Monday, July 5, 2010

Joyriding in the "company" car

Police Chief Jeff Gilbert has repeatedly tried to defend allowing his officers to use Town vehicles for private use with the lame excuse of canine officers needing to take their four legged partners home at shift's end.

Yet, as these very recent photos clearly show, this unoccupied QPD car is at the Walmart in Parker, and it is not a K9 unit. I can't imagine what official business brought it here.

My problem is not with the officer assigned this car or even the poor job of parking it, my problem is that right now, Quartzsite is insolvent and every penny counts. Now I'm not going to mention where this officer actually lives but just for fun, let's do some mileage math.

From the Walmart in Parker to the Quartzsite Police Station is 36 miles each way, 72 miles round trip. If an officer commutes this far for only 182 out of 365 days a year, that's 13, 104 miles each year. Now I'm going to generously estimate that the car gets a highway average of 23 mpg (16 mpg around town). So, 570 gallons of gas at a current price of $2.80/gallon may only be $1,596 annually for that one officer, but let's not forget repair and maintenance for the extra wear and tear on the car. Chief Gilbert and his officers often lament that the Town's police cars are an aging fleet, and it costs somewhere between $25,000 and $35,000 Quartzsite doesn't have to replace one.

Given that Police Chief Gilbert is probably driving his back and forth to his other home in Havasu (Does he let wife Sondra use it to run errands?) and that several other officers reportedly commute from out of Town, it only make fiscal sense to mandate a stop the practice, effective immediately.

Many other Quartzsite Town vehicles have been spotted as far away as Phoenix and Yuma. Mayor Foster declined use of a Town car for official business. I think that Quartzsite's other civil servants should follow his lead.


  1. Something else to think about...

    If the officer is living in Parker and doesn't go off the time clock until he/she gets home and it starts on their way back to Quartzsite, then that breaks down as...

    At a rate of just $35.00/hr wages this comes to an additional $44.25 per day, or $221.25 per week, or $11,505.00 per year.

    Now if this falls into overtime you are looking at around $17,257.50 per year. Wish I got paid for driving to and from work in the company car and to think this one comes with red lights & siren!

  2. Throw ALL the bums outJuly 6, 2010 at 7:20 AM

    Isn't it time we disbanded QPD and let the county patrol Quartzsite? It's obvious to anyone with a brain that Jeffy does not have the towns best interest in mind. Eliminating this department would save the town Millions! And we'd get our liberties back as a bonus! C'mon Ed, grow a pair and disband this gang. All they are doing is lining their wallets while you and I pay them to do it.


  3. Let’s not paint all the hard working honest officers with the same paintbrush as those that are taking advantage of the citizens of Quartzsite. We are blessed with some that have gone the extra mile for us. Just because one shoots up her cop car doesn’t mean you can blame the other one that is almost killed because a group of Council Members IMHO, that bought the wrong car to use as a cop car.

    If we have the wrong people at the helm of the ship, get them out of there before we as a town are run aground and left to rust on that almost fully depression rocky shoreline. When faced with limited income you have to make choices. My grandfather ate peanut butter sandwiches (no butter or jelly) so that my brother and I could have our brown bag lunch at school and that extra 5¢ to buy milk.

    Lets face facts here. The Town of Quartzsite is NO LONGER able to have Champaign with their lunches. So why are they still spending like they can order from the private stock and we are forced to drink the stinking & dirty water that they won’t?

  4. Who framed Ed Jaakola?

    QPD needs to clean house.

  5. DW,
    If there were any honest hardworking cops at QPD, I'd agree with you. I know some donut feeders try to appear to be good citizens. (amazingly, people buy into it) But when push come to shove they ALL do what dipshit Gilbert tells them to do. Name a single officer in this department that has publicly or privately stood up to Gilbert. They ALL do what they are told to do because they value their paycheck over your rights, every single time!!!! I agree with the first comment. Get rid of them all and let the Sheriff sort out who he wants to keep. Then if the Sheriff screws up we can vote him out at the next election. These asshats at QPD have had plenty of time already to do the right thing and they have failed! It's time to stop rewarding failure and show these government employees how the real world works.

