Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sheriff Don Lowery to join Sam Vederman in La Paz County recall

Text from the recall petition:

*Sheriff Lowery does not have the experience, management skills or budget preparation to carry out his position.

*Lowery has shown unwillingness to work with the Board, County Manager and Finance Department.

*Lowery appointed Under Sheriff Paterson, with compromised managerial skills, fiscal understanding or ability to communicate with key figures in county government.  Paterson has micro-managed personnel to the point that moral is at its lowest.

*Lowery has shown an inability to make command decisions because of his lack of knowledge of the position and what it stands for.  Continuously “unavailable” for key decisions and issues needing to be resolved

*Lowery moved or kept personnel in key positions that do not deserve or belong.

*Lowery filed a frivolous law suit against the Board.  Paterson did not follow proper procedures in obtaining legal council resulting in unpaid attorney fees.  This is a flagrant misappropriation of funds and tax payers money.  Decisions to obtain legal counsel was pushed through by Paterson, but was ultimately Lowery’s decision.

*Continuously allowing agency staff to drive county assigned vehicles to Havasu daily.  This is a flagrant violation of county policy and procedure and waste of taxpayers money.

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  1. How can anyone retain the office of Sheriff in and for the County of La Paz by the dealings by Sheriff Lowery? It has been documented and now part of the distressing history of La Paz and the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona. Town Manager Alex Taft even read at one of the most recent Town Meetings to the residents present, Sheriff Lowery’s statement that the Sheriff’s Department will NOT act in response to any request for help, NOT EVEN for the Mayor of Quartzsite.

    Right now, take a little time and examine exactly what this means to you, your spouse, or even your children (Yep, I’ve seen them little people running around too!). Reminisce; we have a Chief of Police that doesn’t believe in the “Written Police Report.” After all if there isn’t a “Written Police Report,” it didn’t happen, right?

    A former Quartzsite Chief of Police upon receiving a “Statutory Rape” complaint TOOK ACTIONS! Officer Kirk D. Peterson was investigated for “Statutory Rape” of a 12-year-old girl that turned up pregnant in 1998. The “Written Police Report” was taken, investigated, and charges filed. In 1999, former Police Officer Kirk D. Peterson (now convicted child rapist) was convicted on two counts of unlawful sexual contact with a minor and started his 16-year prison sentence. Upon his release from prison he will be labeled a “Sexual Predator” and required to register as such for the rest of his life!

    Now comes along Chief Jeff Gilbert with a call to report the Statutory rape (2009) of an underage minor (age 15-16) by QPD Officer Josh Starr (age 25). It was reported that Chief Gilbert refused to even take a written report (However, the Step-Father was arrested!) and only after outside pressure did he even start to undertake any action. Remember, NO “Written Police Report,” it didn’t happen, right? We won’t even go into the reported E-mail love letters, QPD Officer Josh Starr picking up the girl in his Police Car WHILE-ON-DUTY, or even the report that he took the underage girl to Kalifornia in a QPD Police Car while on duty.

    What are you going to do when you are told by the Arizona Attorney General’s office to take it to the next level to report the rape of your “UNDER AGED” child, but because of the buddy, buddy association between Sheriff Lowery, County Attorney Vederman, and Chief Jeff Gilbert you can’t even go to the Sheriff’s department to report as heinous a crime as the rape of a child, even if a Law Enforcement Officer was the scum sucking low life that committed the criminal act.

    We have the power to “Recall” County Attorney Vederman and Sheriff Lowery. However, you can’t “Recall” a Chief of Police that refuses to conduct criminal investigations, impedes criminal investigations, and/or obstructs a U.S. Citizens Rights to “Due Process” of law. What we can do is document, report, and demand that he be held accountable under the laws of the land even if he refused to due his duty!

    The one thing that County Attorney Vederman and Sheriff Lowery of La Paz County have going for them is in the fact that if recalled, they only lose a job. However, if Chief Gilbert loses, he goes to prison and has to pay for the civil judgments against him. The real down side to all of this comes from the fact that the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona will be stuck with the larger part of the judgment against Chief Jeff Gilbert.

  2. Recall every single one of the bastards. Where do I sign?

  3. First-class Police Officers will maintain records, recordings, and even video to protect them when they have stupidvisors in charge over them, that have commit criminal violations. I believe we have several good quality Police Officers that have had their careers in Law Enforcement threaten to prevent them from taking the proper actions.

    The “Big Question” is, just who will be the 1st to take their proof to the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office and/or the U.S. Attorney General’s Office for complete immunity from criminal prosecution and prison time? Faced with the alleged allegations of Chief Jeff Gilbert and several of his QPD Officers, I’d turn in my badge before I had my repetition destroyed.

    It is just a matter of time before one of his own will have had enough and does the right thing in the name of justice and turns “States Evidence.” Personally, I don’t think Chief Jeff Gilbert is worth doing any prison time over, much less losing a wife and children. Just how does a kid hid the shame when it is found out that his or her daddy is in a State or Federal Prison System because of being a bad cop only because he kept quiet?

    In time will the Town of Quartzsite be known as the Town that had a Police Depart with more bad cops than good and had to be totally disbanded because the citizens could no longer trust the men and women hired to protect them and their property? “You have a good record of experience and education son, but we can’t hire you because you worked for the Quartzsite Police Department”!

    I’m sure that each of you that live here in Quartzsite have heard someone (even when you are in another state) say, “Quartzsite, that’s the place where one Mayor hired a hit man to kill the other Mayor”! What’s next? “Quartzsite, isn’t that the town in Arizona that has a problem with their police officers screwing children”?

  4. I for one am thrilled to see Lowery's head on the chopping block. Twice I have tried to file a valid criminal report with LPC Sheriff, only to be told, "we won't take a report against a county employee" and "that report isn't going anywhere." However, I plan to subpoena witnesses, and I can document my assertions way past 51% for the judge or jury. Looking forward especially to getting Jeffy on the stand.

  5. DW,
    I hate to burst your bubble but there are no good police officers in Quartzsite. A good police officer would have stood up to this corruption a long time ago. The sooner you and the rest of Quartzsite realizes this the sooner we can fix the problem. Cops have a looong history of covering for and covering up illegal cop activites.

    These stupid corrupt Quartzsite cops will go down with the ship!

    And to respond to your last paragraph, what will Quartzsite be remembered for? It will be remembered as a town that killed a good thing. It'll be remembered as the town that killed the golden goose. How do I know this? Because that is what people are saying about it now. And it will definitely get worse before it gets better with this group in power.

  6. Vigilante Vendor,

    The small fish in the (La Paz County) pond won’t notice until it is too late that they are the dinner of the bigger fish. Thanks to the Internet one can spend a long time reading up on the Case Laws that applies to Chiefs of Police, Sheriffs, Attorneys, Judges, Councilmen, Mayors, Congressmen, and Senators have found that they are NOT above the law.

    Take the time to look up the Case Law on such subjects as, “Obstruction of Justice,” “Color of Law,” “Due Process,” for just a few. Then ask yourself what does Town Manager Alex Taft, Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, Sheriff Don Lowery, County Attorney Sam Vederman, and the members of the Quartzsite Town Council all have in common?

    Elections are coming up in November. Seeing to the will of the many voters out ranks the few politicians that are on they way out of office and facing State and Federal Felony Charges and prison time. Now look at the history of the people in power. They like to sell out their followers (you know, the little guys, employees, friends) as being the bad guys to get lighter sentences.

    The only thing that the above named can do is damage control. However, the truth will stand tall and they don’t have the time or public support to continue with their distortions and propaganda. Time in addition to the law is on our side and in time justice will be served…

  7. Anonymous,

    You are right in many ways on your statement. However, in the real world of Law Enforcement, the good cops try to hang on to provide protections to the people that the political correct wish to punish for not drinking the Kool-Aid.

    The sad part of the History of Quartzsite comes from the people that we look to for the protection of our Constitutional and Civil Rights are the ones that are either breaking them or turning a blind eye to those who are.

    Have they already forgotten their “Oath of Office”? “I swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Arizona against all enemies, both foreign and domestic!” At what point do ones lack of legal action against corruption and criminal behavior taint you as one that is an accessory to the crime itself?

    I personally find it hard to have any faith in Chief Jeff Gilbert when he personally interjects himself and QPD Police Officers in the citizen’s of Quartzsite right to vote and sign “Recall” petitions and violating a U.S. Citizen, keeping him from exercising his rights to petition his local government with grievances.

