Monday, May 21, 2012

The fat lady has sung - just don't tell the town's a secret. The losers in the General Election actually think they're going to fight the will of the people and challenge the election, now that they couldn't buy the victory with Jerry's money or scare the voters into submission with lies about disincorporating the town. But, throwing even more money into an election challenge over alleged residency or money owed to the town had to be done BEFORE the election. 

Unlike calling a primary election "special" when it was not, and then swearing in a usurper in the back room, in this case, there's no legal leg to stand on. Sorry barf bagger - you blog posts are just wishful hallucinations!

The town has refused to put the minor administrative detail of accepting the county's canvass of the vote, or swear in the winners on Tuesday morning's Council agenda as if it's going to delay the inevitable. 

Hey, all you cabal supporters, do you hear what I hear? The fat lady is singing...

Quartzsite Town Code
Section    2-1-10    Qualification of Council Candidates (Ord 09-15)
D.    Failure to comply with this ordinance shall result in ineligibility of the candidate or elected official seeking re-election to be qualified to run or be appointed to Town office.

“Challenges concerning alleged procedural violations of the election  process must be brought prior to the actual election. Sherman v. City of Tempe, 202Ariz. 339, 342, ¶ 9, 45 P.3d 336, 339 (2002); citing Tilson v. Mofford, 153 Ariz. 468, 470, 737 P.2d 1367, 1369 (1987) (holding that “[p]rocedures leading up to an election cannot be questioned after the people have voted, but … must be challenged before the election is held”)(citing Kerby v. Griffin, 48Ariz. 434, 444-46, 62 P.2d 1131, 1135-36 (1936)).”

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