    And by the way, the town is already shipwrecked. It's too late to try and reform or fix it. We need to start taking a knife to the budget and take out the cancer. It's one thing to be in a wreck, it's quite another to bleed out from your injuries

  6. Wow, now this goes above and beyond the call of duty! Hmmmm Ummmm, where are the photo's of the officer with all the big screen tv's and groceries and personal items? I don't see one photo of the officer doing his mis-dealings?
    Let's reflect on that for just a moment, could he or she possibly be getting something for the department? Maybe something you can't buy in the quantities that you require in town here? Or could it be maybe he or she went there to buy it for the department because it is cheaper there rather than here in town?
    I'm thinking that if anyone needs to be charged with public slander and defamation of the claimant here, is you and your cult.
    I don't see anything in here where the officer was approached and questioned. I am sure he or she would not have had a problem what so ever. So this is to all the people that read this garbage, the math is REALLY impressive, but the proof is pretty thin. Just let everyone live their life in this little heaven on earth and get back to your green bag of heaven.

  7. Hey Q Town Defender, your name should really be, Defender of Crooked Q Town Employees. If this town is heaven on earth, I hope I never see hell. I'm willing to bet your name is Joe Winslow, or someone equally stupid! I like your picture though. A pussy with a gun. Maybe you are one of the retarded cops in town!

  8. Wow! I am astounded with your intelect anonypuss. For starters I am not defending Town Hall. I am defending the human beings that are apart of our community. Blah Blah Blah, go ahead and ramble about how some of them don't live here year round, whatever. Now, you act like I would be insulted to be compared to Joe Winslow, hell I was totally about his little statement of wishing he had a machinegun about the third day I went to check my mail and you idots were loitering next to the post office harrassing people.
    I will assure you though, I am ALOT closer to you than any police officer or town worker could get, you probably even like me in person. That is what makes this so much fun! So much fun that I may just start taking my own photo's. Hmmmmm I am SURE I won't get anything incriminating, yea right! LOL
    Now my last point to your five yearold statement, which seems fitting with the company you keep, that "pussy" isn't firing a gun, that is an AK-47 Machinegun, 7.62 X 39 of hell n earth... AMEN

  9. Lets look at some facts Q-D from the people that have reported personal sightings along with mine own. We have QPD Officers that live out of the town of Quartzsite. I have seen a QPD vehicle (full police markings with the emergency lighting) parked at the same residence in Parker for over a year, and let’s not forget the many sightings of Chief Gilbert going into and from Lake Havasu City in an unmarked QPD car!

    As for your “Kool-Aid Cult” view here, (Bet you would have fit in with the Jimmy Jones followers.) just how much abuse and waste in spending will it take for you to get off your ass and start screaming too! Lets face it, the truth hurts and must be faced sooner or later. We all know the sooner the better as we can work to fix it before it can’t be rectified by our own means. Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see our police officers doing the perk-walk on National TV with DEA & FBI Agents doing the fixing.

    As you said, “Just let everyone live their life in this little heaven on earth and get back to your green bag of heaven.” Sounds to me that the green bag you are talking about is more like a bag of pot and your head is in the clouds!

  10. Anonymous,

    A personal attack against people expressing their opinion doesn’t help solve any problems. However, we are getting the word out and the QPD and Quartzsite Town Management is under a VERY BIG magnifying glass, plus a camera or two. Here we have a Chief of Police that lives off intimidation and his magical “Disorderly Conduct” to do his bidding, hard to believe that this guy graduated from the FBI Academy (on our nickel).

    You need to understand that Q-D fails to understand the major liabilities that running home in a police car can cause for a small town or city if that officer is involved in an accident or like one department that had their Chief of Police drive off the road while drunk. I have been told that the Town of Quartzsite is in a “Risk Pool” for insurance because of all the Law Suits they have lost with the QPD being part of the cause.

    Q-D reminds me of one that lives off of “Don’t confuse me with facts”! It was not until I saw in black & white the truth that Ms. Taft broke the law in refusing to allow the New Mayor Foster to see records that he was LAWFULY entitled to, that I signed EVERY recall sheet that I could and started watching Town Hall & QPD too! The people in Quartzsite are tired of the corruption from both Town Hall and limited QPD officers and are now stepping up to stop it.

