Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Say it isn't so, Mr. O

This is the face of a traitor.

Apparently, Pat Workman is the only member of the council that can't be bought. Quartzsite's rogue councilman Mark Orgeron seems to have pulled off his back room deal with scary Jerry and the neo cabal to swap Ms Graft for Chief Dilbert. After a three hour executive session with a new attorney, all but Workman voted to reinstate El Jeffe as supreme jack booted thug. Marty the Bagger, Graft and lil' Al were not in attendance at today's regularly scheduled meeting of the common council. Reportedly, Orgeron admonished the chief to stay out of politics.  Yeah, like that's going to work!

Gilbert is currently the subject of a DPS investigation for pulling a gun on the husband of local activist and publisher Jennifer Jones.

All of this comes on the heels of an unapproved $70,000 voter fraud investigation

and another scathing DPS report, not to mention the town's insurance provider having a meltdown and sending a notice to the town that they don't intend to extend current coverage  past the end of the year. At this rate, they'll be lucky they don't get cancelled sooner.

Orgeron had deceived Foster and Workman into putting him on their campaign signs and in their mailer, but threw the opposition party under the bus as soon as he was seated. He has now defaulted on his campaign promise to fire Gilbert. The angry villagers are already crying "RECALL"!


  1. Recall all 5 of them! All you need is volunteers to run who are quality, down-to-earth folks like Pat Workman.

  2. Some say "traitor" others say "steaming pile of shit". Tomato tomato.

  3. Like this should surprise anyone? .....

  4. Anonymous, I agree. But Ed needs to go too. He's been totally ineffective. And he loves playing the weak little victim, which is not a good position to be playing the game from.

  5. Mr Orgeron, you can't dive into a cess pool and expect to come out smelling like a rose. You know better.

  6. It really doesn't matter now, the risk pool called Bruno today and the Towns insurance is cancelled. She is polishing the brass on the Titanic at this point. Rain and Starr are so far up her ass, which must be giant sized because she's also got Jim Schultz, Terry Frausto, Lukkeson and Gibert up there. They will all come out smelling like what she had for dinner last night. But keep believing the lies they are telling, by all means. I wish we'd have gotten dinner or at least a kiss before we got fucked.