    How many of you are aware that Chief Jeff Gilbert after being notified that the Quartzsite Prosecuting Attorney dropped the charges against Mike Roth for Disorderly Conduct in the “Interest of Justice,” then went to County Attorney (his buddy) Sam Vederman to convene a Grand Jury to have Roth charged with Disorderly Conduct and Felony Resisting Arrest! Did you further know that Chief Jeff Gilbert and County Attorney Sam Vederman failed to produce the “Letter of Dismissal,” nor did they produce the video evidence? Evidence that would have shown to that Grand Jury what others that have seen that video would label Chief Jeff Gilbert actions as vindictiveness and he himself may need to be investigated for “Abuse of Power.”

    Just where are Chief Jeff Gilbert’s loyalties? He IMHO, goes to extremes to violate a person’s Constitutional and Civil Rights however he refused to take a Written Police Report related to the allegations of another QPD Officer Josh Starr involved in the “Statutory Rape” of a child and the Assault and Battery of Constable Paul Staudt by the former Town Mayor West Huntley not only in front of him but witnessed by myself and others! It looks like Chief Jeff Gilbert’s loyalties lie with the people that are guaranteeing his job and a fat $82K paycheck.

    What should be at the forefront of our entire QPD Officers minds, what happened to the Political Officers, Police Officers, and Military Officers on trial at Nuremberg that said, “I was only following orders.” If they look up the outcome they will find that most of them met the hangman or became personal acquaintances of the prison guards for a long time!

  8. Gilbert, Vederman, Lowery, all must go if real justice is to be served. Matt Newman can go to. As soon as I told him I had filed criminal complaints against QPD, and specifically the husband of the magistrate trying the case he was prosecuting against the psycho that broke into my business and threatened my animals, Neuman immediately dropped the criminal trespass charges stating "I've made up my mind" but refusing to explain his sudden reversal. It's part of the court record. I had a restraining order against Bruce Thibault and even Neuman admitted that Thibault never denied the crime. So another criminal is still roaming the streets...Justice??? Equal treatment??? Equal protection??? Not in La Paz County or Quartzsite!!! The prosecutor's office denied me the opportunity to receive restitution as the victim of a crime! And Rain edited out Thibault's name from my letter to "People's Voice" where I tried to explain to the community why I relocated my business - thus potentially endangering the community. I mean, it's not like she publishes arrest reports or any other real news.

  9. To the writer of this very informative Blog, hats off to you! Although there is work to be done. Don Lowery and his cronies are trying to discredit others in an attempt to cover there ill deads. A suggestion, the recall committee has recently obtained documentation supporting several of your allegations. It would be benificial if you were to contact Joyce. You might be surprized!! :)

  10. Thank you for your support Anonymous. A large stack of documentation, I hear...and we can't wait to see whose names are on it!

    I suggest that you scan it all and upload it to a photo hosting site like Picassa or Photobucket and post the link everywhere for our viewing pleasure.

  11. Has anyone made it to Look and See to see the documents the sheriff's supporters are yelling about. Go people I am serious. Go to Look and See and you will be shocked!!!!

  12. There is too much to post and they might need help. It is simply too much to believe!!!!

  13. You people are such idiots, It dosen't matter who the Sheriff is the Sheriff Department won't take a report against a QPD or PPD officer. That is what DPS is for. Dps will have an officer from a different take the report. This is because QPD, PPD, LPCSO and TPD along with local DPS all work together as Angencies assist other Agencies in many types of calls. This way who ever you seem to think should write the report isn't said to be unbiased. So it's not going to do you any good to recall Sheriff Lowery get your facts straight before you believe anything you her from Joyce. Joyce gets her so called information from her daughter inlaw Tammy who works in the Sheriff Department. The law suit on Lowery is stupid, he hired an attorney using a special fund NOT FROM COUNTY MONEY to get another employee her rightfull raise after being prometed in other words she was doing a higher paying job for the same pay as her old job which one of you idiots would not expect to get the rightful pay should you of been prometed? As far as letting officers take home county cars to Havasu, Duh several of our Deputies teach at the Police Academy in LHC yes they are allowed to use the work vehicle BECAUSE THEY ARE WORKING! And the NTF officers that live in Havasu take home their undercover card NOT PAID FOR BY COUNTY MONEY NOR IS THEIR GAS PAID FOR WITH COUNTY MONEY! They have a special grant that covers all of those expenses. Tammy has her pants in a bunch over nothing she is the drama queen in admin. Maybe the Sheriff should look into how Tammy does her job. Ask why all the warrants are needing to be corrected by her supervisor before they get put in the correct colored file folders, so tell me if there is a mistake on the entry of the warrant can someone still be arrested on that warrant? Do you head hunters get it now? The vip that was released from his duties was passing out recall information while using a marked county vehicle, I don't care what lil miss Tammy or her friiend the hair dresser has to say, they will say what ever it takes to get the former LT Gilbert in the Sheriff seat, and why did Linc resign? Oh those dirty lil unmentionables. Don Lowery is not a politician like the lying Hal was who didn't even know your name should he pass you in the hallway. At lease Don knows his employees. He hasn't done anything illegal. The man is bringing out the truth about what has been brushed under the carpet at the Sheriff's Department for many years, how do I know, I've worked there many many years. So sure go to Look N See and ask Ms Joyce how she gets her information. Her daughter inlaw. Oh and ask the board of supervisors just why there is only 1 deputy in each district. When good ol Judge Drum promised he would change that should he win ofice, um the former police officer sucks as a board member. The only reason the borad is against Don is because they didn't want him in office they wanted their buddy Hal, guess they can make diving appointments or play golf together. Ask Hal why we have no raises in over 3 years, oh sure just what we need another law suit. Do you clowns even know how much a recall costs?

  14. Not as much as keeping them in office!

  15. When you look at the cost of a recall it comes to just a few bucks per person that lives here in the county. Pennies when you count the snowbirds and vacationers in too!

    How about the blunders of Dan Fields stalling the outcome of the slug suit that added millions to the final judgment. NOW THAT COST MORE THAN KICKING HIS ASS OUT OF A JOB!

  16. And who would you rather be in the office of Sheriff?

  17. Hmmmm havn't answered my question above I see. This whole recall crap is about getting a former LT. in as sheriff. All you trouble makers are bff with his wife and him. And you think things will be better. You don't know just how good you have it now.

  18. Hmmm, let me think, Sheriff Paul Babeu is already employed,
    and Sheriff Mack is a little too busy to come back to AZ
    So my question is always; who are the potential candidates?
    Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't know the Lt. to which you refer, but I do know the serious problems that Quartzsite citizens have had with the Sheriff's Dept under Don Lowery's leadership...and I fully support the recalls against both Lowery and Vederman. Wish we could get Matt out along with them. I hope you don't mean Lt. Bagby of the "La Paz County Task Force", as I have serious concerns over AZ forfeiture laws + task force = policing for profit. See, it used to be a drug task force, but was expanded into racketeering, which is ironic, considering that Chief Gilbert is on it and gets a big juicy piece of the seizure pie! I have to agree with Bob Miller of "The Gem" when he stated recently that La Paz and Quartzsite should never have incorporated, and left the state in charge. It's just too hard to find qualified help way out here. Maybe we should be collecting signatures for a ballot initiative to dissolve?

  19. No I wasn't talking about LT Bagby who by the way is not with the task force he is an admin LT now also in charge of dispatch. I'm refering to a former LT Gilbert. Anyway nothing is different as far as the citizens of Qtz not being able to file charges against QPD now or when Hal was sheriff. As I said befor it does NOT matter who the sheriff is. The Sheriff Department will not step on the toes of another department in the County. Don Lowery is the most honest Sheriff this department has had in many years. The old Hal employee's just need to get over the fact Hal lost the election. Things are being done fair now for the first time in several years. Let the man finish his 4 year term and then vot for who you want. And your wrong about NTF policing for profit. The task force has always been more then just a drug task force. Together with other agency's they keep drugs off the streets,and the big fish in rackerteering as you call it in jail where they belong.

  20. Ok I give, What serious problems do the citizens of QTZ have with Sheriff Lowery? This otta be good!

  21. Anonymous you must be one of the county deputies or town cops that belong to the underage mistress club and find nothing wrong with having sex with any underage girl. There is a serious problem with this in Quartzsite and the county and not being able to go to the Sheriffs Department for help is reason enough to remove the man!