    The residents, business, and visitors to Quartzsite deserve better than what they have had to suffer under for years and now we have the people that are willing to step up and put a stop to the B.S. and turn this town around and run it like it should be…

  11. Q-Town Defender, I mean Jeff sound defensive, like someone that's been seen driving the public works truck on personal errands.

    And no, I don't like you in person, I can see why your wife killed herself.

  12. ARfighter,

    Your comments about Tina are totally uncalled for here! I have known both and I take personal offense at your comments on this blog about two people deeply in love and her death hit everyone that knew her hard.

  13. Hey Q town defender dufus,
    If your brains were dynamite, there wouldn't be enough to blow your nose!

  14. Yeah, I'll bet Q-Town Defender was "totally about his (Councilman Joe Winslow's)little statement of wishing he had a machinegun"

    What kind of a psycho takes a photo of a bullet ridden police car and posts it online?

    He loved Tena so much...he had to apologize posthumously for the way he treated her on her MySpace page. She deserved better and her poor parents have to live with that every day.

  15. Qtowndufus looks (and acts) like a real loser. PTSD can be treated. But stupid is forever. Let's hope he never reproduces!

  16. I want to thank you DW for you comment, I was a very close friend to Tena and Jeff. I hope some of these posts show you the true colors of the people you want to follow. I am going to do some of you a favor and not show this to Jeff, because knowing Jeff like I do there isn't a force on this planet that will keep him from his objective, you can thank me later.
    So back to the subject at hand. The QPD and Town Employees are just trying to do their jobs which is difficult because of the interference from people that have nothing better to do than slander them.
    After the attack on Jeff about Tena you are going to start seeing your photo's appear on this site as long as I am not edited which has happened in the past. But regardless they will be posted at my profile.
    I love how the town is moving, with the acception of the coalition. I can't wait for Mr. Foster learn of your true intentions and you turn on him. I guarantee he won't take your crap as lightly as most have in the past.
    The only thing this local law enforcement is doing wrong is letting you break the law and run free, but if I have my way that will end soon.
    P.S. AR Fighter, if I was a few years younger I would tune up your tone.

  17. Oh and Anonymous, I am to old to reproduce, that is why I try to influence.

  18. One would hope that the administrator of this blog would see that vicious attacks towards a single person as I have seen here, should not have been posted as they have. While I have issues with Mr. Winslow and Chief Gilbert, I have expressed my displeasure without uncalled for character assassinations.

    Even I have posted videos on You Tube related to firearms. There are a lot of us rational, law abiding, safety first, gun nuts out there. As for posting of a police car full of bullet holes; you have to ask yourself just why did you have to wait to see this (another hidden secret from Town Hall & our Cop Shop!) until now?

    I think that I have posted about this vehicle before. Remember that statement that it was not designed for police work? I was told that Sgt Warz was in charge of maintenance for QPD. Repair requests had been backlogged (ignored) for this vehicle as related to the dash cam and other related electrical problems. To top this off, on the day of the shooting, the officer, wounded, was unable to exit the car due to the electrical locking doors!

    When I read the attacks posted against this person (and may I ad that we don’t know for certain that this is the person named) I feel that I’m again back in Town Hall listening to Joe Winslow backing Wes Huntley, IMHO, attacking without good cause a citizen of Quartzsite seeking help or pointing out a problem at Town Hall.

    Have we lowered ourselves to this level? So far, I thought that this Blog was above that and fought with the truth, not slanderous personal attacks. Please remember the following:

    Nobody is perfect. Each one of us is a mixture of good qualities and some perhaps not so good qualities. In considering our fellow man, we should remember his good qualities and remember that his bad qualities only prove that he is a human being. We should reframe from making harsh judgments just because he happens to be a no good, rotten, S.O.B.!

  19. For one thing Q-D, I don’t follow anyone, as I march to a different drummer! I have some issues with Mayor Foster. However, I feel that he is the one true person that I can work with to help clean up the problems that plague Town Hall and the QPD.

