier Frausto has resigned , for reasons unknown at this time. This was reported to Mayor Ed Foster by his public defender, Michael Frame this morning. See:

In a related story, charges will reportedly be dismissed against Foster for last spring's false arrest related to an incident with Desert Freedom Press Publisher Jennifer Jones, where Foster had picked up Jones car keys in the parking lot behind Quartzsite Town Hall. Charges were dismissed against Jones over that incident last month. Foster's cases have been postponed until the new magistrate is seated, and no, he's not the Larry King from the tv show!


  1. 1 down, 20 to go!

    We're 5% of the way there!!!

  2. Resignation, Pre-Termination Action, or an attempt to avoid Judicial Action? How far is this “Conflict of Interest” going to be exposed? If ever anyone needed to have a full-scale criminal investigation this is it!

    Dana Stadler’s EXCESSIVE BAIL of $2,000 for “causing problems for Quartzsite” is going to be examined in depth (only to be determined to be a shallow well leading back to Chief Jeff Gilbert) and will bring addition civil litigation against the Town of Quartzsite before this is all over with.

    The video says it all. You call for a Civil Standby to retrieve your property (that you have a legal title for) and QPD Sgt. Fabiola Garcia arrests you. If this is the quality of police officer that AZPOST supports than I say we need to call for the removal of everyone in this branch of the Arizona Government and start over!


  3. Maybe it had something to do with DPS' investigation of the police dept., and Officer Frake's complaint about "separation of powers"
    Or maybe it has something to do with her grant writing for Taft's charity. Or maybe it has something to do with her signing these politically motivated bench warrants for false arrests...who knows?

  4. Is this the first signs from members of the Quartzsite Town Government before they make their mad dash for the border? After all, maybe those “No-Name” checks may have been their retirement plans in Mexico if the Fed’s every got wind of their criminal activities! I can think of 4 Million reasons why they don’t want the Fed’s looking into the Town Books, how about you?

  5. I was wrong. Terry Frausto is the cockroach of town hall government!