Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Week's Council MEETINGS! And yes, that's PLURAL!

A special meeting of the Town Council has been called by Town mismanger Alex Taft, for tomorrow, Friday, July 30th at 1pm to discuss approving the application for ADOT enhancement funds for beautification of West B 10 (Main St,) and "Hi Jolly Wayfinding Signage". Not surprising, Mayor Foster wasn't even notified about this special meeting as of close of business today, even though The "Desert Toiletpaper...I mean Messenger" had it posted by 17 minutes after noon, and, the meeting agenda was uploaded to the town"s website .

Why didn't Taft want this item discussed Tuesday night, when the majority of citizens would be watching? Why wasn't the Mayor notified? Why was Foster defamer Shanana "Rain" Golden_Bear apparently notified before the Mayor?

A quick highlight of Tuesday evenings Regular Meeting of the Common Council:

The proposed drastic increase in Cemetery fees, as requested by the Cemetary Board was Tabled.

Taft convinced the Council to borrow another million for expansion of the waste water treatment plant, but the interest rate is only .5 percent!

The budget was approved.(No mention of how much will be paid to Taft's private charity Willpower Inc. for animal sheltering, even though Paw Power is now turning away animals.)

And at "Reports and Announcements" Quartzsite resident Sean Austin, gave a report on the status of the investigation into the statutory rape of his daughter by QPD Officer Josh Starr, to which Police Chief Jeff Gilbert responded that it was a personnel matter that he was not at liberty to discuss...


  1. There are plenty of things in this world that aren't "At liberty to discuss"... Believe it or not, outside of this little town there ALOT of things "Not at liberty to discuss". Now if everyone could be normal then that statement wouldn't exist. But considering the people out there that don't have anything better to do but slander people without all of the facts, then yes, you have to be treated like a child and sit at the kids table.
    TOWN MANAGER ALEX TAFT is having a meeting, holy crap, call the National Guard! Oh wait, forget I brought up the military, you will probably start bashing them to or have some conspiracty theory about how they are trying to personally get to you.
    Anywho, yall pretend like you are educated, why don't you try to act like it. Get all of the facts, THEN flap your gums.
    And for everyone else that reads this, just remember, they edit their video's on this site, so don't believe everything you see.

  2. The Last Great AmericanJuly 30, 2010 at 12:43 AM

    FAIL! Whatever qtown! Rules are rules. You either follow them, or there are no rules at all!!! EVERYTHING is at liberty to discuss when it comes to Quartzsite town government

  3. Q-Town,

    A good observation here is that you fail to bring facts to the table. Just witch videos are you referring to and on what subject matter? Can you factually state just what has been edited and by whom? Didn’t think so.

    What you have seen here are the people of Quartzsite objecting to what they have seen as miss management that borders upon corrupt if not criminal behavior from our Council Members, Alex Taft the Town Manager, and Jeff Gilbert our Chief of Police.

    I feel it is you that needs to do the research beyond your pay grade (or are you one only interested in doing what it takes to keep your paycheck) and face the facts that have caused such an uproar from the citizens of Quartzsite. Many of us have taken the time to research out both Arizona State Law and U.S. Federal Laws and have found clear-cut cases where there are violations!

    The one fact that you can’t place a political spin upon is that Quartzsite is headed towards not only Bankruptcy and maybe even the un-incorporation of the Town of Quartzsite Arizona due to the major civil court actions in the works and those planned. This is not high on my list of things to see happen to a place I have called home for years.

    The one true fact that remains will come when the voting residents and businesses return for the winter months and are made aware of just what has happened in their absence. If you have been following the news and the Tea Party Movement you will have seen that the people of the United States of America are fed up with corruption and miss spending within our Federal, State, and local Governments and are willing to take actions NOW to stop it!

    None of us are on a “Witch Hunt,” but neither are we going to stand by and be “White Washed” by our so-called local Town Government and employees! How can ANYONE when faced with the facts of miss management of our police department not call for a public hearing and review for the termination of Chief Gilbert before the Town of Quartzsite is made more libel for his, IMHO, malfeasance of office and criminal behavior!

