Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meet Machine Gun Joe -The MINESHAFT debuts new You Tube channel

Well, Give Joe Winslow enough rope, and he has no problem hanging himself! The most appropriate part of this lengthy dissertation (which I have serious doubts he even wrote) was when he prefaced it with an apology. I wonder who might have put him up to it?

Apparently Winslow hasn't retained legal council because nobody in their right mind gets served with a notice of claim for $200,000 at one meeting, then adds public slander and defamation of the claimant to the list - on the record, at the next meeting. Poor Joe. He just doesn't get it, and it's doubtful that he's even capable of understanding that he's digging his own grave. Joe is certainly not the brightest bulb in this chandelier. I doubt he can even define some of the words he's reading.

Thank you Mayor Foster for having the meetings filmed. Now the folks who leave for the hottest part of the year can catch the highlights of "America's dumbest criminals" - oh wait, for a moment I had the council meetings confused with a television show.

So if you don't want to be a mushroom (kept in the dark and fed a lot of crap...), put THE MINESHAFT's You Tube channel in your "favorites" or "bookmarks" so that you can watch the best show in Town from the comfort of your home. And now you can even make The Quartzsite Mineshaft your home page. But if you really want to "dig deep in the dirt", then you can follow the breaking news on Twitter!


  1. After viewing the You Tube video of Joe Winslow, IMHO, I am looking at the last acts of defiance from a Council Member that fails to understand the Law and the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens of Quartzsite.

    The United States Supreme Court has ruled that once anyone has placed anything into a trashcan, it is open game and can be taken. Law Enforcement has been using this ruling for years in the prosecution of a criminal with solid convictions! HOWEVER, Mr. Winslow has failed to explain just what was a Quartzsite City Employee doing in Blythe, California dumping Quartzsite Town Records that included the full billing information of all water customers in Quartzsite among other protected documents.

    As you watch Mr. Winslow make his accusations, you will notice that he fails big time in just pointing out any facts with his shotgun approach at slandering the people that he is talking about. Well, Mr. Winslow, you may find that others have already submitted their facts and evidence to the AG & DPS of Arizona for criminal investigations. Both of these agencies refuse to deal in slander, misinformation, lies, or an over pompous Council Member’s rants…

    Mr. Winslow, you have the right to remain silent, in this case you should have!

  2. WTF! I always thought Winslow was a moron, but this has erased all doubt. And again, I would like to thank the town council for talking about me behind my back. No, but seriously, I would like to thank Ed for giving Joe enough rope to commit financial suicide.

    Let's set the record straight here MACHINE GUN JOE...I am not a long time member of the reform group. Never even went to a meeting until April of this year.

    I did NOT rehearse my presentations. Ed had no idea what I was going to say, but I'm glad he approved. I don't answer to him, and he doesn't answer to me. You guys handed the opportunity to me on a silver platter - all I did was respond accordingly. Unlike Joe, I had no notes or prepared speech because my comments were impromptu.

    His ignorance of what the town was dumping into the recycle bin shows his arrogance. I guarantee this information was confidential and should have been shredded! It was NOT just the work product of a busy town staff and NOT outdated. It's a good thing I have more ethics in my little finger than Winslow has in his whole body, because if I had chosen to make them public, there would have been a serious breech of confidentiality that could have resulted in a class action lawsuit. A "nihilist" might have sold this information to the highest bidder and taken early retirement, but I have too much respect for the citizens whose account numbers, home address and phone numbers, financial and personal information, contracts, etc. were so publicly dumped. Instead, I gave them to Ed the very next day. As Mayor he should have had at least as much access to this information as whomever dumped it. And unlike Winslow, Lizzarraga, Cowell, Anderson, Lukkasson, Taft, Walsma and Gilbert, Ed can be trusted to do the right thing.

    BTW Joe, which interpretation of nihilism were you referring to exactly? Nietzshe's? Kierkegaard's? Heidegger's?

    And nobody's contention is that the records custodian was inept, but conveniently out of town for training when these documents were retrieved. The default person who was responsible on that date arrived late to the meeting that night and was shocked when I divulged what I had in my possession, confirming that it was not authorized for disposal.

    The only bully that intimidates speakers by leaning against the wall next to the podium is Chief Jeffy. Lots of citizens have been forced to stand because attendance has been exceeding the number of seats and I believe that's a good thing.

  3. Here we stand watching nothing more than a “Dog & Pony” show by our elected Town Council Members as they cry out that they are trying to save the jobs of Town Manager Taft and Chief Gilbert from any actions of the new Mayor Foster.

    Funny how a town employee can be deep into questionable work practices and ethics that she may have broken not only the law but the towns bank accounts! Lets face facts here. Wasn’t it Alex Taft that placed on the agenda the mechanics in which were designed to block the new Mayor from being able to investigate criminal activity if nothing more than incompetence? Wish I had a job that paid over $70K/yr plus bennies, and total control over my boss that made him jump through my hoops at will.

    I have a problem with any city/town council that is so willing to block the citizens from finding out just where their city lies as concerned with spending and liability from suits filed against them. We have a problem with Alex Taft and Jeff Gilbert that demands investigations. Based upon the facts and evidence from those investigations we must have positive action taken before we are slammed with more lawsuits that will bankrupt the Town of Quartzsite.

    Don’t know about you, but I can’t vote to keep two town employees on the job when faced with the reality that you will have to shut down the town offices and services offered at the expense of all the other hard working town employees of Quartzsite…

  4. Has anyone reviewed the new Town budget, to see how much Taft paid her own Paw Power/Willpower charity for animal shelter services? And don't forget Willpower was approved to administer the CDBG grant. If we actually knew how many pies her dirty little fingers were really in, I believe it would far exceed $70k, and might interest the IRS and AZ Corporations Commission...