  22. Why did Bagby get reassigned from head of the task force to a desk job in July? Did it have something to do with that bust at Copperstate? Cause I was listening to the scanner that morning after photographing you all meeting up at the Q senior center before the bust.And hey Anonymous - how do we know you're not really just Lowery on a fishing expedition to see what your critics really know?

  23. Here we go again you scanner happy people listen to things and think you know the story. Go back to watching cops or ncis or csi that is more your speed. Bagby was reassigned because it was time to rotate someone out of NTF. As far as me being part of a stupid mistress club, WRONG I'm not a cop, I think what Josh did was stupid on his part the idiot should of known better But maybe you parents of QTZ should watch your children better when the hormon's click in, kinda like watch your children around water DUH? Ok Desert Viper here is your lesson today read this over and over till you get it. LPCSO,QPD, PARKER PD all work together assisting eachother day in and day out. None of these departments will take a police report on anther officer for such a crime. That is what DPS is for, so have you made your phone call to DPS to find out if they will do anything? Have you called the County Attorney's office to find out why nothing is being done (according to you)? IT DOSEN'T MATTER WHO IS THE SHERIFF LCPSO WILL NOT TAKE A REPORT ON ANOTHER OFFICER FROM ANOTHER DEPARTMENT THEY WORK WITH. repeat, repeat,repeat till you get it ok.

  24. So what you are saying, if you have a badge and a member of one of these clubs you will watch out for each other even when it involves the rape of a child? You must be one sick perverted person along with ANY cop that protects another cop that rapes children in this county! You go back and read what you have said. I will get more supporters for my cause than you will ever have on this subject. As for Chief Gilbert, his legacy will forever be, “Isn’t that the Chief that views the raping of a child by his cops a personnel matter and not criminal”? You can’t win this one so find a rock and crawl under it!

    This goes way beyond, “Bad Cop, NO donut”!

  25. Can’t think of any better reason to shut down the QPD. Having cops that are child rapist, covering for cop child rapist, or knowing that a fellow cop is a child rapist and doing nothing about it. Any way you look at it they all have dirty hands over this one and how many more have been covered up?

    Are we going to see the day when the recruiting poster for the QPD that says, “Tired of being harassed fore being a pedophile, sexual predator, child rapist, or sexual deviant? Join the Quartzsite Police Department today and you never will have to worry about criminal investigations into your sexual preferences or criminal prosecutions”! Didn’t Chief Gilbert state that this was only a personnel matter?

  26. It's not just QPD...Escorza and Bagby and Lowery, OH MY!
    Can you say, Salome HS? Not just Scholars Academy...what ever happened to THAT internal affairs investigation? Maybe we should ask SGT. Harris-Slaughter.

  27. Wow what rock are you crawling out from under, Joe was cleared on all charges, as they were false. And just what do you have against Bagby? You people are acting as if Josh idiot Starr forced himselfe on this teenage girl, HELLO wake up and smell the coffee, do you really think he was her first? DUH! You people in QTZ need to put down the beer and learn about what teens are and have been into for several years, have you not been watching the news? Teens have been having sex for years. They know all about the birds/bee's and know its against their parents better judgement, do they care? Hell no they don't Over half the teens in QTZ are having sex. Get a flipping clue. Again yes what he did was wrong,stupid and he is and always has been an idiot. He should of never been hired as a cop. Take your complaint to the attorney generals office let them investigate the matter. Maybe they will do right by it. I agree Jeff is another idiot who brown nosed his way up the ladder. File your complaints with the right people, you dorks are going about this the wrong way.

  28. Desert Viper your under a rock no tht is not what I'm saying. NO law enforcement agency that works so close with another ie the Sheriff's office, QPD and Parker PD all in the same County will not take a report agains the other departments officer for sucha crime. Even in Phoenix neighboring agencies don't do that because they work to closly with eachother GO TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND FILE YOUR COMPLAINT! Stop putting words in my mouth. I agree with some of you QPD has only a few good hard working officers, the rest have their nose up Jeff's backside and Jeff didn't WORK his way up the ladder he brown nosed his way up. Stop expecting neighboring agencies to do what you want them to do, it ain't gonna happen. Josh is an idiot and yes should of not dated this girl I'm not a cop I'm not part of any so called club and I don't support officers sleeping with girls under 18 years of age, ya can't put the whole blame on Josh, hello not like she wasn't willing and not like she hasn't done it befor he came along. Good grieff don't parents these days talk to their children, watch their children LEARN WHO they are in contact with monitor thier txting and phone calls? Rape ? No sex with an underage child YES thats what was done thats what is being done day in and day out all over this country. Of course I think Josh should have charges brought up against him. But do it the right way.

  29. Yes "Desert Viper", for clarification's sake, while "statutory rape" is still technically "rape" under the law, we shouldn't let the previous case involving Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell's former son-in-law Kirk Peterson and the 12 year old color our judgment in the present case. It might make it difficult to find a jury to try the current case where this blog could be introduced as evidence for a Change of Venue Motion. We are still presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. While forfeiture laws in AZ have us teetering on a dangerous precipice, our Rep. Grijalva and the other Socialists have yet to codify a reverse onus system. What concerns me in Josh's case is the allegations of a possible Mann Act violation.

    If the law is wrong, or written poorly, then it should be amended, but experts insist that men mature more slowly and Josh is young enough to still be thinking with his "little Josh". Foolish? Absolutely! Illegal and unethical? Yes. But it is a lack of leadership on the part of Chief Gilbert and his malfeasance and dereliction of duty that makes you wonder what else has been swept under the rug.

    "The gloves are off!", as Chief Gilbert stated recently and he has now retaliated against this girls father for bringing the malfeasance to light. Last month, Jeff brought back old misdemeanor charges that had been dismissed because Mr. Austin had a sound alibi at the time, upgraded the bogus charges to a felony and rearrested him. Gilbert had to know that Austin could not afford bail, forcing former Council Candidate Chaunce Hamilton to rescue the poor fellow after a week of incarceration! It is likely that Gilbert's pal Vederman will dismiss the charges without prejudice, so that Austin will find it difficult to sue for wrongful arrest. However, Jeff Gilbert has a bad habit of hiding "the whole truth" from the Grand Jury" - and yes, I can prove that statement, "so help him God."

  30. Lets get down to basics here. Josh Starr was a “Commissioned Police Officer” that had attended and passed his training in the Laws of Arizona as well as many of the Federal Laws that he would come in contact with. This in a nutshell spells out that Josh Starr knew that he was committing an Arizona and Federal Felonies under the Law!

    It is the duty of all Police Officers to protect and defend, NOT BREAK ANY LAWS THAT THEY WISH! He had full knowledge of what he was doing and should NOT have allowed himself to take advantage of ANY underage girl. You can’t justify or offer up as a defense that if a 9 year-old girl is turning trick for pay that you can’t bust the 45 year-old pedophile because he was only helping her earn her college money?

    As for Chief Jeff Gilbert, he has destroyed his own career as a cop and can blame no other person than himself! For the rest of his life ANY Google search will pull up his statements, videos, and what many will see as an unqualified cop making such a fool of him self that they would never want on their police department. Threatening the Mayor in any other city would have gotten him suspended and/or fired on the spot!

    Now if you are talking about any court case that Chief Jeff Gilbert is involved (and any civil case he may file) with or called to testify, he has cut his own throat and will taint any jury. The Town Council, especially Barbara Cowell should know that Chief Jeff Gilbert is spoiled goods and should be thrown out with the trash before he cost the taxpayers of Quartzsite any more money, IMHO!

    For you “Anonymous,” for years before I moved here and since, the practice of the Governor’s Office and the State Attorney General’s Office (because of that one Mayor paying a hit man to kill the other Mayor, you remember that) is to act as though Quartzsite isn’t in the State of Arizona. Chief Jeff Gilbert under estimated “Public Opinion” and since he called the tune, he will have to pay the piper along with all the property owners in Quartzsite before this is all over with!

    PS: It should be a very long line that will testify against Chief Jeff Gilbert, I know I will!

  31. "Anonymous", I know that Joe was cleared, I was referring to his testimony that Lowery sent Bagby to instruct Joe close the case and his testimony that Lowery would not to act to protect the girl. Also that Karen gave Joe a friendly heads up to back off for his own good. Why do you think that a peace officer trying to protect a high school age child from apparent abuse (with photographic evidence of bruising and an apparent case history)would not be taken seriously by his superior, Don Lowery, then wrongfully persecuted himself? I'm just looking for another perspective on this. Escorza's testimony was quite provocative!