  4. Hey Sorensen, why do you assume I don't have all of the facts? Just because I don't publish everything I know, does not mean that I couldn't back up my assertions under oath, with a preponderance of the evidence, or even boyond a reasonable doubt.

    And the videos are embedded from the original sources, just as they were uploaded by the account holders. I include them as a reference source my statements.

  5. Another million for watewater treatment? Gee, why don't we just bring Carr back to finish the job?

  6. Well I am back from having a life and decided to pop in... I still believe you people are insane due to the fact of the videos you have shown on this blog. Yes there are things going on in this town, yes maybe they aren't all good, but I believe you folks are on a witch hunt due to the principal of attacking without cause. I don't know these folks you are attacking personally but I have watched your posts and I watch your goins on in real life. Yall are freakin nuts. Ya drink to much, ya use to many substances and ya watch WAY to much X-files. This probably won't be printed, but I will say it so I can sleep tonight. Our TOWN MANAGER Alex Taft is doing a great job after getting stuck with a crap sandwich. Chief Gilbert is doing a great job dealing with dipsticks. I wish I could be chief of police for a day, you would see a much different town by the next day. I guarantee you would love Chief after I got done, I have alot less patience. All you hippy cry babies and crap starters and drug abusers and alcohol abusers and just plain pediphiles would be gone. Quartzsite has survived for alot of years, more years than you and I. It will continue on whether you like it or not. TOWN MANAGER Alex Taft and CHIEF Gilbert are going to lead us there along with the council we have. Your recall last year was right on the nose, getting rid of that homeless loud mouth Bill Moore was the best thing you could have done. Is kinda funny how he buddies up with the ones that caused his demise. LOL
    Anywho, after yall's liver fails and you OD on your prescription drugs, this town will rock, it already does. Keep this in the back of your pee-pickin-minds, how can someone effectively do their job with more interuptions, unfactual interuptions?
    I honestly can't wait to read in the Desert Messenger that you all are going to prison.
    It isn't a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN. That is the only fact you need to know from me. Actually, more of a promise. Specially when the coalition finds out whos wife Snyder is doing! HAHA

  7. Q, you are sick. Seek help!

  8. Q-Town,

    You have a right to your opinion, your constitutional right to free speech, and you have expressed yourself in more ways than you can imagine with your words spoken here. However, you have failed to bring any facts other than what some people would call, “bringing a dark brown nose to the fight,” as you failed to back up your (so called) friends.

    Let’s look at some facts; under the 1st Amendment we are guaranteed the “abridging of freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The 4th, Amendment grants us, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT be violated, and NO Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    Alex Taft has refused to attend special training from the League of City and Town Managers that are designed to help new and present City and Town Managers understand their limits, responsibilities, and laws that govern their performances on the job. Valuable training to help them maximize their efforts, to best benefit their reflective Cities and Towns, or is this training beneath a fortuneteller? The income from the Snowbirds, venders, and year round residents that have businesses have suffered and we have seen a mass exodus over the years, while Alex Taft’s views in her own words stated, “We don’t care about them, we get all the money we need from the truck stops”!

    As for Chief Jeff Gilbert, just how many people’s rights have been violated under his watch that would have cost him his job on the spot? His total lack of concern over the criminal activities that fail to make the Federal Criminal Stats because of his “No Written Report” policy hurts many victims of crime in Quartzsite. Just try and get a tax deduction, get paid from your insurance company, or get an order of protection if you don’t have a police report? We haven’t even gone to the point that another QPD Officer or La Paz County Sheriffs Deputy could be looking at your stolen property with make, model, VIN/serial number right in sight, and you won’t get it back because “No Written Report” Gilbert has stopped that invaluable report from being taken!

