Monday, October 3, 2011

A turd by any other name

Is still a piece of shit!

According to the Desert Freedom Press:
"Activist Dana Stadler, age 58, was arrested this afternoon on a charges of "harassment, disorderly conduct, interfering with judicial proceedings" relating to an encounter Saturday afternoon outside of the McDonalds in Quartzsite, wherein he told councilman "Machine Gun Joe" Winslow "You're a worthless piece of shit." This is the second warrant-less misdemeanor arrest in a week for Stadler, who many feel is simply being punished by Police Chief Jeff Gilbert for participating in 's "chalk the police" day, on October 1st.

Stadler's first warrant-less arrest was for starting his chalking criticism of the Police Chief a few days early, on Tuesday, September 27th, prior to the town council meeting.
Quartzsite Councilman Joe Winslow is becoming infamous for his erratic behavior, bizarre comments, and a string of ridiculous charges against anyone who criticizes him. Winslow filed for a restraining order against Michel Roth, for calling him a "turd", had local videographer Doug Gilford arrested for asking him why he refused to put the police chief on administrative leave, and for ordering town police to forcefully remove Jennifer Jones from a town council meeting over the orders of Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster. "


  1. Unfortunately the Chalking Arrest of Mr. Stadler and Mr. Roth were justified. Arizona Revised Statues 13-1602.A5 states:

    A. A person commits criminal damage by recklessly:
    5. Drawing or inscribing a message, slogan, sign or symbol that is made on any public or private building, structure or surface, except the ground, and that is made without permission of the owner.

    Chalking is only legal when done on the ground. Tagging up walls and doors is a violation of the law.

    Gilbert and the council need to go, but the activists going against them need to do their legal research and be sure NOT to violate the law with their activism. We want any arrests made by QPD to be truly unlawful, like Ms. Jones' infamous arrest at the town meeting. The chalking arrests were lawful. Don't give them legal reasons to arrest you! it doesn't help the cause any.

  2. Are these the last dying gasps of a regime in total collapse? God I hope so!!!

  3. Hey anonymouse,
    Gilbert says he will arrest EVEN IF ON THE GROUND!

    WOWWEEE, some chalk touched a door, it took all of 3 seconds for it to disappear with water! Is caging someone and trying them in the courts for this, is this the proper use of taxpayer funds? Don't you think it would just be easier (maybe even Contitutional) to let people speak at town hall without arresting them?

    What the hell is wrong with you, you think chalk on a door is more threatening than violating people's civil rights? WTFU DUMBASS!!!

    Someday somebody is going to tell Jeff Gilbert, or one of his hired thugs, what time it is, will you still spout your bullshit laws?

    The law says you can chalk on the ground, Herr Gilbert charged me with 12 misdemeanors for doing what the law says I can do.

    Justified and lawful my ass!!! Go smear your police state love somewhere else!!!