Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gilbert gets canned!

Today, the Quartzsite fired Police Chief Jeff Gilbert. See official Town press release below.

Listen to what the attorney who incorporated Quartzsite has to say about the recent turn of events.

In other news, the council adjourned the remaining meeting agenda items until 2 pm tomorrow because the drawn out executive session to appoint an interim town manager did not go smoothly - judging by the looks on their faces when they came out of the back room anyway. The TRO and Show Cause hearings were dismissed this afternoon. Guess the Bagger couldn't 'splain his conficts of interest without risking the Burke would be etically required to file a BAR complaint against him.


  1. This gives a whole new meaning about Sept. 11th to me. In 2001 Terrorists destroyed the Republic, in 2012 Patriots destroyed a terrorist!

  2. Does anyone know if Sgt Garcia was also fired. Please say she was she is also not fit to be A good person for a job that required honesty.Unless we allow people to run our town that are thieves.

  3. Gilbert's main squeeze Sgt. Garcia will be back in Qsite on Friday. Be on the lookout for their clandestine meetings in dark parking lots and her trailer. Oh, and don't forget the three hour breakfasts and lunches where they share food from the same plate and the same fork. Kind of reminds me of that scene in Lady and The Tramp where they share the plate of spaghetti, but I can't figure out who is the Tramp in this scenario. Makes me wonder how she earned her sergeant stripes.

  4. Gilbert is the Bitch to the Bull Dyke Garcia

    1. Now that's just cruel. Every time I go to Coffee With Cops I will be thinking about that. I wonder who's dick is bigger?