    Q-Town, you will find in time that you have backed the wrong horse in this race. There is a major injustice being practiced here in Quartzsite and the people that live, work, and visit are tired of what we have been forced to endure. We have taken the steps to follow the law, research out each step of our actions to right the wrong. If you have taken the time to read the posts on this site and others you too could find the violations of Arizona State and U.S. Federal Laws. Justice may be blind. However, in the end we know that we will prevail. The Statues of Limitations are longer for those “Under Color of Law” and time is on our side!

    From your post above, one could view you as little more than a one legged blind Indian in a butt kicking contest screaming out as he strikes at the Cholla cactus in front of him…

  9. The "STATUES" of limitations? LOL Just where are those statues to be found? And as to editing videos, just try and tell us that the video of Chief Gilbert at Greaswood Greens, in which he licks his lips over and over and over, looking like a snake, is not edited!

  10. Great, now the spelling nazis are here. I thought Gilbert and his nazis were bad enough

  11. Of course I edited my videos you moron! The entire ugly thing with Jeffy's unlawful detainment and harassment lasted so long I would have had to make it into a four part series in order to get it uploaded because of the immense file size. But you can bet the whole unedited version will be shown in when we get to court (I don't expect the Town's defendants to be smart enough to make an offer to settle...), and I think the long version is actually more damaging to Gilbert and Rodriguez. Jeffy's lizard tongue coming out is like a "tell" in poker. It's how I always know when he's bluffing.

    Anonymous, I don't see you criticizing Rain's pal Star Bear-Cat for adding sound effects to that anti coalition video. At least I've never added in something that wasn't in the original!

    And yes, there are "statues" (plural), because federal violations can have different limitations than state violations for the same crime. Google it...

    Oh, and Q Town Defender, I think you must have been exposed to some chemical weapons over in Afghanistan, you post like you have brain damage. And you do know Jeffy and his cohorts despite posting that you don't, because you met with him/them before testing Bennet's water...but you sure don't know me. My liver wont be failing any time soon, because I don't "abuse" anything besides green tea and chocolate. How about you just hold your breath until Rain writes about my gong to prison. Unlike Jeffy, I have clean hands and nothing to fear in either civil or criminal court.

  12. Excellent! Now you know how it feels to have bullcrap accusations made against you and you didn't like it sissy's. Yall sit and do it all day long cause you were givin the right to, not cause you earned it. And Snyder, you are a poser that hasn't provin nothing. Wear a girl scout cover, cause your cover you wear now is a bullcrap joke. So you can sit and promise Foster his Recall, but it don't mean nothing. You will take some good council members out of office trying to load your Hitler team.
    For everyone else that reads this, our town government busts their butt to help this town and the folks that live here. Don't listen to these moron's... They are just pissed cause they have nothing better to do than cry a tear in their beer.... Or crack pipe.... or paint can.... Whateva....

  13. BTW, I think we should start a pool to guess who Snyder is doing? Since we are a big family, we should win some bucks on some Coalition heartache! HHAHAHAHA

  14. I just hope that you folks can see how some of these people are that post on here. They hate our government. They hate to see us happy. Yes, the town can't make everybody happy, and yes, if you break the law then you will have the local PD banging on your door. I have faith in this town and we have all seen this town go through alot of changes, good and bad. But I promise you, the folks running this town right now are not only trying to get us out of this hole, but trying to make this town a better place.
    Now if anything should prove to all you readers out there that some of these writers on here are full of nonsense should be the simple fact of how they have labeled me. They accuse me of being someone that I'm not, now I am being accused of being in Afghanistan? LOL
    Son, if I was ever in Afghanistan it was back when they were fighting with sling shots and spears. I assure you that up until the government required you to have a passport or a border crossing card, Mexico is about as close to a foreign land I have ever gotten. Plus I am a lover, not a fighter. (Guns scare me)
    Now sit back in your puter chairs, take a deep breath and really reflect on some of the scuttle butt that has been presented to you on this blog, it will all start making sense. Some of these folks are simply Anti-Quartzsite. It is supposed to be a beautiful day today, get out and enjoy what the town of Quartzsite has to offer, just plain good people.

