Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dumpster Dive yields Quartzsite information jackpot!

Well, the documents retrieved from the bins behind Quartzsite Town Hall are being organized and turned over to Mayor Foster and the Citizen's Coalition. Eventually they may be turned over to the Attorney General's Office as evidence.

 "Dumpster diving" in Quartzsite has yielded some fascinating finds. Never mind the "open records requests" that Town mismanager Alexandra Taft will likely make sure never ever get filled. The stuff she's throwing out is waaay more confidential!

Everyone's names, addresses, account numbers and balances for Town utilities, "objectives" for grant proposals, contracts with engineering firms that actually include payment information, resident's building permits, volunteer applications and other documents with personal and private information are not being shredded! And since several citizens have witnesses documents being removed from Town Hall since Foster's victory was confirmed, it's a sure bet that a lot more than Elvis has left the building..

But most fascinating of all is the fact that these documents were rescued when Town Clerk Karen Norris was out of Town for "training" and her signature is on many of the recovered documents. You see, official documents are considered a permanent record and belong to the State, not the Town. Documents are not allowed to be thrown away or destroyed without Norris' approval. Not surprisingly, one of the documents found in the trash was the Town's ethics guide for the Council members.



  2. After personal view the last two Town Hall Meetings in Quartzsite, it is no surprise to me that they threw out the Ethics Guide Book for the Council Members. As IMHO they have shown NO ethics! With papers turned in on two Council Members and with 4 more almost ready to be filed, this error in judgment could be remedied in November.

    However, all this extra work by the concerned “Recall” citizens of Quartzsite may be awash via the State of Arizona conducting criminal investigations into the actions of a number of town employees and Council Members for the lack of judgment or miss guided advice.

    Five Million in debt and several pending and planned Civil Lawsuits on the move against the Town and Police Department you as a property owners must ask yourselves, “Just how deep are my pockets”? In the end will it not be you that will ultimately be paying for your miss-loyalty and their bad judgments?

  3. I can only imagine what went out the back door before these papers were rescued. I suppose it doesn't really matter. There was more than enough good stuff in the stack I turned over to damn Taft to hell. State Atty. Gen. public corruption is handling it now. Unfortunately for the Councilpersons who keep enabling her, she will probably take them down when she goes. Bill Moore gave her excellent advice - she should resign. She has no experience, won't take the classes required for the job and she is apparently a source of ridicule with the League of Cities and Towns.

  4. I think it is time that we take another look at our Town leaders on the Council. Just how can they support or defend any town employee(s) that openly break the law, but try to conceal and/or cover up for their actions? Maybe the information below is the “catalyst” for her (Alex Taft) placing on the Town Agenda efforts to keep the New Mayor from being able to seek out additional violations of state and federal laws.
    13-2407. Tampering with a public record; classification
    A. A person commits tampering with a public record if, with the intent to defraud or deceive, such person knowingly:
    1. Makes or completes a written instrument, knowing that it has been falsely made, which purports to be a public record or true copy thereof or alters or makes a false entry in a written instrument which is a public record or a true copy of a public record; or
    2. Presents or uses a written instrument which is or purports to be a public record or a copy of such public record, knowing that it has been falsely made, completed or altered or that a false entry has been made, with intent that it be taken as genuine; or
    3. Records, registers or files or offers for recordation, registration or filing in a governmental office or agency a written statement which has been falsely made, completed or altered or in which a false entry has been made or which contains a false statement or false information; or
    4. Destroys, mutilates, conceals, removes or otherwise impairs the availability of any public record; or
    5. Refuses to deliver a public record in such person's possession upon proper request of a public servant entitled to receive such record for examination or other purposes.
    B. In this section "public record" means all official books, papers, written instruments or records created, issued, received or kept by any governmental office or agency or required by law to be kept by others for the information of the government.
    C. Tampering with a public record is a class 6 felony.
    Just because you are a sitting or former member of the Town Council will NOT protect you from a court of law or being charged in a criminal state or federal court for your actions. As President Kennedy stated at his Inaugural Address, “Those that foolishly sought to ride the tiger often end up inside”!
    As residents and citizens of Quartzsite, it is our duty to become watchful guardians of those that sit at Town Hall. It is our obligation to question any and ALL questionable actions or miss deeds committed in our behalf. It is our solemn obligation to protect the civil and constitutional rights of each and every person that passes through or lives in our town. It is our duty to stand against and stop such criminal actions by anyone that serves the people of Quartzsite whether employed or elected!
    To do no less speaks volumes of our approval of their questionable and/or criminal behavior. To remain silent is to blindly walk into your fate, as did 11 million people under the Nazi Rule until we and other free nations stepped in and paid the price in blood to stop it! We will NOT walk peacefully into that night! A brave man will stand the pains and struggles to right injustice while a coward hides in the dark shadows only to come out to reap the rewards from the bloody efforts of the few brave…