Sunday, March 3, 2013

Prutch prevails - in a nutshell


If you don't understand "legalese", then here's what the 14 page ruling actually means.

First Judge Burke the jerk ruled incorrectly, in favor of the Quartzsite cabal again. Remember, he didn't want to hear the case because he was leaving for vacation in the morning and didn't want to stay up writing the ruling

The case was dismissed on "laches" and the appeals court rightfully determined that laches did not apply. "Because the trial court did not find that Prutch had acted unreasonably, and we cannot infer such a finding from this record, we vacate the dismissal based on laches and remand for further proceedings.", says the ruling

"Remand" means the case must be heard on it's merits back in the La Paz County Superior Court. Prutch has stated that he's not interested in trying the case, and has apparently instructed his attorney to negotiate a settlement with the town that has Jewitt resign and the Town pay Prutch's legal fees. Prutch is entitled to receive his attorney's fees for the appeal, but barring a settlement, he must win the actual case to get his money back on the election challenge.

If the case is settled out of court, the crimes of Town Clerk Terry Frausto could go untried and unpunished.