  15. Qtown, get a life, really. Only people with mental disorders post three times in a row. You need professional help. BTW, what does the town of Quartzsite have to offer today? There are no businesses to shop at.There are only a couple restaurants and they get old fast. Movies? NO! Health club? Nada! Swimming pool? Stolen! But we've got lots of gas stations, such high paying jobs that they are. Yep our government has done a FINE job here. Wake up you ignorant name calling fuck!

  16. Really Q-Town, you just proved that nothing you have ever said can be trusted. "Guns scare me"? Never been to Afghanistan? I Guess you may have brain damage after all, because you forgot that your avatar is a kitty with a machine gun. Talking about Snyder's "girl scout cover" is a dead giveaway to your military service. I ought to know. A civilian would have just called it a beret.

    Sidebar: Most people know that the "Green Berets" are Army Special Forces. A black beret signifies Army Airborn Ranger. Snyder's maroon beret signifies that he is jump qualified, and belonged to an airborn unit, as signified by the flash (patch on the front).

    All this talk of sniffing paint and smoking crack pipes from someone who posts from an ip address that logs on over and over, all night long when normal people are sleeping? It just sounds like validation that Chief Gilbert is too busy harassing people for their politics, instead of cleaning up illegal drug activity.

    Oh, and Mr. Sorensen, using your "cohort's" computer doesn't fool me. And changing the settings on your NySpace account to private doesn't hide what I saved to my hard drive.

  17. Q-Town,

    After reading your comments, it looks as though you are still kicking that Cholla. It may help your arguments if you took the time to patch the holes in the pot you’re trying to use to hold your fact less statements in.

    It is time for you to leave home and take control of you own life and not let others lead you by the hand and do your thinking, because if you did, you would have seen that it is because we love your country and the Republic created for us over 234 years ago that we are so willing to legally fight to keep it. If you can’t see for yourself maybe you don’t deserve the freedoms and rights granted you under the Bill of Rights and our Constitution!

    Many brave man and woman have taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and have died keeping that oath. IMHO, you do those that have paid the highest price for your freedoms an injustice here with your comments.

  18. For starters Go Away what's your face? You probably live in Blythe, only fags come from Cali. Secondly, there is alot to do here in the off season, like meeting the great people that live here year around. You don't always have to pay to have fun, which I am sure Mexico is VERY thankful to you, ya gave them the funds to pay their coyotes.
    Now AR, I watch the military channel to so I know what the beret's represent. Now when you are a REAL soldier it is a cover, so you proved my point, Snyder wears a beret while he does at least one of the coalitions wives. Now the police will get rid of our drug problem, so you may as well run while you have the chance. I don't know how computer literate Sorensen is, but I can bounce my IP off any node in the world. If you were good you could at least tell me what my network provider is, but you aren't. I don't need anyone else to help me with anything, I have my own network. I wish I believed in defensless killing and didn't respect the law so much, I would Hiroshima your puter and laugh when you called me to fix it.
    Just playing "I wanna be a hacker" is VERY dangerous in this world and that you are VERY lousy at it.
    So go sell more junk, talk more shit, and smoke more dope. Really can't wait to watch your door get kicked in and you hauled out in chains you wanna be special forces operative cook. I am still looking forward to the coalition husband finding out that his wife has been deflowered again by Snyder, so my cover is off to him, the others never got another shot.

  19. My cats breath smells like cat food.

  20. Now that is five posts, I must be REALLY crazy. LMAO

  21. Ah crap, I have one more post. I dare you to approach Sorensen with your accusations, from what he told me, Chief and Paul told him what was posted about what you said about Tena on this slander channel. Only crappy thing about that is the only one leaving in cuffs would be Sorensen. That is six posts, I must be nutty as a fruit basket! HAHAHA In a row even, exit stage left said the pink panther.

