Saturday, June 26, 2010

Turn over financial records, court tells Sheriff Arpaio

In a scenario that reminds me of the battle over financial records between Mayor Foster and Town mismanager Alex Taft, a judge has ruled that the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio should turn over the requested documents to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors. The board issued a subpoena on April 27 and gave Arpaio until May 7 to turn over documents. When the sheriff missed that deadline, the board ordered him to a hearing for contempt.

"We are pleased that Maricopa County can move forward, on behalf of the taxpayers, to address the objective concerns about certain financial irregularities within the Sheriff's Office. We urge the Sheriff to promptly produce the financial records requested," county spokeswoman Cari Gerchick said in a statement. 

Maricopa Supervisors have been wrangling with officials in Arpaio's administration for months in an attempt to acquire documents that might confirm suspicions  that some money was being spent inappropriately.

Deputy County Manager Sandi Wilson said she was concerned that restricted funds may have been misspent. Sheriff's officials did not respond to a March 30 letter sent to Arpaio's Chief Financial Officer, Loretta Barkell and to Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott.

Hopefully, Quartzsite taxpayers will not have to wait months for Ms. Graft, I mean Taft to turn over the documents requested by Mayor the office of the Arizona Ombudsman has agreed to intervene. Taft can expect to hear from the Ombudsman's office this week!


  1. I have seen many people become outraged after seeing Ms Taft’s refusal to allow the Quartzsite Town Mayor access to questionable payments passed by the Towns own Council Members without any review for payments.

    Just what is Ms Taft going to do when she is faced with the filing of the referendums that places her back under the control of Mayor Foster as she should be? Should we as concerned citizens of Quartzsite bring suit against Ms. Taft (for reimbursement of town funds wasted) if she refuses to allow Mayor Foster to see the records that by Arizona State Law that even you or I have a legal right to see?

    It would seem that Joe Winslow’s attacks against Mayor Foster isn’t restricted to the Town Hall Meetings. I was informed that Winslow’s own wife had to call him off from making physical contact as he shouted at Mayor Foster at Town Hall this last Wednesday! Just what is in these files that would make a man like Joe Winslow be so outraged to keep from the public, much less the Mayor’s eyes. Me thinks me smells something rotten in Quartzsite Town Hall that may require criminal prosecutions to remove the stench…

  2. The outrageous dictitorial behavior of the Quartzsite Town Manager and Council defies all moral and legal decency. One must wonder theurre council ann town manager are attempting to hide by refusing to release financial information to theduly elected Chief Operating Officer ofTown of Quartzsite. Such petty behavior constitutes more than sufficient grounds for the removal of the above mentioned individuals and further exposes the Town to costly legal action. Their action exhibits disrespect and outright contempt for the citizens of Quartzsite. This behavior is reprehensible. They m removed from office.

  3. Not only is Mayor Foster having problems seeing Town records that he is by law allowed to see, we may now know the whys. Why would Alex Taft place on the agenda the removal of the powers of the office of Mayor? Why was it so important for her to keep Mayor Foster from seeing town records and unknown spending?

    Could the recovery of so-called secured town records from trash bins as far away as California (Was a town car used?) have anything to do with it? Is Alex Taft using these delays to destroy incriminating records of mismanagement, corruption, and/or in-competency, before Mayor Foster can find the evidence? It is alleged that one location was a recycling center. Just where is the money that these locations pay for recycled goods? Is there a record of this? SHOW ME THE MONEY?

    Is anyone having problems that Arizona State Records were taken across state lines to be disposed of? Just who is behind this and how far up the food chain does this go? Just what is it that the sitting members of the Town Council are afraid of Mayor Foster finding out? When a full audit of the Town Books is (Lets face it, it is going to happen and if we are lucky, not by the feds or the IRS!) done, just how many on the council could be facing criminal charges? The best is yet to come…