Wednesday, July 7, 2010

REFERENDUM - It's official!

All the desperate maneuvers by Taft and the Town Council have been for naught, Foster will be a fully empowered mayor at the next Council meeting and I predict that heads are gonna roll...
Earlier today the signatures were turned in that effectively repeals the spiteful actions of Alex Taft and the Quartzsite Town Council until the voters decide. After the childish and selfish behavior by Lizzarraga, Wislow, Anderson, Lukkasson, Cowell, Taft and Walsma in their transparent attempt at usurping the legal and rightful powers of Mayor Ed Foster, the citizens were so outraged that the number of signatures easily exceeded that which was required. This was no small feat when you consider that the number is calculated as a percentage of voters in the last regular election. In other words, more signatures were required than for any initiative or referendum in the entire history of the Town, and despite a large number of voters having departed for cooler climates, Foster supporters will be reckoned with.

This leaves the council two choices: either they can rescind the motions amending Town Code, the Town Policy Manual and the protocol for information requests, or they can let the voters have their say at the ballot box. If the voters prevail, it will be "the law of the land" and carry more legal weight than any actions taken by those officials who are supposed to be representing them.

This move should come as no surprise to Town officials, as they were directly advised of the consequences for voting to strip the mayor's position of it's authority at the Council meeting at which Foster was eventually sworn in. Our self serving and arrogant "leaders" have proven that the will of their constituents means nothing to them. How anyone with an IQ over 40 can stand by them now is incomprehensible. Did they really think they could pull it off? I for one can't wait to see Ed assert the power given to him by the people.

Tuesday's Council meeting should be a real show. Come early to get a good seat! The verdict has been handed down by the jury, and the ruling is not in favor of Taft and her dancing puppets.


  1. It has been my observations that the members of the Town Council do as they please. It is nice to know that the shackles have been removed from Mayor Foster and now he can get to the bottom of the problems related to Ms. Taft’s running of the Town of Quartzsite.

    Somehow, sad to say, I feel that this will only end in the criminal prosecution and removal of Ms. Taft before the end of this Dog & Pony show. Just how dirty are the hands of the Council Members? One doesn’t put up this much of a fight unless they have something big to lose.

    It’s time to get this government moving forward, do what cleaning needs to be done, and see just how much can be saved and what service can be kept. The inevitable outcome is set in stone. Cuts will have to be made, outstanding debt paid, and some jobs lost, or reductions in pay. One good move would be to find a qualified Town Manager and offer the job at $36K/Yr with perks and this would save a needed service employee for starters…

  2. what a crock this blogsite is so clear to anyone that the author has major personal issues.

  3. It is so clear that many anonymous posters need to pull their heads out and face reality. If you think this blog is a crock, just remember that nobody is forcing you to read it, but Town officials are forcing the majority of us to put up with their misconduct along with the repercussions.

  4. Thank God something positive has happened. I have not attended council meetings since Foster's election, but have been concerned that my vote for Foster as MAYOR and all the responsibilities would be erased. I will be in and out of Quartzsite July and August but will make myself available for any help I can give at a later date. Good job, MAYOR