  32. Which case was this about the Josh Starr case?
    If so as I explained neighboring agencies can't take reports as such because these officers work too close to each other and are friends off duty, that is why the Attorney General needs to cunduct an investigation.
    Or is this a different case?
    Have you called Sheriff Lowery and inquired why?

  33. Thanks to Jeffy's constant harassment, I have to be "scanner happy" and will remain so until something changes. What I do know, is that units from outlying Phoenix area Cities were in town that morning - did they share in the profits??? I also know it was reported the task force spent 18 months investigating that guy, so they must have known there were no weapons on drug dealing (just cigarettes), which begs the question - why did they need that many officers if not to spread the wealth??? I know that they wanted to confiscate his dogs too, but a relative stepped in.
    And my beef with Lowery is over the investigating officer being instructed to inform me that despite the 911 call and video evidence substantiating that Jeffy assaulted my husband, our report would not go anywhere! The Sheriff IS the authority over local police and everything else in his county. Just ask that Sheriff Mack guy!!!

  34. If you read my comment carefully "Anonymous", I was referring to the Salome case, not any of the other cases. Read Escorza's internal affairs testimony.

  35. There was no investigating officer thats how much you scanner happy people think you know. Lowery had an officer tell you your video would not go anywhere, Grow up and accept the fact that neighboring departments will not take a report against another department! What part of that don't you get Vigilante Vendor?
    Call the attorney general's office and see if they can take your case or find a department that doesn't work in the same county as ours to do so. The Sheriff Department WILL NOT over see QTZ PD in something like this. NO AGENCY WILL ie Kingman PD has charges against them Mohave County will turn it over to DPS to investigate. It doesn't matter who the Sheriff is, it just won't happen. There was a reason to have Police from an outside the Phoenix area if it bothers you so much call and inquire with the head of task force as to why. Just what profits are you talking about?
    Most of that traffic didn't even go over the scanner and what did was scrambled so people like you can't assume you know what is goig on. If you don't like the way this County is run then leave go live somplace else where you and your husband can act like jackasses with your tape running thinking you found a pot of gold. Get real. I agree Jeff isn't the right person to be Chief, but your husband was not assualted you know it as well as the rest of us, which is why you don't have the balls to contact the attorney general. YOU DON'T HAVE A CASE.

  36. Is the testimony public someplace?

  37. I can only see one of two options here when it comes to the tree hugger type responses from anonymous. One, he/she is failing at trying to deflect public opinion away from, IMHO, the out right criminal activities of Chief Jeff Gilbert and the police officers under his command, or two, they have NO idea of just what has happened here and that in many cases the victims have a better understanding of the law then our own QPD.

    Once the case is laid at the feet of the news media Chief Jeff Gilbert, Sheriff Don Lowery, County Attorney Sam Vederman, and the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona will be the talk of the Nation for years to come. Funny how that all works out. One way or another they will pay for their criminal activities as God works wonders when it comes to justice.

    So Anonymous remember this, out there is some young Prosecuting Attorney waiting to just the right case to place him or her into the big seat as Attorney General and the corruption in La Paz County under the “Color of Law” is the mechanism that will put them there.

  38. LMAO you would be dumb enough to settle fot a new attorney right out of school trying to make a name for his/her self. I can't speak for Jeff Gilbert as I don't think much of him as a police chief, I have how ever known Don Lowery for over 12 years that man has never done anything illegal. Your complaint is all about your whinney ass not accepting the facts of why La Paz County will not step on the toes of another agency in the same county. I'm betting you or one of your cronies called the attorney general and they laughed you off the phone, just like the peopleof La Paz are going to laugh Joyce and her know it all daughter in law out of Parker.

  39. Don Lowery has not committed any crimes. Are you kidding me? Covering up felonies is a crime, and that's just since he's been Sheriff. By the way, some of us have known him for twenty years and know exactly how and who he is. Oh and the reason he didn't get involved in the Chief Gilbert thing is the obvious. I mean come on he visits Gilbert all the time they are friends. Don Lowery is a good ol boy, who still believes you go after the ones you don't like and protect the ones you do.

  40. You may think Lowery’s shit doesn’t stink, but his farts give him away! If you were a victim like may people have been you would have a good reason to look deeper into the claims made here. It is obvious that you are a close friend or just another spin-doctor applying your trade. However, Sheriff Lowery has stepped on a number of state and federal laws.

    As far as your comment about a new attorney, we need someone that isn’t a member of the local La Paz Cesspool Club that can’t be bought off or in fear of losing their job to bring justice back to our county. I have to agree that any cop that allows a fellow cop to break the law is just as dirty and will someday have to pay the price too!

  41. Blah blah blah, show your proof of so called crimes Sheriff Lowery commited, and the good ol boy's club left with Hal. Tell me who do you have in mind to be Sheriff? And what ever Tammy yacks to her mother in law is b.s. as an unhappy employee she should just do her job the right way oh but that would mean not having to have it checked day in and day out by her supervisor still after 2 yrs.

  42. It is not up to me whom will be the man or woman to replace Sheriff Don Lowery. If arrested, the Under-Sheriff will take over until Lowery is cleared or the voters of La Paz County replace him by recall or the next election. One thing is a fact and that is his only support in Quartzsite is coming from Town Hall and the QPD.

    As for your demands for evidence in this blog, build a bridge and get over it! Any and all evidence will come from the complainants and further Federal and/or State Investigations. This will be presented before a Grand Jury and it will be up to them to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed with all Criminal Indictments. If you are such a good friend of 12 years, he should have explained this to you. However, no one here believes you are as dumb as you try to let on.

    Sad as it is, YOU are one of the many that say, “Don’t confuse me with the facts”! Nothing said here or even in a Court of Law will convince you or change your mind. You are nothing more than an old derelict boat adrift that no one wishes to waist any time to save. Let Don Lowery sit at his desk wondering the, who, what, when, where, and as for the why, he knows the answer to that question. One way or another, you and your buddy will find out the feeling that comes with the “agony of defeat”!

  43. You don't know me from Adam/Eve I happen to be an employee at the Sheriff's Department. And for your information there is no undersheriff. There has not been one since Paterson was let go. You claim Lowery will be arrested for crimes he has committed, what crack pipe are you smoking? You people have your heads in the sand right next to Joyce at Look N See LMAO Thisis funnier then saturday night live.

  44. Now that is were you are wrong, this isn't funny. Just don't bet your retirement on the outcome.

  45. Just me,

    You would have fit like a glove with Jimmy Jones and his followers. It is up to the people to speak/vote, either at the ballot box or in a Court of Law. So go back to the coffee pot and your at-a-boy ribbon you won from Sheriff Lowery and hope that the donuts are fresh. I bet that you are one that would refuse to believe that the Titanic could sink, even when the sea water was up to your ass!

  46. Ouch DW/anonmous did I hit a nerve? Just what am I wrong about? Neither one of you have a clue what your talking about, keep posting your apps at the turck stops they will take pitty on you soon.

  47. Just me,

    The only one being made a fool of is you and by your own hands. You have unsuccessful in your attempts to make Sheriff Lowery the victim here and you are “Without Standing.” I know that this may be a enormous word for you, nevertheless take the time and look it up in the “Blacks Dictionary.”

    IMHO, you have made it quite obvious that you are the one that doesn’t have a clue. But then again, if Sheriff Lowery weren’t concerned, you wouldn’t be adding your valueless comments to this blog spot!

  48. Just got the word that the full Quartzsite town council will be under RECALL! How about the breaking news that 8 officials in Bell, CA have been arrested? Now we can work full time for the recall of the Sheriff!

  49. Dw I am not without standing as you think. Sheriff lowery has done nothing to break the law all this so called information Joyce is gathering for this stupid recall is hear say from her daughter in law who works in admin. And for your information Sheriff Lowry isn't the least bit worried if he gets recalled then he does. But he will fight for what is right and the more of his employees sand behind him then you think.

  50. Since you claim to be a know it all just me, with all the problems that the Sheriff has, has he been working on how he is going to provide police protection to Quartzsite when Chief Jeff Gilbert is led away in handcuffs and the QPD is official shut down?

