Monday, May 21, 2012

Quirky Quartzsite poison pen dresses down county supervisors

Violet Kiss, elitest snob and Quartzsite backroom power player is apparently displeased that the money she used to buy her way into the town a couple of years ago cannot influence La Paz County Prosecutor Sam Vederman. A cheerleader for the removal of "Call to the Public" at the Quartzsite Town Hall meetings, Kiss has no problem abusing the right when espousing her rhetoric to the County Supervisors.

You can catch her "hate speech" in every issue of the "Desert Mess".

John Drum walks out on her and that ditz, Supervisor Holly Irwin doesn't even under the law that says you can restrict speech as to time and place, but not as to content. Vote her out in the August Primary Election! Do not vote for John Drum in his quest to be County Sheriff! None of them, including County Manager Dan Fields (an attorney) seem to grasp that Kiss could have been given a warning to wrap it up in 60 seconds, or something to that effect. Instead, they let "Kiss-Ass" make fools of them for over fourteen minutes! Didn't see Buckalew intervene either... Clearly, the county needs to take a lesson from Quartzsite voters and remove the incumbent politicians and entrenched bureaucrats.


  1. Is Violet friends with bookstore Paul's wife?

  2. I hate to say this, but in light of recent events, it looks like Drum is the only decent choice for Sheriff. Lowery dropped out as of July 5th.

    The only other serious contender is Ken Schwab. For those who don't remember, Schwab was the Chief of CRIT PD who promoted and trained...JEFF GILBERT. The last thing we want is a Sheriff who has any connection to Gilbert, let alone who is his former boss. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    Then we have Candy Escorza. The wife of the cop who was investigated for inappropriate conduct with a minor, wasn't fired, later had two kids with that same minor, and was finally fired after being arrested for assault. (Search for yourself, in Parker Justice Court

    Lastly we have a Jose Moreno, a 30 year old with no law enforcement or management experience.

    I'm not happy about it, I can think of several people I would rather see in there. But they are not running. Drum is, unfortunately, the only decent choice.

    1. I beg your reality, it looks like Drum is certainly NOT any sort of decent choice for Sheriff! Any halfway intelligent and reasonable person who has personally met with Ken Schwab will agree that he, by virtue of his past and current experience as an ARIZONA law enforcement officer, literally outshines Drum like the sun does to the moon! Before you, or anyone, make a final decision about our next Sheriff, speak one on one with Schwab. What a refreshing difference between modern-day Ken Schwab and the dusty old relic of the California past.

  3. Actually, I was under the impression that Moreno had a background in detention, and the support of the former QPOA officers.

    Didn't Schwab leave CRIT the second time under issues of "misappropriation? After grooming Jeff Gilbert for us, of course.

    I know that Drum told LAPD he was too disabled to perform even a "light duty" desk job and had to spend his days in a recliner - to get full benefits of course. So either he lied to get disability or he's lying to the voters about being able to perform the duties of sheriff with his injuries, phlebitis, etc.

  4. Anonymous....I'm trying to figure out what Candy Escorza has to do with the decisions made by her cheating husband? I agree that John Drum is definitely NOT the person for sheriff...what is he going to do different than what he and that ditz as you called her have done for the County? Create more job security for her lazy husband by making more county parks? According to Schwab's statements, he is happy being a cop for CAP! Let's give the WOMAN a chance........