Saturday, August 21, 2010

From a reader - THANK YOU!

Comments about Quartzsite PD's "investigation":

Posted By: Sandollar
Date: Wednesday, 11-Feb-2009 15:11:00

A faithful reader who contacts me from time to time has asked for our help in trying to locate her close friend. I am hoping that I guessed the correct state being ARIZONA, as none of the information said where Quartzsite is. I googled and it said AZ. Please, they need all of the help they can get. Quartzsite AZ is 127 miles WEST of Phoenix, right off of I 10. Thank you.
Thank-you Sandollar. Here's a flyer. Laura was driving a maroon SUV Jimmy. She has a son who she would not leave for this long. She also has not used her bank card. Locals including myself have been searching for her as the Quartzsite Town Police are in the search and destroy mode instead of the serve and protect mode and ill-equipped (as in very little usage of intelligence and/or common sense). And have yet to organize a search and rescue. In their words, they have no off road vehicle in which to search. Which is BS. Since along with two rescue dogs,a state of the art SUV, they have quite a few off road vehicles that they are happy to use to run down off road vehicles all over this desert to hand out ridicules tickets.
In fact only yesterday DPS found out Laura was missing!! Probably not from the Quartzsite Police either.
They have done very little if NOTHING to find her.
It's been very cold out. Is anybody out there who can help??
Laura Ann Vittori
AKA: Laura
Missing Since: 2/6/2009
Sex Female Race White
Age 42 Age 44
(At time missing)
Hgt 5Ft6In Wgt 120
Hair Brown Eye Hazel
She has brownish blonde hair and she is driving a 1996 Red GMC Jimmy that has a sticker on the back windshield that says "Mega Bitch". She is the one on the left in the photo.

Law Enforcement Agency:

Report Number: 09-00161
Contact: Ashley Forrest at 480-528-7916
Leave a tip about this Missing Person


  1. I think I'm going to be ill...if Sheriff Lowery, or Martin Brannan the County Atty. or Donna Hale or that POS John Drum or Terry Goddard's Office had investigated my criminal complaint and done something about the QPD and what they and La Paz County officials did to me over two and a half years ago, would there have been a change in the QPD that might have improved the investigation and found her in time and/or helped to solve her murder??? How many more people's lives will be ruined before Jeffy is stopped? Why does the Council stand behind him? They had the chance to be rid of him, and renewed his contract. WHY???

  2. I hate to admit this but the QPD vehicles are (other than one that I have heard was stolen and I’ve not seen in months) not really true off road vehicles. I have spent years & thousands of miles driving the back roads from Yuma to Mohave Counties and they are wise to keep to the Snowbird trails. Now the La Paz County Search & Rescue are so equipped. However, you would need more than just a missing post to activate them.

    On the other hand, you should look at the date on the poster, February 2006 and the posting of February 2009. Now I personally have covered a lot of the Quartzsite area desert as many of the people I know and none of us have seen any such vehicle abandoned. Several of the members of the local VFW Post 769 Men’s Auxiliary go out year round on a weekly bases. They have conducted a number of “Desert Rescues” without any fan fare and I’m sure that they would have investigated such a find, as well notify BLM & the Sheriffs Office if they found any such abandoned vehicles.

    I think Quartzsite is nothing more than a cold trail…

  3. Yes DW, the year on the poster is incorrect, and I don't know why.

  4. If you go to the original link, it appears that the date has been altered using "photoshop" or something similar. The font appears to match, but not the type size or ink saturation...WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING? This case gets stranger and stranger.

  5. No, upon closer inspection, even the font is slightly different, although close...

  6. How about someone trying to make your blog look like nothing more than a rumor mill and getting caught...

  7. I think someone from the dark side is trying to pull a fast one on you. Take a look at this link and the photo & info...

  8. Sorry to report this but you have been had as her body was find and identified. Check out the story as reported at:

  9. My point is: why would anyone go to the trouble? What would they gain by manipulating the public information? The whole case raises more questions the deeper you look...

  10. The question now is, "Just why didn't the QPD make notifications to call in the fliers & removed the Web Searches"? Another shining moment for Chief Jeff Gilbert.

  11. Funny how the truth always shines through the darkness to expose the lies, rumors, and smoking mirrors. I guess that someone thought that nobody on this blog would check out the story to prove or defunk it. Do you think it could be another one of them dark brown nose Jeffy followers.......

  12. I posted that as you can see on Feb. 11th 2009. Not until after I saw it posted the next day did I realize that date. Laura was found before I had a chance to correct the posting. I found it odd at the time because I received it from someone who was hands on in the situation. I have to say that I hope it was a mistake, however in all fairness to Laura the question has to be asked, Was there anyone missing and/or found the same fate around this area in 2006?

  13. Anonymous,

    I am just a guilty at jumping in to help a friend and it is nice to see that you came in to explain what happened. Our fear here comes from miss guided or miss informed supporters that try to post information that distracts from the goals of this web site to expose corruption and criminal activity that needs to be examined and stopped. No one benefits from a corrupt government or police department.

    Was it not Martin Luther King that said, “Injustice for one is injustice for all”?

  14. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!"
    Martin Luther King

  15. I sent these blog links to the real "Unsolved Mysteries". Maybe their new show will shine a national spotlight on this case and get some closure for the community!

  16. what a stupid thing you are jade

  17. Maybe so, but at least I can compose a coherent sentence!

  18. Duckworth was running around town drunk and remorseful, saying they made him do it. She was a notary...maybe she saw something she shouldn't have. Nobody believes this was suicide.

    1. Her commission had expired way before she had passed away. She didn't update it, so that couldn't have been a reason. Who is this Duckworth person and why haven't I (Laura's daughter, Ashley) heard anything about it? I have a very very strong feeling that those were just rumors.

  19. I can prove a relationship between Ricky Leroy Duckworth and Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell's brother Billy Gene Howard, the convicted child molester and drug dealer. I wonder if there's a connection?