Thursday, May 24, 2012

Herr Gilbert pulls papers to run for County Sheriff???

You just can't keep a bad man down!

While rumors swirl like desert dust devils about the town's insurance needing El Jefe out of the way in order to start settling litigation by his wrongfully terminated seems as if somebody's figured out a way for Police Chief Jeff Gilbert to save face (and certification). He has pulled papers with the county elections board to run for La Paz County Sheriff! Not that anyone besides the Quartzsite cabal would actually vote for him, but if any part of his pay is grant funded then he falls under the "Hatch Act" and must resign in order to run for elected office. If Gilbert loses, then at least he wasn't fired...that looks so much better on your resume, when you eventually try and apply for your old job back as a baggage handler, Jeff!


  1. Not for publication.

    Hi ARFighter:

    Good site! You're often on the leading edge. Roth is mum about who you are and I'm happy not knowing. But glad you're on the right side.

    Hey, I don't know if you purposely meant to misspell your title as a joke or something, but if not, it should be "Herr Gilbert."

    Zig Heil!

  2. don't think the Gilbert running for Sheriff is jeff. It is Lync Gilbert

  3. In just a few short years Jeff Gilbert has made the Quartzsite Police Department the biggest laughing stock in the State of Arizona and what many view as below the bottom of the barrel in ratings of all the Police Departments in the State! Just think what he could do to the La Paz County Sheriffs Department?

    The voters of La Paz County need to ask themselves, “Do I want to live in fear like the residents and business owners of Quartzsite? I for one will add a special Web Page showing just what kind of person Quartzsite Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert is along with every document, video, audio, letter, E-mail, and other facts that can be found to expose to the public just what kind of person this guy is and make it available to every person running for the office of La Paz County Sheriff!

    Get the “Truth,” get the “Facts”!

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  4. Does anyone know if Chief Turd here got enough signatures to get on the ballot?

  5. He is not on the official candidate list that came out yesterday.

    So either he did not get enough signatures or did not turn in the paperwork on time. So Jeff Gilbert will NOT be on the ballot.

    Linc Gilbert (not related to Jeff) WAS running for Sheriff, but he had to drop out of the race because he currently controls federal grant money as the County Community Resource Director, and therefore is disqualified under the Hatch Act. (Can't run for partisan public officer if you control federal money unless you are an incumbent)

    Jeff pulled his papers less than a week before they were due, shouldn't be a surprised he couldn't get the signatures. I doubt anyone outside of his little group of supporters in Quartzsite would sign anything for him.

  6. That's too bad because I was looking forward to Meet The Candidate nights. Now I'll just stay home and watch Dancing With The Stars.