Monday, August 9, 2010

Affordable community pool on a Quartzsite budget!

Finally, a community swimming pool that even Quartzsite can afford! This cool story made international news this week. NYC converted three unused dumpsters into public swimming pools and put them right on Park Ave. as part of the city's "Summer Streets" initiative.

Temporary decks were erected around the 4' 3" deep pools and lifeguards were on duty.

The City provided street showers for those impulsive folks who didn't pack a bathing suit, but wanted to cool down anyway.
Portable changing cabanas were set up for those that planned ahead and brought a suit.
Unfortunately for residents of Quartzsite who desperately need a community pool this innovative solution would likely end up buried in the same bureaucracy and infighting that seems to squash any great idea that Alex Taft doesn't come up with herself.

Those shiny, clean, red C & D disposal dumpsters would certainly be swim worthy in this heat, but you can bet Taft and her cronies would rather give the children one of those old, dirty, dented Palo Verde Disposal dumpsters to swim in instead. After all, Palo Verde appears to have the inside track after they donated the land for Taft's Willpower Inc. dirty, dented, broken trailers/makeshift Quartzsite animal shelter. Councilman Winslow proudly announced it is finally almost completed, yet they've had animals there for months without even passing inspection.

Maybe, some private philanthropist would be willing to negotiate with C & D for a dumpster pool before another resident dies of heat exhaustion. If we wait for Town Hall to reach a consensus, all the currently registered voters will surely be dead

Watch the dumpster pool video here:


  1. Maybe we should emulate what I saw in one of the Northern Cities in Arizona. I saw were a mother was playing life guard as her kids were taking turns (two kids to a cooler) playing in two large portable coolers with the lids removed and filled with water. Lets face it, the kids were happy as clams at high tied and whipping the summer heat at the same time!

  2. What? No Deena Blythe or Jeffy Gossip..Heard she got arrested after she fled from police for being extremely intoxicated..And it's in the process of being covered up...My Oh My...thought you idiots had the right connections and all the information within what happens in this lil town..Guess not and good luck Rumor has it Moore and Foster where up to this lil encounter.. Good luck digging up dirt cause consider it buried.

  3. Well, If there are so many here who cannot take the heat, why don't they just live in a more enjoyable climate that suits them??
    climb into the oven, then bitch about the heat??/ come on.

  4. Anonymous,

    You may think that you are a great “Spin Doctor,” but you fail to hit the mark. Just by your statement alone, one could see that you are a legend in your own mine! I’ve been told that this “rumor” has been backed up by two sources. Just ask you buddy Chief Jeff Gilbert about that “News Reporter” out of L.A.!

  5. You can't spell stupid without QPD! Thanks for the laughs and tears Jeffy! Hope your wife doesn't find out about you doing Deena. Are you so stupid Jeffy to not think that she can get records of your phone calls and texts??? I forget, you're Jeffy. You don't get paid to think.

  6. “A horse! A horse! MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE!” At last could we be seeing the Emperor without his clothes? In time he will see his blind supporters leaving his stinking ship, like rats seeking their own survival without concern for his… When the full truth of his reign is finally exposed to the sunlight of justice, just who will be standing by his side? Life is very lonely when you spend 23 out of every 24 hours in a 6’x8’ cell located in the segregation section of a prison…

    He will then have to face that final question, “Was it worth it”?

  7. Has anyone asked the town manager if the pool donations ended up going to her power paws project?

  8. The donations that were received by QAC have not gone to the animal shelter, in fact it has been noted at several meetings by the Park board and QAC that the money will be donated to the Parks & recreation board/department to help provide additional play equipment/park needs for the children of the community. Many of you may know, and many of you may not from what I have read,the donations were no where near enough to fund a public pool. Received close to 10,000 (not exact) and a pool, look it up, close to $100,000. We could start with buying a pump or continue asking for donations for the next 10 years, what do you think? The money has not been fraudulently spent, as many of you think, which are the ones who are not familiar with budgeting books and balances and most likely did not even donate any of the money in question. The money is there and will be used for beneficial purposes. Beneficial for who? The kids! Not vendors, not tax payers, not voter (future ones) but for the children. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  9. Well, since you brought it up "Anonymous"...wasn't the building that currently houses the Quartzsite Police Dept. also built with grant money as a "community center", then determined to be too small?

    If a pool could be built with "close to $100,000" then why didn't the community get a pool two and a half times larger than that with the $246,000 CDBG grant money? Oh wait, several people are in possession of audio from that mandatory special community input meeting about how that money was to be spent, and two Councilmen can be clearly heard agreeing to keep a lid on the fact that they had already made up their minds on which project was going to get the rubber stamp...maybe I should send that audio file to HUD? They might want to know what a farce the community input was!

    Yes, you are right that the pool money is also on record (audio file)being promised to the parks and rec. general fund (NOT what it was raised for)Even the special bingo fundraiser at the Senior Center was specifally stated to be for a pool! And as soon as the "community center" was officially approved, Town mismanager Alex Taft put her very own "Willpower Inc." non profit in charge of administering the federal grant money...

    "Beneficial for who?"

    "Not tax payers"

    Well, that part of your comment is certainly true!

    Sadly, the children have received nothing more than lip service and deception. And according to "Machine Gun Joe Winslow", "The Community Center Building is still in the grant process; once approved, it must be finished within three (3)years" so in the mean time the community has nothing to show for the QAC pool scam now, does it?

    And there's little doubt that the "animal shelter" would receive none of that QAC money, because the Willpower Inc. contract stipulates that Paw Power/Willpower/Taft gets "100%" of the Town's animal control budget - right Alex?