    As for the Town Employees, I can think of just a few that are causing major problems that effect each and everyone of the citizens of Quartzsite. Harass the Snowbirds, Vendors, Businesses, and visitors to Quartzsite and you cut your own throat, and that is what has been happening since, IMHO, Alex Taft and a few Town employees have been working hard at. After all, wasn’t Ms. Taft quoted saying, “We don’t care about the Snowbirds or Vendors because we get all the money we need from the truck stops.”

    As for QPD and Chief Gilbert, I was hoping not to have to bring this up. It has been reported that Chief Gilbert received a call related to the alleged “Statutory Rape” of a 15 yo girl and a QPD officer. I have talked with the stepfather of the girl and was told that not only did Chief Gilbert refuse to take a report; he arrested the stepfather for “Disorderly Conduct” (One of his favorite) on his own property.

    Every time I see this guy in action (or should I say lack of action) IMHO, he continues to show his lack of ability to do the job. Just think, Chief Gilbert has the time to sit for over two hours stalking a woman (FYI, she had filed a harassment complaint against Chief Gilbert) from the dark corners of Janet’s Kitchen, but he doesn’t have the time to take the report related to the “Statutory Rape” of a 15 yo girl by a Police Officer!

    As for breaking the law, it would appear that if you vote for his friends you can rape a child, but speak up against his friends and you get arrested for “Disorderly Conduct”! Now is this the kind of man you want to have control over your protection and the men that are “To Serve and Protect”?

  20. Isn't America the land of the free, and home of the brave? (used to be anyway) Why in the hell would anyone want to limit speech, no matter how unpopular it sounds. Remember, the patriots of 1776, the guys who helped found this great country, were only about 3% of the population at the time. I personally don't think anyones commments should be limited or regulated in any way shape or form. (mod. please don't regulate) Let Freedom ring. Even q town defender has a right to sound off. Hell, I spoke up at a town hall meeting about Jeff Gilbert and the way he runs this town with an iron fist and I got arrested. That's how far off track we are in this country. While I don't personally dislike Jeff, professionally he is wrong. This man swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the good old US of A. And if he doesn't know what that means, some day he is going to piss off the wrong patriot and we will all suffer. Because one thing is for sure, when someone stands up for their God given rights, the state, or shall I say the bully in charge, doesn't like it. Wake up people! Our way of life is collapsing and if you don't know what it is like to be an American, maybe you ought to educate yourself. I'm reading a good book right now, "Whatever Happened To Justice" by Richard Maybury. If you want to see Freedom in your lifetime, start by reading this. May God save us all!

  21. I looks as thought we don’t have to wonder how long before Quartzsite hits the National News again over our, IMHO, mismanaged police department and alleged cover-ups of criminal activities of the officers that fail to refuse temptations. It is just a matter of time before Chief Gilbert faces additional criminal investigations and maybe a forced polygraph or two.

    The word now on the streets is reporting that Chief Gilbert is now sneaking in the back doors of restaurants to make his private meetings, driving his own personal vehicle and NOT his assigned unmarked police car. Wasn’t it Gilbert that said that it is important for his (supervisor) officers to be able to respond to town emergencies (from their homes out of town)?

    Now we are hearing that Chief Gilbert fired the QPD officer that was alleged to have not only be having sex with a young girl 10 years (started at age 15) his junior, but that he was seen picking up this girl in his police car while on duty.

    If a proper police investigation had been conducted at the time of the complaint, (by a outside agency) we would not be placed in the position of having our town attorney trying to explain to the major News Networks just how and why our Chief of Police Gilbert failed to take proper actions when one of his QPD Officers was alleged to have committed statutory rape, while on duty, in a police car.

    Lets face facts here. IMHO, Gilbert is unqualified by his actions as head of the QPD to have done a un-bias investigation into these charges and at once should have contacted the Arizona Department of Public Safety to conduct this investigation to clear the QPD officer or if the evidence was there, charge the offender! How embarrassing is this to the good hard working QPD officers that we have, knowing that a fellow officer can be (alleged) popping a 15 year old girl while on duty and your leader just simply fires him allowing a possible sex predator of underage girls to walk the streets in another town or city?