  22. Sometimes hearing the truth hurts. In some cases people like Q-Town blindly strike out at anyone and everyone, but the people that need to be struck down by the vote and if not then, by the rule of law!

    While I’m making my statement without a stimulating cup of hot coffee, I have more respect than to enter this forum/blog under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and make a vengeful childish outburst.

    As I have said, the wheels of justice may be slow, but they are moving and now Recall Papers have been pulled on La Paz County Sheriff Lowery. It is moving fast and people are asking for copies (Shouldn’t be hard after Sheriff Lowery ordered his dispatch & Deputies NOT to respond to help the residents of Quartzsite) to help get voters signatures.

    Who is next, County Attorney Vederman? Now how is Quartzsite’s Chief Jeff Gilbert going to run interference for the criminal actions like QPD Officers Josh Starr, when there is a credible County Attorney and Sheriff in place that will protect the Quartzsite residents by enforcing the law and not the whims of a buddy.

  23. I think that Q-Town Defender was assigned to guard Saddam's cache of chemical weapons and forgot his gas mask!

  24. What's wrong with Blythe, Q town dumbass? That's where we got Deena from. By the way, is she still doing Jeffy Gilbert? Wait until HIS wife finds out. The coalition is nothing compared to all the sucking and f@#*ing that happens in our town govt.

  25. I'm not afraid to approach you Sorenson/Q Town kitty. Last time I saw you in Silly Al's I stared directly at you, and you looked me right in the eye before you slithered away. Had the chance to confront me in person instead of hiding behind this blog, but I guess with only your intellect for didn't have the courage. No gun no guts I guess LOL! Make all the "bullcrap accusations" you like because I'm a big girl and I can take it. Won't go crying for sympathy like Rain, every time someone doesn't kiss my mile wide ass. The truth will prevail. My friends and supporters know I am a person of integrity. I am PRO QUARTZSITE! It's why I've put up with so much abuse from the Town and County in order to serve this community all these years. It sure isn't the money that brings me back. Quartzsite's economy has been on a downward slide for seasonal vendors, about 8 years or so now. I love this place and won't be run off, like so many other business people. DW has a point - next time, try showing up here with FACTS Q Town pussy. Oh, and I meant Iraq, sorry...Afghanistan was on tv when I posted and I guess it was in my subconscious.

  26. Oh I am sure you didn't have the balls to say anything to Sorensen if you were looking at him eye to eye. He isn't as tolerant as I am. But anyway, let's get away from him. I read Rains artical today in the paper and god damn it, She pretty much summed up every point I tried to make without all the senseless rambling. Thank you Rain, I just don't have the way with words.
    Now, back to you Vigilante, if you have the guts, start your shit with Sorensen. Like I said, I DARE you. I am sure you will wind up in Gilberts custody.
    You will anyway, either in a body bag or in cuffs. That is the only fate you drug bunny's have. Yes, alcohol is a drug.
    Now, you are just proving my points, you REALLY don't know who I am, you are guessing, just like you do with all your bullcrap about the people trying to make this town better, which doesn't include you or the coalition. Recalling Bill Moore was the single act that they have done was right.
    Now it isn't my fault that you people are so bored and uneducated to attack people that are innocent. This is a GREAT town, and you people have nothing better to do like Rain said. We could be so close, we are stuck together for 365 days a year.
    Foster won't tolerate you either when you turn on him. I don't think Foster will tolerate Snyder doing a coalitions wife. But that is just my opinion, regardless if you are going to get him his recall.
    This is great though, you just keep showing your readers that you will print stuff about crap you know nothing about.
    I realize you weren't loved enough, or kissed enough, or givin enough tit.
    I am going to go Jerry Springer and say "If you can't be apart of the solution, quit being part of the problem".
    I am sure I will think of more to say later, TV always gets my brain working. LOL

  27. Q-Town Defender, Your network provider is TDS.
    and your most recent post was from:***
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  28. What happened to q def? Nothing to defend anymore or have you seen the light?