Thursday, June 24, 2010

No "clean" election in Quartzsite! Attorney General investigates...

At the previous Town Council meeting, it was approved to ask the State for a recount of the vote. Then, facts were exposed relating to evidence of potential felony electioneering and voter fraud at "Call to the Public". At Tuesday evening's regular meeting of the Common Council, Mayor Foster revealed that the State Attorney General's Office of Public Corruption is currently investigating. Now, many are left wondering who really won the election for Quartzsite's open seats on the Town Council on May 18th. After all, less than ten votes separated the bottom four contenders..

The hefty file of correspondences at County Prosecutor Sam Vederman's Office clearly shows that after the primary election, Town Manager Alex Taft conspired with Police Chief Jeff Gilbert to investigate voters they personally selected with hopes of turning them over to the County for prosecution. What was the selection criteria? Well, I'm going to speculate that none of the voters Wes Huntley bragged about personally driving to the Registrar's Office were on that list.

This fascinating document shows that  Quartzsite's "news" paper publisher was an eager participant in this improper investigation:

Desert Messenger Publisher
Shannana "Rain" Goldenbear
Notice the date on the above email. It was sent to Alex Taft and Jeff Gilbert on Monday, March 29th -  four days after Alex Taft had sent a letter to the County, requesting the names of everyone who had registered to vote in the last six months and a full 20 days after the primary election! Surely if Ms Goldenbear was truly concerned about Russell and Susan's identification, then she would have immediately contacted the County Elections Board instead of waiting almost three weeks and corresponding with Taft and Gilbert. After all, that would have been the proper thing to do.

That's right folks, while she was editorializing about being fair and impartial, Rain was simultaneously conspiring to alter the outcome of the election. I hope her advertisers are paying attention. Are the "Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite" proud of this? Rain is. She proudly marched up to the podium and said as much after the email was read aloud at the previous meeting.

Keep in mind that even after weeks of QPD investigation, The Sias' were finally cleared of any crimes by Vederman's Office. So in keeping with the mission statement of Rain's beloved Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, how would putting innocent people in jail affect the next 7 generations? Tell us please Rain, inquiring minds want to know.

Ok, let me break this down for you. This is not speculation. The information in this post is verifiable fact that is now in the hands of the FBI and others. Town mismanager Alex Taft and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert combed through names on the list of Quartzsite's registered voters, primarily voters that had registered in the six months preceding Taft's written request for the list. They then chose specific voters for investigation. Chief Gilbert used his official capacity to investigate these individuals, who were targeted for no other "probable cause" than the decision to become a registered voter. At Tuesday night's meeting, Gilbert insisted that he did nothing wrong and was directed to investigate at Vederman's request, but the documents themselves expose this claim as a bold face lie. Vederman had Haws investigate at the request of Gilbert and Taft.

All of this is more than ironic once you appreciate that Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and his wife Sondra voted under circumstances that were probably far more questionable than those of Russell and Susan Sias.

The Gilbert's did purchase lots 6 and 7 in the Palo Fiero subdivision on Feb. 11th, 2010 from then Council  candidate Erik Larson (after reportedly harassing Larson with assistance from Building Official Al Johnson until the price dropped by 20k). And they used to have a home in "Rainbow Acres", (lot #APN 302-32-422) purchased on July 27th, 2006, but they sold it on Feb. 26th, 2009. So where did they live from Feb. of 2009 to Feb. of 2010? My guess is 3210 Newport Dr., Lake Havasu City, a home they've had for about four years.

Take a look at the tiny trailer at 450 N.  Pilgrim Pl. that Police Chief Gilbert was registered to vote at.

It's more like an office really. But the garbage cans were a nice touch, even though I think the same garbage bag has been in it for a while now...and I never saw Jeff's "QPD1" black SUV parked there this spring, but maybe he was just out breaking the law when I drove by. The utilities have never been in Gilbert's  name, they are in the property owner's names, Lowell and Elizabeth Williams. (Beth Williams is the Justice of the Peace in the Quartzsite Division of the La Paz County Court.) Most revealing is the fact that Councilwoman Barbara Cowell of Arizona Westcoast Realty had it listed in her Desert Messenger ad as " never been lived in"! Oh, and Gilbert's wife Sondra had to vote with a provisional ballot because she showed up with a Havasu driver's license.