    How many other serious fractures of our state and federal laws have been committed by QPD officers that Chief Gilbert swept under the rug or made non-existence because NO report (a common practice with QPD) was taken? Is this the right man to head the MOST important department of the Town of Quartzsite? Just who in their right mind would allow a QPD officer to have sex while on duty with a underage girl and refuse to take a report, and NOT take immediate action to investigate? Can we say, “Accessory after the fact”? I knew you could…

  22. Not only did Chief Gilbert ignore the complaint in regard to Officer Josh, he covered it up. So now, we have two crimes. One by Josh, and one by Gilbert. Firing Josh is only an effort by Mr. Gilbert to continue the cover-up.

    When are we going to see prosecution for this second problem? (What would possess any police chief to attempt to cover up a rape of an underage minor, anyway?) Sheesh!!!

    Mr. Vederman, feel free to pitch in's time you did your thing and filed the appropriate complaint - against Mr. Gilbert!

  23. Mr. Sias,

    I wouldn’t hold my breath there waiting for Mr. Vederman to act on your invitation. After all why would Vederman take action against his buddy Gilbert? How would you feel if you got a letter from the Town Attorney saying that they were dropping charges (in the interest of justice) against you for “Disorderly Conduct” (there is that damn magical word again) only to find out that Chief Gilbert went to his buddy Vederman to have you indicted for a felony along with the “Disorderly Conduct”?

    Funny how the Chief of Police, a so called educated man would put more effort into charging a man with “Disorderly Conduct” for expressing himself at Town Hall (you know that 1st Amendment Right) and yet (alleged) refuse to take a report on one of his officers for unlawful sexual conduct with an underage girl while on duty!

    If I remember it, the original charge of “Disorderly Conduct” (a misdemeanor) for the Town Hall violation pulls a $20 fine. However, a conviction for ‘Statutory Rape” of a child pulls up to and/or over 20 years in prison and the privilege of being a registered sex offender for the rest of your life.

    So just what kind of Chief of Police do we have here? Looks like one that wants to be know as “DC” Gilbert as he goes for the record!

    PS: I wonder how Mr. Vederman expects to get that conviction for “Disorderly Conduct” when the facts about Chief Gilbert’s actions (or should I say lack of actions) as related to the “Statutory Rape” of a child by one of his officers is exposed in court. Does Chief Gilbert have the balls to purger himself under oath?

  24. Everybody knows Gilbert doesn't have any balls. His wife wears the pants in the family.

  25. Well then I wouldn't want to be him when his wife reviews his phone's text messages to a certain pedicurist...

  26. Hopefully, his wife doesn't read this blog.

    Or, is there someway we can get this thread into her hands?

    Or, how about we start an anti-jeffy thread which exposes all the lies this snake has told the good people of Quartzsite, which could include the known conversations Jeffy has had with this certain pedicurist.

    Jeffy Gilbert is a liar! He has lied to the community and to his wife. I can't think of a more despicable person in our town govt. (Alex is a close second, Dan Field was the original first but he slithered away)

    ATTENTION BLOG OPERATOR: Can we start a thread or several threads that exposes Gilbert for the liar he is. Once the truth gets out, he's sunk. Maybe we could ask for the people of Quartzsite that are too afraid to say so publicly, to document their experience here.

    Remember when that girl died mysteriously out in the desert last year and someone started putting up flyers around town, remember how insane Gilbert got at someone questioning his authority. IMAGINE how fun it would be if 100 or 500 people here documented how Jeffy screwed them over. Maybe Deena will even chime in

    We could do this once a month too because we all know Jeffy can't help himself. He will dig a hole so deep and wide for himself that the good people of Quartzsite will be waiting around the edges just to pick out the nuggets of gold he'll toss up. Maybe Quartzsite will finally have a good well with all the digging he'll do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start a "How Jeffy and the QPD broke the law" thread.

  27. This is very true folks, i know that i was set up by him and his bad goones and they hid the fact that my bussiness was stolen.

