Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Deena Blythe trial postponed again...

Those who care will have to wait until July 14th for the next chapter in the ongoing saga of wannabe a councilwoman Deena Blythe. Motions and plea bargains have been volleyed back and forth for several sessions now, and Prosecutor Sam Vederman will have another month to reload for the next round. Since Ms. Blythe is an alleged "repeat offender", it will be interesting to see how she is treated by the justice system when all is said and done.
Deena Blythe profile photo from Biker Kiss website

Upcoming court appearances for others on Quartzsite's least wanted  list will be reported here in the coming months. In a Town rife with criminal activity that has finally come to light this season, it's a given that there will be no shortage of stories to cover here, stories that you won't hear about in that "FREE Community Paper" used to line the bottom of bird cages.

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