Who really won this dirty election? Certainly not the voters. If you take the six and seven votes that prevented Chaunce Hamilton and Russel Sias from prevailing, deduct the Gilbert's two votes, add back in Ms. Austin's legal vote for the full "reform slate" then there's only three or four votes separating the winning Council candidates from the losing two. Let's factor in that Taft and Gilbert had no motivation to investigate incumbent supporters and double check to see if that dead woman whose name was still on the rolls voted for anyone, and I believe we would have had an entirely different outcome.


  1. I found it interesting that may people arriving early to the Tuesday Town Hall meeting found two Quartzsite Police Officers stand in front of the table set up to obtain the signatures of concerned voters for the Recall of the sitting Council Members and accompanying Referendum sheets. Many seeing the two Police Officers in Black Uniforms redirected themselves away from the volunteers and moved into the Town Hall.

    When asked why the two QPD Officers were there, “Following Orders.” I am sure that the two officers were unaware (as both were very friendly and courteous to both the volunteers & voters signing the forms.) that some would consider their presents there as a form of intimidation and/or harassment. Funny how they only moved away from the table after the Town Meeting started…

  2. Is there a better way to show Rain's e-mail?

  3. Rain is proof that money can buy a news publication, but it sure can't buy brains, or class. She is so busy trying to undermine the mayor that she can't or won't use spell check or grammar check and I think she misprinted Winslow's last name twice (calling him "Wilson"). Everybody needs to hold up a paper plate that says "no bullying" whenever that "woman" walks by. (She is the one that plays the "woman", right?)

  4. I'm willing to bet that if you go back to when Jeffy lived at that Rainbow Acres address, he was registered to vote illegally on the roster with a Quartzsite zip code...just a hunch that I forgot to mention at the call to the public.

    Another hunch is that Walsma isn't representing as "town attorney" lately because she's on suspension by the AZ Bar, and not because she's "on vacation". I heard a rumor that the last time she was "on vacation" it was punishment for practicing municipal law without being properly qualified!

  5. Vito Austin gets arrested for Voter Fraud...Let the games begin..

  6. interested parties should contact:

    Vederman must go!

  7. Yes, I believe I read that here:

  8. I heard that Sondra has threatened to "kick my ass" now. Well, I don't care how long she worked in a prison - everyone thinks their tough when they're armed. I groom a Shih Tzu that's tougher than Jeffy's wife LOL! I'll bet Sondra and her big mouth couldn't go ten rounds with "Omie"!!!

  9. It would look as thought the “Ostrich Syndrome” is alive and will in the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona.

    From the Webster’s Dictionary:
    2 [from the belief that the ostrich when pursued hides its head in the sand and believes itself to be unseen] : one who attempts to avoid danger or difficulty by refusing to face it.

    Lets face facts here. We need to check out each and every rumor that is passing around (by both sides) before passing it along as fact! As of late the members of Town Hall have been trying to do damage control with the use of smoke screens and misinformation or the use of pre-selected information to back up their statements.

    Worse yet are the selective actions against the residents of Quartzsite by the Council, Alex Taft, and Chief Gilbert. If you speak up about their (as you may see it) wrongdoing or exercise your Constitutional Rights to vote are you going to find your name and/or business on a list for harassment by the Quartzsite Police Officers? Hiding your head in the sand will not only promote their illegal actions but also get you burnt in the long run.

    While an ant is small, it doesn’t take long for them to reduce a buffalo down to just sun-bleached bones when they work together. If you see wrongdoing to your neighbor, friend, or even yourself, REPORT IT! You can take your complaint outside of Quartzsite as others have done and they have been listened too. Alex Taft and Chief Gilbert are under criminal investigation with other pending actions against the Council Members of Quartzsite.