  28. WOW This entire blog thing is really very sad. Every single one of you people are absolutely ridiculously immature. This IS what this world is coming to.... HATRED... Everyone thinks they are better than the person sitting or living beside them. YOU are NO better than ANYONE ELSE! This is part of the problem, nobody EVER states anything good, it is all about the BAD. Just like the war our young men and women are currently fighting in the Mid East. It is "across the pond" currently, but rapidly moving to our own ground, because of idiotic people like you that are posting some ridiculous crap and horrid outbursts. This is completely uncalled for. Maybe ya'all need to go back to grade school where you got away with all this BS, and come back up through the chains while learning how to go about it properly. This is heart-wrenching, not to mention gut-wrenching as well. I would be afraid to go to any "meetings" if that is what you call them... as I would be expecting someone to blow through the door killing anyone that happened to unfortunately be standing or sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time. You people are SCARY. Just the way you write your crap is ungodly horrific, I would hate to find out one of you were an actual business person in that poor old run down place called Qtown. It is extremely sad what it has become. If you think you are so much more capable of changing that place, why don't you become the damn Mayor, or Police Chief... and see just what it all entails, bet not one of you could do either... For that matter even a council member or Town Manager. You people haven't a clue, that is exactly why you have to run your mouths and stir up some drama. As for the "girl", there is NO excuse for that... However, have you seen the way these girls in this town look, dress and act? Most of them have worthless parents that don't give a shit about them, because they are too worried about when the next "hit" or "line" is coming in...they have more important business to worry about, DRUGS. These girls, and boys for that matter need some positive guidance and places to go in that town to keep them busy and safe. People in that town don't care about the children. If they did, someone would be getting them a gym or public pool or something for them to keep themselves busy and out of trouble. These girls have absolutely no hope growing up in that place. They look for any attention they can get. I am sorry, nobody in that situation is innocent by any means NOBODY, not even her "parents". Shouldn't they have been responsible enough to know who their daughter was with and where? PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN UNTIL THEY ARE THE AGE OF 18. Is that not true? OH.. only in certain cases, anymore. SICKENING
    It is not specific to the Town Hall or the Police Chief for the reason this town is going down the tubes... it is because of DIRTY NASTY PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELVES that think you are better. If that is the case, why don't you get on it and start solving these issues yourself? Why don't you tell us who you are, maybe we can vote for you to possibly be the next worthless Mayor for the Town of Quartzsite? I haven't been associated with that town for long, but sadly, in just the short amount of time I have... it has gone down 150 percent. That place is so corrupt, there will never be any fixing unless there is a complete Revolution. Some of you people belong somewhere else, where you can all cut eachothers throats and live amongst your worthless nasty, very disrespectful, childish, disgusting selves.

  29. Oh, and our comments have to be approved? So, that pretty much says it all right there. I thought this was a blog? Apparently not, if someone can go through and decide what and what not to post. I think you are a bit one sided, that is totally apparent.

  30. What is this "Jeffy" BS? Wow. You people need to get a life! Get off of welfare and all your drugs (street and prescribed) and you would be amazed at what life is really all about!

  31. Why don't you supposed ADULTS start acting like ADULTS and PULL YOUR HEADS OUT? Make yourselves useful and START TURNING THE NEGATIVES INTO POSITIVES. Learn how to work together and make this town a better place for EVERYONE.

  32. With these last four anonymous comments about "drugs" and "hits" and "lines" coming from someone hiding their identity:
    Domain Name (Unknown)
    IP Address ? (Unknown Organization)
    ISP Unknown ISP
    Continent : Unknown
    Country : Unknown
    Lat/Long : unknown
    Language English (U.S.)
    Operating System Microsoft WinXP
    Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; MSN OptimizedIE8;ENUS)

    it occurs to me that this particular "Anonymous" has reason to believe that Quartzsite has a drug problem. Inside information perhaps? Which to me translates into Police Chief Jeff Gilbert not doing his job properly.

    "People in that town don't care about the children. If they did, someone would be getting them a gym or public pool or something for them to keep themselves busy and out of trouble." On this we agree. Money was raised in donation jars and by direct donation to Willpower In./QAC, but it is apparently unaccounted for and the person responsible for the funds and project was promoted to Town Manager and put in charge of the CDBG grant money for yet another promised community center...don't hold your breath on that getting done.

