Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mayor Ed Foster jailed on warrant!

Yesterday, former Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster turned himself into the La Paz County Jail commander, and was booked and release on "nonfeasance" in office charges related to the June 14th Town Council Meeting.

Town Attorney/Prosecutor Martin Brannan accused Mayor Foster of not ending the meeting when the remainder of the council walked out on AZCOPS Vice President John Stair.
However, Brannan (sitting to the left of Taft and Walsma in the video below) did not charge the council for the illegal Quorum they held in the adjoining room, or Al Johnson for usurping the mayor's authority and ending the call to the public without the authority to do so.


  1. What a bunch of sorry ass fools running that towns' government.

    Barb from Illinois

  2. This town government has been a self serving piece of crap since day one, abolish it. We don't need any masters. Disincorporate now! Most people want this, except the government trough feeders who live to suck the savings of the citizens. Just imagine, if there was no town, there would be no pieces of crap like Jeffy Gilbert, Alex Graft, Al "little big man" Johnson, or "Two Brain Cells" Joe Winslow, turds all of them!

  3. as of this morning, Monday Oct.10, no matter how I try to access the supporters of mayor ed foster facebook page, my own page pops up. Its like a reflecting mirror causing a bounce back to block access has been put up. It does it when I go via a search as well. Anyone else have this problem?

  4. One only needs to look at the last actions by the Arizona Bar to see just what kind of Attorney that the Town of Quartzsite hired. Over the months and years we have been observing the Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst-Manager Al Johnson, Town Attorneys Martin Brannon along with Chief Jeff Gilbert in a mad rush to build their own gallows!

    Board by board, nail by nail they are almost finished less the hangman and preacher. Brannon alone has added to the speedy completion and outcome for all involved. I am sure that Mayor Ed Foster’s Attorneys are already adding to their civil and criminal complaints against Brannon and the Town of Quartzsite. What Brannon has failed to learn is you can’t spin-doctor the videos!

    The only question remaining is who will pull upon the drop doors and who will turn States Evidence to save their necks. One thing for sure, they had better invest in a large quantity of “Soap On A Rope” and pray that Bubba uses Vaseline and a loving hand… Maybe they should all contact Cowell’s brother and ask how it’s like in prison and for a few tips on how to keep on Bubba’s good side?

  5. Jeff Gilbert is Bubba. He's been poking the people of Quartzsite in the butt since he arrived here. He'll like prison!

  6. Being a small business person,(in another state), I hate to say this but- go out of town to shop. Get all of your groceries, gas, household decor, etc. Anything that raises taxes for the town, don't shop there. Once this starts not only impacting the tax base, it will impact business owners, the business owners will then start raising a stink. BARTER for services!!! No ONE person starts screaming about stuff until it affects them. Good Luck