Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Did Deena Blythe refuse a plea bargain?

At 3:00 pm today in the La Paz County Superior Court the pre trial hearing for Quartzsite wanna be council woman Deena Blythe was postponed until March 15th. Prosecutor Sam Vederman apparently offered a lesser charge to the defendant's attorney earlier today but the rumor is that Blythe will refuse to accept a misdemeanor on her record, and roll the dice on the two felony counts! Apparently, having a criminal record might put a damper on her delusions of grandeur...I mean political aspirations. Ironic, when you consider that being a criminal is almost a prerequisite for the job if you want to be a power player in Quartzsite.

Reportedly, Blythe was overheard bragging that she was assured a seat on the council due to her overwhelming popularity (after all, she's the self proclaimed queen of all the local scaraoke bars).
And because the election precedes her trial date, the BlythE may believe that the voice of the people will drown out any evidence Vederman has against her...I guess she hasn't figured out that the voice of the people is shouting "lock her up and throw away the key"!

Because the perjury charges stem from documents filed in Deena's paperwork to run for the Quartzsite Town Council, even if elected her seat would be invalid. This would allow the council to appoint someone to that seat. The real question is, will the votes cast for the "Toe Jam Tart" invalidate the entire election or will her name be preemptively crossed off the ballot? Gee, I guess that Deena should have been paying more attention in civics class.

The standing joke around town is that Town Manager Alex Taft might be receiving special woman to woman favors from the pedicurist in exchange for a residency alibi...will Deena's former landlady come forward and supply Prosecutor Vederman with documents to disprove Deena's claims? And what about "One Eyed Bob"? Stay tuned, more charges are possible...

Was Deena Blythe a resident when she filed the first time? Not according to her own drunken public comments last spring, but hey even the jury pool in Parker is smart enough to figure out that her last name is BLYTHE, after all.

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  1. The case number for Deena Blythe from her court appearance of Tues Feb 16th 3:00 PM
    is "SR1500CR200900405" and she has not to my knowledge been convicted.

    The allegations are only allegations and as yet unproved...

    I would like to note that details of her arrest are being withheld/covered up as usual..

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  3. I just got the official La Paz County Sheriffs report..

    "At 1:01 PM the QPD arrested Deena Blythe age 47 of Quartzsite on Warrants for failure to Pay Fines, Issuing Bad Checks and Fraud".

    However..arrested still isn't convicted.. I will point out though....bad checks, failure to pay fines and fraud aren't the allegations she admitted to at meet the candidates night..

    What she admitted is only the tip of the iceberg......

    No wonder mayor Taft supports her..

  4. Yes, well, if Blythe were to make the cut and then be removed from office...her seat would then be filled by appointment. Something Taft would LOVE to control!