Thursday, February 11, 2010

Special favors for Quartzsite Councilman Lukkasson?

Has anyone else noticed the new addition on the front of what used to be Chen's Q-Laundromat?

It's right over the hot dog peddling enclosure owned by the Lukassons that connects to the Main St. facing exit doors.

Funny, but while Chen was alive his attempts at merely serving coffee and cans of soda were thwarted at every turn by Quartzsite Town Hall. Rumor - it was because he refused to play along with deal making on the zoning board...Chen was reportly also denied permission to sublet for a vendor in his parking lot. However, after Chen's widow sold the laundromat to the Lukassons the permits slipped out so quickly one would have thought they were well greased little piggies! Now, your beverage of choice comes with a side of food while you wait for your clothes to dry!

Shortly after the Lukasson's grand opening, Jerry was appointed to fill Hal Davidson's' seat on the Town Council. Apparently no one noticed (or cared) that Hal resigned on Wednesday Oct. 28th, 2009, following the previous evening's heated Council meeting but Lukasson was appointed by the remaining Council members before weeks end- without posting 72 hours notice for or holding a special session of the Town Council to discuss the matter in public. A VIOLATION OF THE ARIZONA OPEN MEETINGS ACT!

After years of service to Quartzsite, Chen must be rolling over in his grave every time a hot dog is served at the business he worked so tirelessly to build...

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  1. When your appointed to council by the appointed council for the appointed council..

    Problems with code inforcement, fire codes and building codes, magically dissapear.. if you go along..

    Chen asked questions...and the town manager hates that...