  51. Qpd isn't going to be shut down, If Chief Gilbert should be arrested the town will apoint an intrim Chief you people are idiots.
    Just me it's just not worth trying to get through to these people. They have their little cell phone cams out and tape part of what is going on and call it against the law, thier back door policing if anything. I also looked into that so call mayor and your right he hasn't made himself a QTZ resident yet. Sheriff Lowery isn't going any place. You idiots would be blown away if you saw the support Sheriff Lowery has in La Paz Counth.

  52. As for just me if the sheriff isnt doing anything wrong they why is it that he walks through admin and refuses to look at or speak to several people in that department? Why is it he refuses to return calls? As for the information gathered maybe you need to keep your mouth shut cuz the proof is there as to this man breaking the law. Why would he want someone working for this depatment when he knows of men that work under him that have had relations with under age girls? Proof you want it well the bank account for this recall can prove the fact we got copied paperwork to back up the wrongs that have been going on at the sheriffs dept. Also just why was Rick Paterson fired or what ever. The people of La Paz County have the right to know and I think that the sheriff and You are running very scared. Your bads are coming out and you all are running. As for the sheriff fighting for whats right he has no idea whats right he has been defending the wrongs so long that he only knows the wrongs and continues to act by this. Maybe you really need to open you eyes to all this so called people that are standing up for the sheriff. How funny you are to hide behind a so called name and say crap. As for the daugther in-law that works for the sheriffs dept. She has big balls to take a stand for the rights of this county YOU GO ADMIN GIRL. THE TRUTH WILL SET ALL OF YOU FREE FROM THIS DEVIL.........

  53. Anonymous, Just what problems do you think he has? If your considering the list of crap Joyce listed on her excuse for a recall, those are her daughter inlaw's problems not the Sheriff. And the Sheriff Department isn't going to provide protection to QTZ thats what their Police Department is for. IF as you say Chief Gilbert gets arrested either one of the Sgts will step in as acting Chief or an Intrim chief will be hired. Get real and go back to watching CSI thats more your speed.

  54. I agree, let the county pay for our police protection, they have been collecting property taxes for years and giving us next to nothing but higher taxes each year. Time for repayment to the taxpayers of Quartzsite and pass the responsibilities of the town court, jail, police, and prosecutor back to the county and save our much needed income to pay off the town debts!

  55. Quartzsite only gets protection when Ponce's crew is on and since Frausto has so many documented warrant less searches without probable's not hard to guess who the interim Chief would be. See what the people want, check the poll results. As for our Mayor supposedly not yet being a resident, you Lowery fans need to stop listening to the torrent of bull spewing from certain Town officials here. Mayor Foster has had a Quartzsite driver's license for almost 4 years now and is a registered voter here as well. But I guess that kind of "evidence" is too letimate to pass muster with current protocol under Lowery. And just try to grasp what Sheriff Mack reminds folks at his seminars; the Sheriff IS the last word for enforcement within the borders of his County! I have no personal preference as to who should replace Don, as long as they abide by the constitution and their oath to uphold it. Integrity clearly has no monopoly on any current political party. All candidates for office in any future elections, recall or otherwise, are welcome to post their platform here!

  56. Just me,

    Get ready for the biggest upset that you have ever seen! The last “Recall Papers” have been officially submitted and are on their way for certification! ALL 6 SITTING QUARTZSITE COUNCIL MEMBERS will be under RECALL!!!

    With their replacement you will find that Town Manager Alex Taft will be fired along with Chief Jeff Gilbert with cause. There will be a full criminal investigation pushed forward and all testimony, evidence, and documents sent before a Grand Jury where called for, be it State of Arizona or U.S. Federal Court.

    There will be a major push to totally disband (and there is growing support) the Quartzsite Police Department along with dismissal (those not charged with criminal charges) of all the QPD Officers. Now look at facts here. If there is NO QPD, the responsibility of Law Enforcement falls to the La Paz County Sheriffs Office!

    Now if you think that can’t be done, “Build a bridge and get over it”! There are civil cases pending and more to come that are related to the QPD, its Officers, and Chief Jeff Gilbert. The town can’t afford the obvious outcomes of these suits and will have to make the cuts to be able to support the settlements that it will be forced to pay. I am sure that in many of the cases, one of the terms of settlement will call for the total shut down of the Quartzsite Police Department.

  57. I have to admit that the QPD must shut its doors for now and removed all the cops! When a cop sees another cop reach into the money box and remove money and doesn’t stop him or report it, he is just as dirty as the cop that rapped the underage child in the eyes of the law and must go!

    As for the BS spin-medic from the Sheriff’s office, if your outright lie was true do you really think that town manager Alex Taft and QPD top cop Jeff Gilbert wouldn’t have had charges brought against Mayor Ed Foster to have him removed? Look how little it took to eliminate Deana Blythe from the election!

  58. How many candidates for the 6 Town Council recall seats will run on a platform of disbanding QPD? Here's an interesting story from Maricopa County:

  59. I know for a fact that there are 3 people of better character that the bums on the council that would do just that!

  60. After reading DW’s comments and benefits for shutting down the QPD and related departments I can see where we could place that money into solving serious problems here in town. You can’t justify having 14 line officers and a Chief of Police that protects his paycheck over that of the people that live here. Sorry, but I can’t understand like DW says, how can you justify the rape of a child by a cop as a personnel problem and not a criminal violation of the law by one that is held to a higher standard?

  61. Hay just me, cat got your tongue or are you busy working on witch deputy is going to be working Quartzsite?

  62. Hahaha if you only knew what I was up to. You shall see soon enough.

  63. What makes you QTZ idiots think the Sheriff Department is going to police your town any different then QPD did? You'll be running around like little rats with your cameras on crying your cases are not being taken care of the way you want them. It will be so fun to sit back and watch.

  64. For one, there will be a new sheriff!

  65. Even the Sheriff's Dept. is no better than our current situation with QPD, it couldn't possible be any worse and Quartzsite would save enough money every year to do some real good for the Town. In the face of armed officers, a camera is the best weapon for justice. If Gilbert was instructing his officers to use their dash cams properly and actually write reports on their "investigations", ah, I mean harassment, we wouldn't need to collect our own evidence. If an officer is doing his job properly, he or she has absolutely nothing to fear from citizens with cameras!

  66. So you are telling us that the sheriff breaks the laws but plans to keep breaking the law?

  67. Don't hold your breath on a new Sheriff. Everyone knows Linc isn't to be trusted around other women and Larry Irwin lies like a rug.

  68. Anonymous what laws has Sheriff Lowery broken?

  69. Wasn't Larry Irwin seen running around with his buddy Gilbert in their new green RANGER uniforms armed to the teeth in Parker?

    As for the sheriff lets keep that surprise for when the grand jury reveals their indictments! Alex, I'll take 20-years in a federal prison for...

  70. How about ARS 38-443? Non feasance in office seems like a pretty safe place to start...

  71. If you don't live in the county one can say you don't have a dog in this fight just me. I think most people here have noticed you have no teeth in your useless bark.

  72. For our readers who are not local, I think "Anonymous" is referring to the source of "Just Me" posts coming from Lake Havasu in Mohave County, not La Paz County.

  73. Hey, isn't that where Jeffy and Sondra Gilbert live?

  74. For your information I do live in La Paz County last time I checked Lakeside 5 is part of La Paz. I have more bite then you seem to think I have lived here for the last 6 months.
    Sheriff lower hasn't failed to perform a required duty or obligation get off the Josh Starr wagon that is a case for the attorney general to look into and I believe AZ Post as well.

  75. ARfighter you maybe you should work your dog a bit more. I'm sure there are more rocks in D3 for you to turn over.

  76. Just me,

    A quote from Sherlock Homes, “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Taking your last post into examination we can place you as a male and a non-parent of a female child. Your deliberate separation of the fact that Josh Starr was a 25-year old Police Officer having alleged sexual (more than a single incident) relations (Statutory Rape) with a 15-year old underage girl while on duty shows a feeble minding attempt at removing the fact Josh Starr was a member of the Law Enforcement community here in La Paz County!

    Any mother would be contacting Lorena Bobbit for her “How To” instruction booklet. A woman’s response would not have been so careless but would have shown outrage! If she had ever been the victim of sexual assault as a child or rape Josh Starr may have never heard the shotgun blast. A father would have just taken him out back and beat the crap out of him before dragging his useless ass before a judge. Now if Chief Jeff Gilbert or Sheriff Lowery had been up front top cops they would have had this complaint resolved by now with a full criminal investigation either exonerating Josh Starr or Kirk Peterson would have had a new cell mate to share stories with.