    There is power in numbers. If you have a good legitimate complaint, and it is reported to the State, they will be forced to take action after the numbers show illegal activity by the people that have sworn to protect and serve the citizens of Quartzsite!

  10. On March of 2010 I came to Quartzsite to possibly purchase a home. I was pulling an rv and broke down in town. The chief of police came to my aid and saw that I got to an rv parts house and was able to proceed on my way. I think that Chief Gilbert an extremely friendly and forthcoming man. I have since read some of this obsucifation that has been coming out of some of the residents mouth and pens. I needed to satify myself if I even wanted to retire here and did some investigation on my own. The opponents of Chief Gilbert lost at the last election and now are trying thru letters and words to vilify and cause the city officials to spend their time on answering the opponents charges and lies. If the citizens of this nice town will ask for state officials to oversee the next election and ensure that no voter fraud happens. The attorney general of the State of Arizona should be requested to investigate the claims of the few and take appropriate action. I can't believe that this garbage is being allowed to continue. The personal attacks on the chief's wife and relatives of others have no bearing on what transpires in city government. It seems that the pictures you have shown of the chief's home and other sites, are close to being harassment. If the city officials had done that to you, then you might have a legal basis for your attacks. Get a life and be prepared for a legal attack on you and your few compadres.
    I think I will do some investigation on my own and will see if I can find out the real reason for your attacks. I think I will find that you are only interested in getting control of city government, perish the thought. Look for me, I will be amongst you and will file my findings in the legal and appropriate way. So beware and be prepared. Get a Good Attorney. Yours, A New Resident.

  11. New resident,

    As you are new to Quartzsite, I’ll cut you some slack. However, for many of us that have lived here for years and have had more contact with the officers under Chief Gilbert’s command, we have a better understanding than you.

    Alleged false arrest, unlawful search & seizures, and false imprisonment are just the tip of the iceberg. Just wait until you have to make a complaint and find officers that refuse to make reports, give incident or case numbers, or violate your civil rights under the law. Just why do you think that the Town of Quartzsite is in a “High Risk Pool” for insurance?

    I have talked to many retired police officers and government agents that winter here in Quartzsite and they feel that the QPD has been a laughing joke for years. I find NOTHING funny about it!

    In closing, before you talk about harassment, ask Mayor Foster why he had to have Chief Gilbert called off what could be described as stalking of a person that is bringing legal action against Quartzsite and Chief Gilbert for his harassment. You have a lot to learn grasshopper before you are ready to eat crow…

  12. Wow anonymous, your attempt at deception is poorly constructed. It appears as if you can't remember if you were supposed to be coming or going or if you are a "new resident" or even want to retire here. Are you registered to vote? Did you "purchase a home"? Next time do a little more work on your story before you waste our time.

    I would personally recommend that you retire elsewhere as Quartzsite has clearly reached it's quota mindless sycophants with low reading comprehension. The point was that the trailer pictured is NOT Chief Gilbert's home, he and possibly his wife engaged in felonious deception in order to cast votes which may mean the "opponents" did not lose after all. You're naive to think this conspiracy has no bearing on "what transpires in city government". This is not even a "city", it is a town (incorporated municipality), which has different rules under the AZ Constitution.

    Misconduct of Town officials IS being investigated by the office of the Attorney General, among others.

    I have no interest in "getting control of city government", rather I wish to see control given back to the residents.

  13. No "clean election" in Minnesota either.

    "The six-month election recount that turned former "Saturday Night
    Live" comedian Al Franken into a U.S. senator may have been decided
    by convicted felons who voted illegally in Minnesota's Twin Cities....The final recount vote in the race, determined six months after
    Election Day, showed Franken beat Coleman by 312 votes -- fewer votes
    than the number of felons whose illegal ballots were counted,
    according to Minnesota Majority's newly released study, which matched
    publicly available conviction lists with voting records."