Friday, September 28, 2012

Ad Hoc again! This time it's Councilwoman Pat Workman.

Seems that the clown council is cranky that Workman is actually exercising her 1st Amendment rights to waive attorney client priveledge and speak to the constituents who put her into office. More money spent  on a political vendetta against the lone dissenting vote. The idiots who convened this farce have no ethics and two are usurpers of their office, seated illegally. There's nothing new under the desert sun in Q Ville.
AdHoc. Pat.Workman

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  1. Is this even a properly noticed meeting? It's clear they are crucifying Pat to draw attention away from the bigger issues at hand. I have a buddy who says she talked to the risk pool and they said they are done with Quartzsite. No more probation or restriction or whatever Bruno calls it, they are just done.