    I would like to thank you “Just me” for helping me get off the fence and join the movement to collect signatures for the “Recall Petition” against Sheriff Lowery. I will be glad to point people towards your post as an employee of the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office with your views towards child rape when it comes to cops! Your comments should be even better that Alex Taft’s help in getting the needed signatures for the “Total Recall” of the Quartzsite Town Council…

  77. Just what kind of standards is the Sheriff’s Department using to screen the kind of people that work for them? What kind of protection can we expect when it is okay for a cop to rape a child? How far are they willing to go to protect a dirty cop that commits crimes against you when they don’t give a damn about our children? What other crimes are they covering up? Just how far does this go when you have a self-professed employee that makes the statement to get off the Josh Starr Wagon? I would expect them to be driving the team!

  78. ROTFLMAO You can place me as a male? And a parent? You have not a clue. I don't have children and I am no male. I don't codone child rape. This rape law is so stupd the way it's written. To me the rape of a teen since she is 15 is a violent act, Josh didn't commit a violent act he committed a stupid act by dating a 15 year old child. This 15 year old knew what she was doing was wrong, she knew there was a chance they would be found out about as did dumb ass Josh. She wasn't taken into a room or the desert or a motel and held down by force and raped. Yes Josh should be punished for what he did, I would love to see him do time for what he did. But you people refuse to see it has to be investigated the proper way, yes Dumb ass Jeff should of turned him into AZ Post and the Attorney General to investigate along with firing him. But expecting another agency in the same county to conduct an investigagion on an officer that also worked for the county at one time and still worked along side their officers is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! You idiots fail to understand this. Your asking to have Sheriff Lowery recalled for all the wrong reasons. You idiots are not taking this case to the proper place for your investigation. So be sure and print this post and show it to the people you want to sign those stupid recall papers You don't understand the policy and procedure of law enforcement agencies.

    Mrs. Alice Thompson of Parker AZ!


  80. What a great revelation! Is it true that La Paz County Sheriff Don Lowery just cut off police protection and due process of law for the citizens of Quartzsite, Arizona at the personal whim of his long time buddy Chief Jeff Gilbert? I feel personally that this now kicks it up a notch from a simple recall to full criminal investigation by a Federal Grand Jury!

    Lets take a look at just how bad this is from the view of any resident of Quartzsite. We’ll take a case in point that is still on the burner and how this affects all of us. A stepfather finds out that a 25-year-old Quartzsite cop is sexually involved with his 15-year-old daughter. He doesn’t take mater into his own hands by beating the crap out of what we would call a child rapist or even kill him. He does what we are expected to do under the law and tries to file charges against QPD Officer Josh Starr. In comes Chief Jeff Gilbert and refuses to even take a report! What we do know QPD Officer Josh Starr was NOT placed on administrative leave and the charges investigated by any outside agency or the QPD as in the case of “Child Rapist” Kirk Peterson a former Quartzsite Police Officer (who still sits in a prison), but allowed to work as a street cop for almost a full year before he leaves the department!

    So what happens when the stepfather tries to press the issue to have his daughters alleged “Child Rapist” investigated? Well if there’s NO police report taken, No investigation conducted, it didn’t happen right? WRONG! So what happens when the stepfather tries to get his daughters rape investigated, Chief Jeff Gilbert gets Sheriff Don Lowery to order his 911 dispatch and Deputies to refuse to answers any calls for help form anyone in Quartzsite! We do know that the stepfather has been arrested twice and the mother once because they have been trying to obtain justice through the legal system.

    The reason behind our legal system is to give everybody a level playing field before a neutral judge to settle our problems, unlike the old days when we relied on street justice at the end of a rope or the use of a gun. The main gear in the system is the victim’s ability and right to place a complaint through a Law Enforcement Agency that is investigated. If there is a case it moves towards a judge and jury for resolve peacefully. However, it looks that Chief Jeff Gilbert with the help of La Paz County Sheriff Don Lowery have removed any access to the courts and justice under the law. Looks like if you want to stay out of jail, get fined, or have to obey the law, just brown nose Chief Jeff Gilbert and become his best bud and you can get away with murder and you though you lived in America!

  81. Maybe the people of this county should question the background of the recall sheriff Lowery committee. They're good at making allegations, well here are a few facts for you to consider. Joyce Hiatt-Curren age 47 marries an 82-year old man true love right? Tammy Hiatt's husband Daniel Hiatt indicted by a La Paz County Grand Jury for violations of Arizona State Law against a minor

    Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition

    Son: John E. Hiatt Convicted Murderer
    Inmate 087074
    J HIATTLast Name First Name Middle Initial Birth Date
    HIATT JOHN E 11/05/1966

    Gender Height (inches) Weight Hair Color
    MALE 73 168 BROWN

    Eye Color Ethnic Origin Custody Class Inmate / Detainee

    Sentence (yyymmdd) Admission Prison Release Date Max End Date
    LIFE 09/13/1991 LIFE

    Cur. Absconded Hist. Absconded Release Type Most Recent Loc. Unit
    -- -- RECEIVED AT ASPC Yuma ASPC Yuma Cheyenne Unit

    Community Supervision/ Parole Last Movement Commitment Status Status
    N 04/15/1997 ACTIVE

    Danielle Forbis (Recall Committee Treasurer)

    DANIELLE MARIE FORBIS DEFENDANT - D 1 Date of Birth: 02/1974
    Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition

    Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition
    NONE 2 CRIMINAL SIMULATION 07/27/2010 PLEA GUILTY/RESP SENT IMPOSED Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition

    Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition

    Citation Count Description Disp. Date Disposition
    D00014508 1 PRESCRIPT DRUG-POSSESS/USE 05/19/2000 GUILTY

    Let's not forget Messina Gilbert who outed her husband ex Lt. Glen Gilbert for carrying on multiple extramarital affiars with at least 7 women including a female subordinate employed at the Sheriff's office. You outed your husband on FaceBook in a very public way and yet somehow you blame Sheriff Lowery for your husband voluntarily resigning to avoid an investigation. Just because you make up with him it doesn't change the facts that he would still be employed if it hadn't been for the actions that you took in making your private life very public.

    You are now behind the recall so that your husband can run for political office as sheriff. Don't you feel bad that he is now under investigation by the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Board (AZPOST)
    Wednesday, Oct. 20 Charging Board Meeting
    10:00 am AZ POST

    Are the law abiding citizens of this county going to allow people such as these decide the future of law enforcement in La Paz County, I for one say NO!

  82. I find nothing funny about anyone that tries to defend much less justify the actions of any man much less a cop that is breaking the law. But when you try to justify the rapping of a child just because you don’t like the law you are sicker than the cop! As soon as I can, my wife and I will sign the recall papers and I'll try to add more signatures.

  83. Just so you all know, if QPD is disbanded, Law Enforcement responsibilities don't just "fall onto" the Sheriff's office. If the Town of Quartzite wants the Sheriff's Office to be their Police, they will be required to "contract" with the SO. Meaning, the town will have to pay the Sheriff's office for their services.

    Several Municipalities in the Phoenix area contract with MCSO. When the Town of Maricopa was first founded, it had to contract with Pinal County Sheriff's until they formed their own Police Department.

    As long as the Town of Quartzite exists as a Government entity, they must have their own Police Department OR pay the Sheriff's to do their Law Enforcement services.

    The only way that Quartzite would "Fall Onto" the Sheriff's responsibility would be to disband the entire town government and eliminate the municipality of Quartzite. Making it just an "unincorporated area" like Bouse or Salome.

  84. That is a bold face LIE! Sheriff Lowery NEVER ordered his 911 dispatchers or deputies not to take any calls for service from citizens in QTZ. I would like to know just where you got that information. I know for a fact as I work for the department. And Josh's case is being investigated by the proper people, you idiots are just too stupid to accept it is not being investigated by whom you think it shold be.