  33. It makes one think, just what is Anonymous smoking, shooting, or shoving up their noise. I wonder if the Town Attorney is advising Gilbert, Taft, and other town staff how to rebut or put a political spin on the free speech to distract from the problems created and are just now coming to the light of day?

    While it takes two to tango, only one person is standing on the dance floor. From what I have seen, if Mayor Foster just gives Taft and the Town Council a blank (gee where have I seen this before) check there will be no problems with the smooth running of the Quartzsite Government. Sounds more like, “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse”!

    Now we are seeing a outright threat (Thanks to You Tube) by Chief Gilbert against anyone that speaks the truth or questions his actions or lack there of. As of late, the citizens of the United States of America are fed up with corruption and over spending by our government leaders and Quartzsite is no different. We are seeing more and more people stepping up to the plate to voice their complaints and offering to help to a stop that so called “Status Quo.”

    How long will it take before the efforts of Mayor Foster to shed light into the dark corners of Town Hall open the eyes of the misguided supports of Gilbert and Taft? IMHO, both Gilbert’s and Taft’s careers are over. While the wheels of justice turn slowly, they are turning and justice will prevail. You can’t fight the truth forever. In the end, the truth will prevail and justice served!

  34. ALL of the above anonymous quotes against the operators of this blog, are QPD and their minions. Jeffy, you suck!!!

  35. I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day about (after hearing that Chief Gilbert refused to make a report again) the “Make No Written Report Gilbert” and just why he isn’t doing what the standard police officer (ever watch Adam 12) across the U.S. does when called out to take a criminal report.

    Now what he said made sense to me and maybe to you too. With the Town of Quartzsite facing upcoming legal action against it because of Gilbert’s actions, could he be afraid that anything he does now will cause any criminal case he is involved with to be thrown out of court or a verdict of NOT GUILTY?

    He (Gilbert) has to face the fact that if he makes a written report that does go to court, he will be called to testify under oath and his credibility already in question will NOT pass the smell test with any jury (remember they would NOT be his drinking buddies or fellow employees). How will the QPD, Town of Quartzsite, much less Gilbert withstand the close scrutiny of being investigated by any legal office when served with court ordered “Discovery”?

    Maybe his mother never taught him that when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember all them lies!

  36. Part 1 of 2

    What is wrong with expecting that your call to 911 will be answered in a timely manner with a respectful Police Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy to protect and serve you as best he/she can? After all are you’re not paying for the bill in your taxes to the tune of over one million dollars?

    “To Protect and To Serve” History:

    “In 1955, a contest was announced in the Los Angeles Police Department's internal magazine, BEAT. The contest involved devising a motto for the Los Angeles Police Academy. The motto needed to be something that would succinctly express the ideals to which those who serve as Los Angeles Police Officers are dedicated.

    The winning entry, "to protect and to serve", was submitted by Officer Joseph S. Dorobek and served as the LAPD academy's motto until, by City Council action, it became the official motto of the entire Los Angeles Police Department in 1963. It continues to appear on the Department's patrol cars as a symbol of commitment to service.

    "To protect and to serve" has become one of the most recognizable phrases in law enforcement. Throughout its almost 50 years of use, it has come to embody the spirit, dedication, and professionalism of the Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department.”
    Just when and where did we get short changed by our town leaders? Is the only requirement to be a member of QPD is that you are drinking buddies, agree to only protect the Towns Elected Elite, or even one or both of the big money brokers in town? That is the feelings of many residents of Quartzsite and their arguments do show some merit in some cases. But this stains the good QPD Officer that believes in “the spirit, dedication, and professionalism” that comes when they placed their shield upon their chest!

  37. Part 2 of 2

    Where did we (or those who hired him) go wrong with Jeff Gilbert? Is there a secret agenda behind the refusal of our Chief of Police and QPD Officers in NOT taking written reports of complaints from the citizens of the Town of Quartzsite? Now take the time and follow what my friend has disclosed to me when you DON’T take written reports.

    For years the FBI has kept statistics on ALL related criminal activity in the U.S. Now if QPD fails to take and place the criminal reports on the record a true picture of the problems of Quartzsite can’t be mapped and action taken. Further, if you are a wife, lover, girlfriend of some jerk that loves to beat up on you, not having a police report can delay or even stop you from getting a restraining order against the bum.

