Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Justice is served - Charges dismissed against Foster!

Today, all charges were dropped against former Mayor and current mayoral candidate Ed Foster. This didn't sit too well with Ms. Graft. At 4 pm yesterday, she reportedly told Special Prosecutor Tom Jones that he was fired, but Judge King stated that with a trial date set, only the court could remove an attorney. Undaunted, the town mismanager marched herself right into Foster's final pretrial conference and attempted to pass a note to the court. King was flabergasted and although he would not take exparte in her conspiracy, he would be speaking to her about it. Who wishes they could be a fly on the wall for that spanking?


  1. Actually, since Judge King is paid by the Town Counsel, and since the Town Counsel has a well established pattern and practice of firing whoever doesn't toe the line, maybe the town mismanager will be spanking the judge?

  2. How can anyone support such a Town Government much less vote to retain such IMHO deprive, deviants, tantrum stopping screaming infant actions! And where does Martin E. Brannan come off telling Town Manager Alex Taft that she and the Town Council doesn’t have to follow State law that clearly states to the layman that you can’t place Jewit into office!

    One can only wonder where he obtained his law degree? I’m putting my money on, “Alex, what is the prize found in a box of Cracker Jacks?” I can only see where Brannan has been greasing the slide that is taking the Town of Quartzsite faster into Bankruptcy Court! Was the only qualification taken into consideration was the fact that he would back any and/or all criminal actions that Alex Taft, Jeff Gilbert, and the Town Council wanted to take? One only has to search the Internet to see that Martin E. Brannan should have NEVER been considered to the post!

    In short, there is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to Chief Jeff Gilbert’s next job, if it isn’t keeping Bubba happy at night it will have little to do with anything remotely related to Law Enforcement. It will take time before the F.B.I. concludes its investigations into the Town of Quartzsite. However, in the end, yesterdays actions by Town Manager Alex Taft will be a highlight!

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  3. The Town of Quartzsite has built its house “Upon weak and shifting sands.” Ed Foster’s letter to Town Attorney Martin E. Brannan over the “NO Such Record” has reaped results and now you can read the Public Records Request Forms, Foster’s letter to Martin Brannan along with the alleged papers that Town Manager Alex Taft gave the Court Clerk during Court!

    The REAL eye opener is the E-mail to Special Prosecutor Tom Jones from Chief Jeff Gilbert. There is little doubt IMHO (as others that have read these documents) that there are major attempts at “Obstructions of Justice” along with Chief Jeff Gilbert’s communications that could find him criminally charged with (one of his favorites) “Filing a False Police Report” himself!

    The best part of all this information is where Special Prosecutor Jones cuts to pieces Chief Jeff Gilbert’s E-mail and makes IMHO (and others) Gilbert look like the fool that he is! This IS heading to Federal Court and thanks to the Town Government of Quartzsite, the taxpayer of Quartzsite is having to foot the bills again. Maybe now we know why the Town of Quartzsite can’t find Attorneys in three Counties to work for them.

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  4. Anonymous,
    Alex spanking the judge, now that's a visual I'd rather not see in my minds eye. EEEEWWWWWW!

    ALEX: You have been a VERY BAD judge Mr. King. Now you must take your punishment from the Queen of Quartzsite! Slap, Slap, Slap

    Judge King: You mean I drive 167 miles one way for THIS, aren't you going to at least talk dirty to me?

    ALEX: SHUT UP, or I'll call Jeffy. He does all of my heavy lifting around here and if you don't fall in line, you'll be no better off than the dissidents who are trying to get us to follow the rule of law. SLAP, you understand me? I'm the BOSS around here!!!

    Judge King: Yes Boss!!!

    ALEX: Now take these donuts over to QPD, and If I hear anymore talk of you following the law, I'll spank you while I'm naked. Even the sun hasn't seen that in ages. You will not like it one bit, I guarantee it.

    Judge King shudders and shuffles out of the Queen's office with his box of donuts in hand.

    ALEX: And another thing, don't you eat any of those donuts. The creamy filled ones are for Jeffy. If he loses that pot belly he'll not waddle when he walks, and I will be VERY UPSET with you.

    Judge King: Yes, BOSS!