Monday, September 10, 2012

Orgeron goes rogue agent

Despite campaining as a slate with Mayor Ed Foster and Pat Workman, recently seated Councilman Mark Orgeron has been seen spending an awful lot of time with Jerry Lukkasson at the Eatery. Reports indicate that Orgeron is not communicating with elected Mayor Ed Foster. Pat has been receiving communication from Mark, but so have Councilpersons Carol Kelley, Norma Crooks, and Pat Anderson apparently. At least Marty the Bagger seems to think so. He inferred they were holding secret meetings. Mike Jewitt seems to be Alex Taft's lapdog, 'cause he's voting against the "neo cabal".

A shocking Facebook comment surfaced last weekend from Councilman Orgeron to a former moderator of the Supporters of Mayor Edward Foster page. It was thought at first that Orgeron had allowed someone access to his facebook page, the same way that El Jeffy's wife had posted on Half Wit's FB page as "Dark Horse". However, when local activist Doug Gilford confronted Orgeron last week at the "Cruise In" down at the local Shell station, Orgeron took full credit for the following defamitory and liabelous statements:

"Welcome to my world! Living here in Quartzsite, I can tell you that you really don't know any of the players...Jennifer has been like this. She accepted money from a supporter here in town to help buy campaign material for Ed, Pat, and me (1,000.00)...she paid her personal bills with it. Richard will say what a good guy I am and then will call me names and insult me off the air...what a guy. I can say
about his wife, but I will not go there (maybe later).

Teri is a spiteful person that is two-faced and will stab her own mother in the back if the occasion occurred.
As for Ed, he REALLY does not want to take his position as mayor. If he does get there, he will not be able to pound his chest and say look at me. It works better if he does not get in. In fact, he was offered a place as a litigant on my suit for a couple thousand. A person present offered 1K and I said he had to make payments
to me until we got our money back (maybe 2 small payments). He declined saying he should not have to sue. The quo warranto is dead and has been dropped, but they are not putting that out there. I secured him an attorney that worked on my case to work on a contingency basis to take Ed to federal court....he denied the
help. He does not want the help or his position, he would rather have a pity party!
I can go on for days about their childish behavior.
As for Charles, the money is in the bank and the account is being closed out and paid out. Will misled the masses on his statement. Steve would confirm that, but the other side does not want to hear that. Steve had a conversation with Jennifer on the money. She knows the money is in the bank and not absconded or stolen...but, that story does not meet her needs.
I don't know what else to say except to stand by for heavy seas! I understand what you were saying about the different branches of service giving each other shit...I continue to do it today. Don't feel are in good company. We will stand tall and take their beatings, because I will not bow to them or say and do as they
want. I will do what is right and be happy with it. "

Now, the reformers don't trust him, and many wonder how long he can hold his new coalition together after several failed attempts at getting agenda items written that will accomplish their intent, coupled with a restraining order from the town to stop him from doing just that, and a letter from the Town's insurance that the coverage may be ending at the end of December because the town no longer has a favorable risk profile due to "factional disputes by the town council and resulting employment decisions."

We wish him luck. He'll need it. Tomorrow will be a reavealing sequence of events - another contentious council meeting filled with controversial items at 9 am, a hearing on the temporary restraining order filed by the town to stop the council at 3:30, followed by a show cause hearing an hour later for the contempt of court charge levied at Councilwom Workman for exercising her free speech about little Al.

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of "Only in Quartzsite"!




    You guys crack me up!

    All you guys that called me nuts and laughed at me for doubting/questioning/quizzing Ed and his instincts, hahahhaha. (Yeah, yeah I know I should be better about kissing the King Ed's ass so I can be included in the Club. Well, I'm not a joiner so get used to me laughing at you.)

    You get the government you deserve!!!!!!

    NOW is the perfect time to UN-Incorporate this Town, and get rid of the sick sociopaths who ru(i)n it! Don't give me the opportunity to tell you again "I Told You So!"

    Thanks for the laugh's Quartzsite, I really needed it!

  2. Richard Abbey said: Well Mike, I'm finally turning around on this. I agree, maybe it's time all these douche-bags had to work for a living. In the private sector. Orgeron is a back stabbing piece of shit. But hey, everyone at town hall is a piece of shit. Once you get that government paycheck you never have to get a real job again. Town hall is full of welfare queens. Fire them all, lock up town hall. Enough games with scumbags.