    How about the guy that gets his property stolen. Just how is he going to get his property back without that police report that has the What, When, Where, and descriptions of property and/or even suspects? I don’t know of any insurance company that doesn’t require a police report before they reimburse someone for insured items stolen!

    If you need to take a neighbor to civil court for destroying your property or any number of issues that fill our civil courts today, you need a police report to back up your complaint. If you live in Quartzsite, you are going to find yourself S.O.L. when it comes to Chief Gilbert. Can it be said that we fail to have a true professional experienced leader of our police department? From what I have heard, seen, and experienced, I couldn’t put up any defense for this man.

    It has been reported that Chief Gilbert has conspired with the La Paz County Sheriff so that if QPD refused to take or make a report, NO Sheriff’s Deputy will respond or take any reports from the residents of Quartzsite. Not even if it is from the Mayor himself! In a nutshell, this gives Chief Gilbert the power of life and death of anyone living in Quartzsite. We have already seen cases of his abuse of power and now this!

    At $82K per year with the perks and bonus checks, I for one feel that we are not getting what we are paying for. If you can’t provide professional un-biased uniform service to ALL the citizens/visitors of Quartzsite and not just to the selected privileged, then you should NOT be wearing a badge and calling yourself a police officer. You dishonor those that have died in the line of duty that served proudly for the high morals of “To Protect and To Serve”!

  38. May 12, 2009

    Dear Ms. Harris,

    This response is in reference to your complaint dated April 22, 2009 for a call for service...As I explained to you in detail during our conversation, not all calls for service are documented in written reports...

    Jeff Gilbert
    Chief of Police
    Quartzsite Police Department

  39. This policy of not documenting has been going on for a very long time and I have an entire box full of proof. "Crimes" that were responded to, but not reported. Or in the case of the warrant less search at my residence 2 years ago, report falsely and in direct contradiction to the photographs taken of the incident and the report filed by the county!

  40. There are NO GOOD OFFICERS at QPD. IF there are, prove it! Name one that has stood up to Jeffy. They are all in on it!

  41. I think you have heard what Chief Gilbert has been alleged to have done to Mike Roth and the issues related to the voters he registered. Could you simply imagine what Gilbert would carry out if anyone identified the good honest QPD Officers? More and more people are turning on him and the Town Council as shown by the recall signatures.

  42. Why then don't the so called good honest QPD officers identify THEMSELVES, simply by doing the right thing when jeffy tells them to do the wrong thing. I'll tell you why, because they won't. They have no balls, and shit rolls downhill. When a Chief of Police is willing to violate your rights, the officers underneath him takes that as standard operating procedure. There are NO GOOD COPS at QPD!

  43. Right now, I think the officers who want to do the right thing should post evidence to wikileak and give information to FBI public corruption;

    That way their identity is protected until Chief Gilbert's arrest or termination.

  44. "Chief Gilberts arrest", has a nice ring to it!

  45. What rock have some of you people crawled out from under? QPD units have been taking their patrol cars home to Parker if they live there for years, this is nothing new. As far as a patrol car being in Phoenix, DUH they go to training alot in Phoenix, court ect. As far as the car parked at walmart how do you know he wasn't in Parker for Court and went to walmart on a lunch break? Big flipping deal you people have far more important things to worry about then officers taking patrol cars out of town.
    How about the last storm that blew through La Paz knocking down several poles and power lines? How long were you idiots without power? Where was Mr. Emergency Management? Why dosen't QTZ have a shelter to set you up in the 100 plus temps when this happens? Grow up and worry about real drama.

  46. Self appointed Ms. Emergency management, Alex Taft, has failed to comply with Federal mandates for a Town Emergency plan, despite being reminded in public at the Town Council meetings that that is her job. But why would we expect her to care about overheated citizens when Mayor Bennett shut down her animal shelter for nearly roasting to death the poor creatures unfortunate enough to be incarcerated there. Current Council members gave her free rein with the shelter to reopen and do it again, without passing any building inspection. Yes, Quartzsite is filled with "drama" and "Anonymous" from Lake Havasu...we know who to thank for it!