Thursday, June 10, 2010


I think some Quartzsite officials are queasy and may want to get off.. Or at least we hope they will not wait until this ride has reached a complete stop before attempting to exit the building.
Wow! Tuesday night's Town Council meeting had more ups and downs, twists and turns than an amusement park ride. But you can bet that Mayor Foster was the only Quartzsite Town official amused by the events that unfolded to a standing room only crowd.

The meeting began in a typical fashion with Mayor Foster giving the invocation, but the items placed on the evening's agenda were clearly personal and very divisive. Councilman Jerry Lukkasson was not in Town for the meeting (as I predicted), but was present via speaker phone.

Before the anticipated showdown began, Quartzsite's "Vigilante Vendor" approached the podium for "Reports and Announcements" and stated that she had a "present" for some of the people who represent the Town. She then introduced the Town Constable Paul Staudt, who served Councilpersons Winslow, Anderson, Cowell and Kelley with an official Notice of Claim for $200,000 in damages. Town mismanager Alex Taft was also served, along with Police Chief Jeff Gilbert. Town Attorney Pamela Walsma was reportedly served at her Yuma law office, Shadle and Walsma. Former acting like a mayor Wes Huntley was served when he attempted to leave the meeting, about twenty minutes into Mayor Foster's "report" on the Town's water issues.
But Huntley assaulted Constable Staudt, in a useless attempt to avoid taking the Notice. Shortly thereafter, an incoherent Huntley was reported to have taken out his rage on former Mayor Steve Bennett,  in a phone call tirade about Bennett's previous water issue reported here.

The Notice of Claim, apparently stems from the events leading up to and following the "Sign Wars - may Force be with you!" blog;
and according to attorney David Hossler, of the Yuma law firm Hunt, Grogan, Meerchaum and Hossler, "The harassment toward Ms. Harris has been continuous and without basis." Town citizens are now speculating that Jones will also seek damages for what appears to be unlawful detainment, assault, harassment and filing a false "Incident Report". We can all thank Chief Gilbert and his bosses at Town Hall for opening up Quartzsite to yet another insurance claim.

On to the agenda:

According to Quartzsite News, the attempt at stripping Mayor Foster of the powers accorded his position at the previous Council meeting will now go to a ballot referendum and the voters will decide. Mayor Foster explained his refusal to sign the actions into effect, citing that the proposed changes were in violation of Arizona Revised Statutes, and that the Town had no legal right to circumvent or override state authority in the matter. Councilman Jose Lizzarraga disappointed many by wrongfully insisting that the Mayor's power to declare an emergency was only for financial reimbursement, and that as Fire Captain, Lizzarraga himself, along with Police Chief Jeff Gilbert were in charge for the first twenty four to forty eight hours of an official emergency. Richard Oldham, "the first, second and third Mayor of Quartzsite" affirmed Foster's assertion, and suggested that  the current Council should attend classes offered by the League of Cities and Towns in order to avoid future blunders and understand their responsibilities. In the end, the roll call vote approved the motion to allow Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell to sign instead of Foster, with Bob Kelley and Mayor Foster voting against the unlawful proposal.

Apparently intimidated by Mayor Foster's daily request letters, Councilman Joe Winslow proposed that all future requests must be submitted to the council for approval. This attempt to muzzle the Mayor's questions on spending concerns was met with outrage by Citizens Coalition "facilitator" Dean Taylor, who referred to the Councilman as "machine gun Joe", an apparent reference to a recent comment caught on the Towns own audio feed where Winslow can be clearly heard saying "I think if we could just get all five of 'em in the front row, we'd just machine gun 'em!" to which Bob Kelley may have responded "Damn fine idea!". All members of the Council voted to approve and the item passed.

The only item placed on the agenda by our new Mayor, was an attempt to repeal a previous change that prohibited certain people from running for Town office.  However, not one member of Council would give Mayor Foster the courtesy of making a motion to discuss the item.

Many in attendance suffered through the hot and stuffy meeting to voice their outrage and show support for Foster at the "Call to the Public". As promised during his campaign, nobody was told to "sit down and shut up" and everyone spoke their piece without any time or subject restrictions. Felony criminal charges of electioneering were inferred against Alex Taft and Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, as well as alleged charges of felony voter fraud against Police Chief Gilbert and wife Sondra, who never denied the allegations, but instead Chief Gilbert offered to meet with anyone who had concerns later in his office. I wonder if he will have an attorney present...


  1. One word, RECALL!!!

  2. Yes, it is unfortunate that the newly elected but previously appointed Council members ignored both the law and the will of their constituents from the very first meeting of the "new" Council. Now that voters have seen their true colors, instead of their campaign "game face", it appears that preemptively collecting recall signatures is the only way to make them listen to the people's voice.

  3. There is a recall for good reason. Please sign as more signatures are needed. These council members are breaking the law and strong arming. Ask the recall petitioners the details. Please sign. They are taking signatures near the Post Office.

  4. I find it interesting that a major part of the residents of Quartzsite find nothing wrong with the total (What could be called) “The Dumb and Dumber” approach to paying the bills for the Town of Quartzsite by its Council Members. Don’t know about you, but if you were to take almost $10,000 out of my limited income to make (so called) payments without knowing just whom is getting paid, why, and where the money is coming from you would have a major fight with me over it!

    Lets look at the facts here. These so called payments have not just begun at Town Hall. Are you not interested in the least just whom these payments are being made to? We need to be fair about this and get the facts in “Black & White.” However, when Alex Taft refuses to let the “Elected” Mayor and Executive officer for the Town of Quartzsite in private session see the who, what, where, when, and whys, the only thing left is what is she hiding? We as the ones paying the bills are left to ask is this money going into the Town’s Christmas Office and Party Fund or just into someone’s (Taft’s, Council Member’s, payoff/bribe) personal pocket?

    There are more than a few legal documents recovered from the Town of Quartzsite that should have NEVER been removed much less attempted to be destroyed. I have already voted with my signature for recall and you can do the same by visiting the main Post Office in Quartzsite. I can’t trust a Council Member that is so willing to blindly pay out such large sums of money without knowing the why and to whom!

    Take a look at the document that shows Alex Taft (IMHO shows her efforts at cover-up) refusing the top dog from seeing where Town Money is being spent.