Saturday, April 21, 2012

Principal caught making out with married secretary on the clock!


  1. Is there any plans are getting this back up on the big screen soon?

  2. you need to remove the word SEX from the title in order for you tube to allow it to be posted.

  3. This makes me sad. Two families destroyed, along with the school. Nothing good will come from this, only some YouTube hits and a short burst of internet fame for those involved. Now if this had been video of Jeff Gilbert with Alex Taft.........

  4. Within just 48 hours of this video going onto the Internet, it had been removed and/or censored before it spread across the pond so to speak along with having over 10 pages of links on Google Search! It is as well making the TV News reports across the United States!

    For just a few minutes of playing grab-ass for fun and a little pleasure two well-educated adults destroyed the hopes and dreams of the children in their charge, thus dashing their chance at a better life as responsible and usefully adults. Just what message has been sent around the world again about the people of Quartzsite that hold a position of authority?

    Can someone answer the Big Question? Why did Chief Jeff Gilbert turn the investigation over to the La Paz County Attorneys Office, yet they are willing to spend thousands of dollars to go after someone that used washable children’s sidewalk chock at Town Hall?

    Learn the answers at:

  5. Do you want to know the real reason why Herr GIlbert spent thousands and thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to take me and Dana Stadler to court for chalking town hall? Or would you rather be lied to? Lying is the easy way out. The truth is Gilbert is a government whore. His paycheck and pension is more important than your God Given RIghts, same with Rick Patterson and Alex Taft and Fabiola and the rest of them. Did you know most Nazi's in Germany did not know they were Nazi's until it was too late. Wake up 'Merica!!! This isn't your grandparents country anymore

  6. Another excellent video at the top of the page of the interview with the old fellow and then the police chief at the end. This is a great emboldening act of true reportage that every American should see and be inspired by. By my own research many small municipalities across the US have erupted in conflict between cops and those they serve and protect
    and the ordinary working people who pay their
    salaries. While they may be construed as isolated and unrelated certainly they are not. Rebellion is in the air here in America and in the blood of the citizens directly effected by their corrupt local authorities.

    Get ready.