  85. You DW are an IDIOT, Jeff Gilbert dosen't get Sheriff Lowery to do anything. Sheriff Lowery never ordered any of us to stop taking calls for help from QTZ citizens. Where do you get this crap, oh thats right you make it up in your fat head. You and your so called followers need to relocate to another County or even Country LMAOAYADL

  86. Wow, I just read the post written by Mrs. Alice Thompson regarding Josh Starr. Are you kidding me? The fifteen year old child knew what she was doing? I think you should really think about your comment. I mean, what about a child who gets molested by her father, is she at fault? No she is not! Why? Because her father is manipulating her, just as Josh Starr manipulated and cultivated this young girl. My God, where do you people come from? I can't believe how often this happens in this County? People need to go to jail. I went to Jail in 2002 for D.U.I. I desrved it and took my punishment. Shouldn't an older man who messes with a child go to jail? This is crazy!

  87. Very well put DW, we are having the same problem with the Sheriffs Office. Our Commander and Chief (Don Lowery) covers up everything if it's his buddies. However if he or Joe dosen't like you, your done. Hopefully we will get them out of here so we don't have to work for this nut anymore. Wish us luck, we need it.

  88. No DW it's not true. Sheriff Lowery did no such thing. Ever since I have worked at the department from back in Sheriff Hare's days and even during Sheriff Collet's days when ever any one calls to have LPCSO take a report on ANYTHING because they are not happy with QPD's reports or just flat don't like QPD they have always been told sorry but one agancy will not step on another agancies toes. You would have to contact the Attorney General if your that unhappy with QPD. Stop tryig to turn things around and making Sheriff Lowery look bad because you and a few other vigilanties that think you know everything that goes on at the Sheriff Department don't have a clue of their Policy as is the same for any other Sheriff Department or Police Department that Shares a common city.

  89. I was at the Quartzsite Town Meeting when Town Manager Alex Taft read the letter from Sheriff Don Lowery stating that his Deputies and 911 would NOT take ANY calls from the citizens of Quartzsite, Arizona! That is a fact on record whether you want to believe it or not. Build a bridge and get over it.

  90. Your dreaming, if Sheriff Lowery wrote a letter stating that, there would be a "MEMO" posted in the dispatch center, here is the real fact, DID NOT EVER HAPPEN! Who do you think dispatches the QPD officers to calls for service in QTZ? Duh the dispatch center. Get a scanner and try to follow along. The Deputies do not respond to calls in QTZ limits other then to assist QPD officers. Get your facts straight. LPCSO does how ever respond to La Paz Valley and Rainbow Acres which is County jurisdiction. Keep dreaming up things to make the Sheriff Department look bad, I have to admit it is kinda funny to read what comes out of your head, please do all of us a favor go back on your bi-polar meds.

  91. Infact DW I challenge you on your last post, call dispatch ask them if they are allowed to take calls of service for QTZ citizens. That will be on a taped line which anyone can get a copy of.

  92. So you are misstating facts again to cover up for your so-called boss. Facts are facts and it will all come out via the Recall of the Sheriff. For somebody that has nothing to conceal, you sure are putting up a ponderous smoke screen to draw attention away from the Sheriff. So tell us, just how much of the Sheriff’s budget is getting chewed up by you trying to protect his job?

  93. Your so full of it DW, there is no cover up I just challenged you to prove your so calld facts by asking you to call Central Dispatch and inquire if they are allowed to take calls for service from QTZ citizens, you don't have the balls to even do that, which proves to everyone what a jerk you are. Now your trying to turn things around and accuse the Sneriff of paying me to protect his job? Your nothing but a trouble maker for all the other jerks in QTZ you all need to pack up an go live else where that would bring some peace to the town.

  94. Hahaha anonymous you must be joking, DW would much rather spit nonsense out his mouth then prove to all of us what a trouble making idiot he is. So DW whats in it for you if QPD shuts down, you think then there will be no law enforcement there? Wrong again, wrong about a so called letter written by Sheriff Lowery, if that letter did exist it's public information get a cop of it and post it, you can't do that just like you can't call dispatch and inquire if they are allowed to take calls for service from QTZ citizens because you will then be proven an idiot which we already know you are.

  95. To “anonymous” posted on October 7th talking about the background of the recall committee. I found your blog attacking citizens of this community just awful. Let us talk about the background of the sheriff’s administration and department.

    Larry Kabacki—While a Lieutenant his wife shot a couch over a domestic issue. KILLED IT. Then Sgt. Curt B. Covered it up no charges were filed and he made the deputy change his report.
    As a lieutenant got so drunk at a training day he assaulted officers and urinated in his pants.
    Went off on a sectary to the point of hostile work environment/sexual harassment. Could not recall what was said during the investigation. Got demoted signed a contract to keep his job as a deputy. Now the SHERIFF wants to promote him to UNDERSHERIFF.

    Lieutenant Curt Bagby.--- We will keep this one kind of quiet right now. He is a cover up artist with a WHOLE LOT OF SKELETONS just trying to get out of his closet. To be continued with him.

    Mike Schwab. ---- One of the laziest around. Smoked WEED a felony when he was a cop and was fired for it.
    Is see all the time in Lake Havasu City between the hours of 2 pm and 4 pm when he is suppose to be at work. I wonder if he is on the clock when he is there?

    Joe Escora.--- Proud Papa. Where do we start?
    Had sex with a female snitch when he was in taskforce he was demoted
    Stole and tried to sell ATV vehicles belonging to another agency. Got off because of friends on the board.
    Never showed up to work when he was a DARE officer costing the county thousands in time.
    Missing evidence when he was working there he was removed from there.
    When he was a school recourse officer he had inapproate relationships with several high school girls, placed back on patrol
    Constant evidence and report issues when he was a deputy, covered up by Sergeant Rich E.
    Under this sheriff he was given an investigators slot and now may have a Love Child with one of those high school girls even after told to stay away from her.

    I have been around this department for over 25 years. I was against them hiring Joe when he came from CRIT. WE CAN DO THIS ALL DAY LONG!!!! these facts are all public record and common knowledge. I have seen them while this committee has been out and about.

  96. "Anonymous", quit twisting reality to fit your own warped perception...of course the Sheriff's Office will take calls for service from Quartzsite citizens, BUT THEY WILL ONLY DISPATCH QPD UNLESS JEFFY HIMSELF CALLS FOR BACK UP!!! I know because I called! And another reality check - Jeffy said so himself at the BOS meeting so play back the audio. Alex Taft confirmed it at the town clown meeting, so play back the audio. And in a face to face interview with "the Sneriff", Lowery dodged Mayor Foster's direct question about it not one, not two, but THREE TIMES!!!

  97. If I’m not mistaking, wasn’t Sheriff Lowery the supervising Sargent when one of his Deputies was playing with an underage schoolgirl? Sure looks more like we have a serious problem with local badge-bunnies being little bunnies fresh into their training braw! This could explain why we have such a problem when it comes to Sheriff Deputies and QPD Officers being involved with underage girls with NO proper investigations conducted. Is this now the special benefit package offered in Law Paz County? Not only condoned but permitted like a badge of honor. Why we are offering badges with promotions to pedophiles. In other states they put them in jail!

  98. You guys crack me up. Makes me proud to be an Amerikan! When will we ever learn? We won't because Dan Field and Donna whatshername run this damned show and we are too stupid to put an end to it. Throw ALL the bums out and start over La Paz County

  99. VV your WRONG! Any QPD officer asking for back up gets it.NOT ONLY IF CHIEF ASKS FOR IT, listen to your scanner with both ears. In fact LPCSO units in D2 will head that way for calls which may require assistance without being asked.The rest of you twisted sisters don't have all the facts you seem to think you do. But hey if the recall happens we can be sure Linc Gilbert will be running for Sheriff, you know the one who cheated on his wife since day 1 of their marrige with many women sssshhhhhh (he has a problem, ya know like Tiger Woods) infact one of the women was a former admin employee. Which is why he no longer works for the department. Or Lieing Larry Irwin will run you know the former ntf k9 that burried his kk9 after he found it dead at home, oh then decided to tell his boss Hal who didn't bother to investigate the death of a retired k9. We shall see we shall see

  100. Anonymous said...
    To “anonymous” posted on October 7th talking about the background of the recall committee. I found your blog attacking citizens of this community just awful.
    Gee did you think the recall committee was a mix of Saints and nuns? Just think if Joyce,Tammy an Missi would not of started this mess their dirty lil crap would not of been in print oh well what comes around goes aroud, karma will bite you in the ass every time right Missi?

  101. Wow, you guys just keep repeating the same crap over and over again. Let's see the proof from both sides and let us decide from there. All this crap you keep bringing up but no actual evidence! Post your evidence already! As far as I'm concerned, it's all hearsay!

