Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Nine on Your Side" investigates Quartzsite

What is going on in Quartzsite, Arizona?

Reporter: Stephani Ruiz

It's a mess you might expect to find overseas. But right here in Arizona- a story with more drama than a soap opera.

A citizen arrested for speaking her mind.

A police chief accused of unlawful searches- and firing 80 percent of the force for voicing concerns about it to the council.

Government leaders meet in secret to oust the mayor- who says he was protecting democracy and won't go without a fight.

"I'm a marine and this is not the kind of democracy that i raised my right hand to defend, i'll tell you this is unbelievable what goes on in Quartzsite, Arizona," Ousted Mayor Ed Foster told KGUN 9.

How will Quartzsite move past all these antics? And who is being held accountable to keep people safe?

Nine On Your Side Investigates Monday night at 10:00.

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  1. Ed Foster raised his right hand to defend democracy??? WTF! How many times is democracy mentioned in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, people? The founders abhorred a democracy. WE'RE FREAKING DOOMED!!!