Monday, July 12, 2010

THE Quartzsite blog...that even the haters can't stop reading

Happy six month anniversary to the Quartzsite blog that isn't afraid to take on controversial issues.

Wow, in exactly six months (as of this morning), this tiny little corner of the blogosphere has had over 7,000 visitors! It just goes to show that people want to know what's really going on, even if it isn't pretty.


  1. The "haters" are definitely reading...I received an email a couple days ago from Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear and it seems she's pretty upset about allegedly losing advertisers because of her actions being made public on this Quartzsiteblog and by me at the council meeting. My personal opinion is that she's a hypocrite and I hope that she loses them all for what she has done and printed in her publication. I am boycotting all advertisers that are in her paper, and I hope others will do the same. If the Desert Messenger loses advertisers because of Rain's personal relationships with Taft, Gilbert, Winslow, Deena Blythe or whomever she chooses to associate with, than maybe she's just getting back the karma she's due for relentlessly defaming Ed Foster, his "Mineshaft" publication and the Citizen's Coalition, and printing potentially libelous statements by others in every edition.

  2. Seriously? She did? Ms. Goldenbear sure didn't try and defend her behaviour here on this blog...maybe because there's no excuse for her actions over the last few months. I agree, let's boycot her advertisers!

  3. When you say that you are sleeping with a different girl every night but are caught walking out of the local porn shop with a blow up girl in the bag, its hard to un-see such a picture in ones mind. Kind of looks like Rain says one thing, but got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and will now have to face the music!

    I wonder just how long it will be before Taft & Gilbert join Rain, in a chorus of, “Who’s sorry NOW”! But then again, they don’t have cohabitation prisons that I know of…

    For far too long now we have been faced with employees and elected officials that think that they are above the law and can do as they please. Well it looks like the days of wine & roses are over as the citizens of Quartzsite are lining up to sign the recall & referendum papers. I have heard that they have exceeded over 200 plus signatures on the recalls with more people wanting to sign. The Day of Judgment is coming; soon they will have to pay the piper for the song they called yesterday…

  4. This week we lost a dear friend to a heat stroke here in Quartzsite.He would walk by my workplace every evening from his long treck to the grocery store weary and tired from a days work.We would exchange casual conversations most of the time shallow plesantries. looking back with introspection how lonely my friend was. He spent more than 20 years quietly serving the needs and wants of others at the Main Event his efforts going mostly unnoticed a true unsung hero.The lesson is not to assume our oppertunities of exchange will have more time to happen.Let us share our gifts and caring thoughts with one another now while we have the oppertunity .At any given moment the oppertunity to do so will be lost forever.Thank You Gordie and May You Rest In Gods Loving Hands Never to Feel Alone Again.

  5. Yes, rest in peace Gordie.

    He worked 7 days a week, rain or shine for Norm at Main Event. He was the backbone of that operation. He chose to save his money instead of buying a car, so he walked. He will be missed by all that knew him. I don't believe he had any relatives. Does anyone know what happened to his personal effects?

  6. In referance to Gorden Cook, yes all concerned he did have a family,! a wonderfull man who took him in and raised Gordie as his own son MR. Ed Roskie raised Gordie allong with Robbie and the rest of the family.Some are just finding out the sad news but arrangements will be taken care of by those who are close to the situation.Personal effects are the concern of those incharge of arrangements for Gordie. I did not write my tribute to an old and dear friend to make his affairs public business. Not to worry all is well and in compendent hands.Future plans include a memorial when more friends have a chance to return to Quartzsite.Will post when necessary.Miss Kitty