Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quartzsite Town Council kicks residents while they're down...

At last nights regular meeting of the Quartzsite Town Council, building official Al Johnson's proposal to add a one time connection fee for both water and sewer was voted in. Only Councilman Jose Lizarraga voted in opposition. This additional charge comes in the wake of a steep rate increase for water and sewer that was voted in unanimously at the last regular meeting of the Town Council. As Councilman Lizarraga pointed out "Why are we charging to inspect a hole in the ground? We are already paying his wages and gas...shouldn't we be giving the people something in return?".

This departure from asking all the right questions and then voting in favor of every bad idea put forth by Town Manager Alex Taft and her cohorts came as a surprise to many. Is Councilman Lizarraga growing a backbone, or is this just pre election lip service to curry favor with angry residents who may show their outrage at the polls on March 9th?

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  1. Lizzarga is an appointee and theres an election coming.... Yet his record has been steadfast against the Towns best interests, vendors and winter visitors..

    Not to mention accountability or even common sense...