  102. Ok, some of these posts are cops. What’s bad is look how some of them express themselves. What is sad is some of them have not even been in this area when a lot of this was going on. Some were probably reading backwards in school in Blythe when Joe was doing most of his deeds.

    First off, like I said, I have been in around this department for over 25 years. I did leave the department for other opportunities about 10 years ago but still stayed close. I have learn most what I know from you guys, the cops. Now everyone wants to deny what is going on there. What I wrote about discussing the administration is either common knowledge or public record. If you are too dam lazy to find out, that is your business. It is all at the board or get with the recall committee. Why should I post it?

    Glen Gilbert made a mistake that most of the present administration made. He slept with a secretary. I will not go into that but everyone knows who they are. Yes I would prefer Gilbert as sheriff instead of what is representing this county now.

    I have dealt with Larry Irwin in the past. He appears to be straightforward. What has he lied about? The death of a RETIRED K9 should not be cause for an investigation. FYI RETIRED. He should not be investigated for that. He fed and housed the animal on his dime. I think the following should be investigated instead of that nonsense.

    Deputy Bob Bradey Took a loan of 8,000 from an elderly couple with memory problems. Direct violation of La Paz County and sheriff department policy. Assault on a woman out of Lake Havasu City. Using his vehicle for personal use.

    Deputy Lonny Curtis Constant lying to the administration sergeants and evidence issues. Allowing his girlfriend to write his reports. Uses excessive force at times like QPD.

    Deputy Hanes Assaulted two juvenile high school kids, one on duty. It was swept by this administration.

    Like I said I can do this all day. This information is either on file at the board or sheriff department. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT. Get it yourselves or get a hold of the recall committee.

  103. I would like to correct Mr. Roth. It is spelled AMERICA. Try learning to spell it before you try to run for office again. I take a great offense to that!!!!!

  104. With both sides blowing so much dust, there's no way to see what's inside the cloud. Both sides, Pro and Anti Lowery; use rumors, innuendo, and half truths. The presence of an investigation = guilt, no matter what the results of that investigation was.

    This blog shows it clearly. They cite proof that shows a matter was investigated as proof it actually happened as rumored. Be it the accusations made against current deputies, or ones made against past ones who have "other assignments" now.

    If someone doesn't know the whole story, they assume cover up, or corruption...but only its its from the group of people they oppose. Rather than educate themselves, the continue to spread the rumors. A juicy rumor is much tastier than a watered down fact.

    Both sides of the issue have corruption in their history. Both sides have some valid points and both sides blow a LOT of things out of proportion to "prove" their points.

    Until this county stops in infighting, bickering, and personal hate driven politics; nothing will ever get better. If we keep looking back, we'll never be able to look forward. Both groups side with their clique, throwing facts to the wayside if it hurts their cause. The end justifies the means, right?

    Meanwhile, those who genuinely work to make this county a better place don't know who to trust. And you wonder why so many GOOD cops, dispatchers, and civilian personal go to Havasu.

    In the end, ALL OF YOU, you're only hurting yourselves. We live together, or we die alone.

  105. Enough of your "bullshit", I have been around the department for 25 years. Whatever dude. So you left the Sheriff's Office in 2000, why cause you got fired. You don't work for the Sheriff's anymore, so post your name, Mr. I have been around the Sheriff's Office for 25 years. Ya you would prefer Linc Gilbert as the Sheriff, kind of shows your morals.

    All these people you have mentioned have worked for all the previous sheriffs for years.

    So sort of funny that all the sudden Lowery is to blame. Remember, Mr. I have been around for 25 years Lowery is being recalled not his employees.

  106. Only deputy I can think of that left the department about 10 years ago is Frakes. I believe he went to work for QPD about that time. Has been in NTF for a long time. Makes sense to me Frakes is a good friend of Linc's.
    What's the matte Steve forget your were no saint back in the day?

  107. Wonder how the voters are gonna feel about Missi Gilbert trying video tape a detective by sticking her cell phone down her bra, after cornoring him trying to get him to sign recall papers? Shame on you Missi, who else you been getting on camera while doing hair or nails? And Your pushing your multi timing husband to become Sheriff NOT!

  108. All right, maybe I lost track of time. Maybe it was longer than 10 years ago. I did not want to date myself and I do not feel like having someone from your department camped outside my door. That is why I will not post my name. To score points I figured you would post yours. DUDE I have lived in this area a hell of a lot longer than you have. You most likely have not been here 25 years unless you are the commander or what ever Kubacki is. I have never heard them say DUDE while talking. Maybe you are Schwabe. In that case the DUDE makes sense cause you’re high. Hell the sheriff hasn’t worked her 25 years. So I will call BULLSHIT on you! More than likely you are from Havasu with a stake in what is happening here, like driving your car home.

    I have see Joe’s investigation because it has been circulated around the county. I still have contact with the cops. One thing cops do is talk. They talk when they should keep their mouths shut. It is totally appalling. This guy has gotten away with so much over his career. I will not blame the sheriff for what he has done. Just his retention. Sheriff Hal and Hare should have got rid of him, but I think they had something in common. It wasn’t their love for Joe. Those who have been her longer than most knows what it is.

    The issues with the other cops that have happened under this sheriff, are facts. ONCE AGAIN I HAVE READ THEM. This is public information and the recall committee.

    It is unfortunate that this county has to deal with such corruption. People fear what will happen if they speak out or go against the cops. Do I think there is a possibility the sheriff will survive this recall? Yes! So you Havasu guys are safe for a couple more years. Do I think this current administration will cost this county more money in a potential lawsuit? Absolutely!

  109. How about (J Opps!!) a detective coming over to the recall committee telling them he wanted to hand out a petition. Oh I am sure it was a super secret mission the sheriff sent him on. WAS HE ON THE CLOCK??

  110. I think it is great she tried to tape the SOB. I think every contact with the law should be taped right now. They are sooooo corrupt. Cover your ass people. Good job Missy!

  111. "Alright maybe I lost track of time" what else you lose "your balls". If you have such a problem with these employees you mention, go meet with them, I am sure they will not be camped outside your "tent". And watch out cause right now your writings are be examined by the physiological and behavioral unit of the FBI. Preliminary results show that you are a white male, about 5'10, a little chubby, grey hair and you smell. You might drive a older pinto, blue in color. You live near the river maybe in a tent. But like I said I am sure those guys would love to see you. Maybe they could help you find your "Balls".

  112. Hey where is this recall? Oh thats right not enough people signed the papers to get it on this last election. So my guess is still won't happen. People in La Paz are not interested in listening to a few unhappy employee's that only think they know whats best for this county. Do you really think the voters are gonna want to spend the $$$$$ for a recall in this economey? Just saying!

  113. Well this is what everyone has talked about. They are posting things on a recall website. I spent the last hour or so reading what was posted. I am totally sickened by what I have just read. Copy and paste in your search engine or address bar. There are some missing areas but I am sure they will be there.

  114. What ever happened to Sheriff Lon Curtis

    Deputy charged with theft

    Parker Pioneer
    Monday, February 20, 2012 3:51 PM MST

    A La Paz County Sheriff’s Deputy, Lon Curtis, a resident of Quartzsite, was booked into the La Paz County Jail Jan. 28 on misdemeanor charges of theft. He was released on his own recognizance.

    La Paz County Sheriff’s spokesman Lt. Curt Bagby said the matter had been turned over to the Lake Havasu City Police Department and Town Attorney’s office. He said this was standard practice in cases where a law officer is involved.

    According to a complaint filed Jan. 26 in the Quartzsite Justice Court by Lake Havasu City Town Attorney Charles Yager, Curtis is charged with one count of misdemeanor theft. The complaint reads as follows:

    “On or about April 10, 2010, with a date of discovery on or about Dec. 20, 2011, Lon Curtis, without lawful authority, knowingly:

    1. Controlled property of another with the intent to deprive the other person of such property with a value of less than one thousand dollars, in violation of ARS 13-1802(A)(1), 13-1802(G) and 13-802, a Class 1 Misdemeanor.”

    Through his attorney, Michael Storie, Curtis entered a plea of not guilty in an appearance Feb. 9 before Judge Elizabeth Williams in Quartzsite Justice Court. A pretrial conference has been set for 10 a.m., March 7.

    Bagby said Curtis has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this case.
    What ever was the outcome of the case nothing was ever printed. He was the dirtyest cop I ever came across.