Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jones arrested again! And again...and again...

But this time, she was reportedly injured after being rough handled by QPD officers Fabiola Garcia and Rick Patterson. Roll tape...


  1. How can any Town Council tell the Mayor how to run any town meeting when they them selves break the Arizona State Meeting Laws? Mrs. Jones Attorney must be peeing his pants in laughter over the golden goose that Joe Winslow, Chief Jeff Gilbert, officers Fabiola Garcia and Rick Patterson served him on a silver platter at the June 28th Town Council Meeting!

    Arizona State and U.S. Federal Case Law back Mayor Foster and Mrs. Jones and condemns all city and town governments that have acted as Joe Winslow, Chief Jeff Gilbert, Officers Fabiola Garcia & Rick Patterson, Town Manager Alex Taft, and Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma did last night. If anyone takes the time to view the videos you can see that this was IMHO, a calculated move to not only stop Mrs. Jones from enlightening the public but also cause her to be arrested again while making a public statement, “If you disagree YOU WILL GO TO JAIL”!

  2. Jeff Gilbert is a Nazi!!! He's like Hitler in his final days!

  3. Unbelieveable, well all you Chief Gilbert fans, there you see it the real thugs of QTZ PD. Jeff and his brown nosers. You still think Jeff is a good Police Chief? Wake up people why do you think he is under investigation by DPS for mis-use of the ACJIS system and other things he does that are in violation of peoples civil rights. Jeff you are a disgrace to law enforcement. I'm ashamed to say I know you. You need to be put on ADMIN LEAVE ASAP wake up Alex because your going down with the Chief and his thugs.

  4. I just want quartzsite to be normal.what is the matter with you people.

  5. So what was this all over?

  6. [Don’t trust the Parker Pioneer as they protect special interest by not posting rebuttals of their special interest groups like Chief Jeff Gilbert, and the Quartzsite government! Below is an example not allowed to be view and read by the public.]


    I swear to protect and defend the Constitution of Arizona and the Constitution of The United States of America. It’s just an oath sworn to under penalty of perjury of the law, but means nothing to Violet Kiss. However, to the nine QPD Officers it is the very foundation behind how they enforce the “Laws Of The Land”! We are a Nation of Laws and not man. For many of us that have served the public risking our lives to serve and protect, it means everything. For many of us who lost a partner and/or family member in the line of duty holding to the highest standards set by the Police Officers that set those standards, the alleged criminal complaints against Chief Jeff Gilbert only through mud upon their graves while demeaning their ultimate sacrifice to the people they served and died for!

    I have read the statements put forth by the nine QPD officers and know from first hand experience that they are true (from the complaints that I have 1st hand knowledge of) and know that I will be one of many that will be called upon to offer up testimony and evidence to back their complaints. For years Town Manager Alex Taft has covered for and blocked proper protocol and investigations into the criminal complaints regarding Chief Jeff Gilbert. This is why you now see the brave Quartzsite Police Officers stepping forward to make sure that justice is served by the law, and not mob or special interest rule.

    Until now the Quartzsite Police Department has been the joke of Arizona Law Enforcement. However, their stand has changed how the residents and alleged victims of Chief Jeff Gilbert now view the members of their Police Department. It will take an outside Law Enforcement agency to conduct a total un-bias investigation to clear the clouds that has surrounded our Police Department under the command of Chief Jeff Gilbert.

    What Violet Kiss forgets is that before the Elected Mayor Ed Foster could be sworn in, protocol was broken and the sitting Town Council Member voted to strip the Elected Mayor of his powers granted him under Town Laws. This too in time will be corrected. Just don’t call people that want the law enforced and obeyed equally by every citizen (and town officials) of Quartzsite Arizona as being disgruntled or dissidents.

  7. [Don’t trust the Parker Pioneer as they protect special interest by not posting rebuttals of their special interest groups like Chief Jeff Gilbert, and the Quartzsite government! Below is an example not allowed to be view and read by the public.]


    Maybe a little background should be laid to better understand the concerns form the three Quartzsite residents that addressed the La Paz Board of Supervisors. As I understand it, Mary Huntley is the wife of former Mayor Wes Huntley that lost out to Mayor Ed Foster. Patricia Anderson while a member of the Town Council of Quartzsite did openly and willingly walk out on Mr. John Stair, VP of AZCOPS twice (see for yourself, video links below) while he was trying to present the complaints of the majority of Quartzsite Police Officers (80% signed). Lets not forget that Violet Kiss (as I was told) purchased property from Steve Bennett. (The former Mayor of Quartzsite that now has a formal criminal complaint filed against him for the alleged assault of Michel Roth, video link below.)

    The La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman was supplied with the videos of June 14th showing not only what happened at the Town Meeting but the arrest of Michael Roth. View the video yourself and you can see that Mr. Roth, IMHO in no way was resisting arrest. As such Mr. Vederman would be committing a criminal act himself if he were to try Mr. Roth in Superior Court as charged. Now if Mr. Vederman can’t see Mr. Roth resisting arrest, neither would any jury as in Mr. Roth’s last trial.

    As for Violet Kiss’s statement, “How can we trust disgruntled officers?” you need to read for yourself their formal complaint (link below) that they tried to have the Town Manager Alex Taft act upon. Each Quartzsite Police Officer placed their careers on the line for coming forward to file their complaints. At last report the Town Manager Alex Taft has failed to call in an outside agency (per town guidelines) to investigate the criminal allegations and place Chief Jeff Gilbert on Administrative Leave pending the outcome of that investigation.

    In closing, could someone explain to me just what is a Quartzsite Councilwoman doing at a La Paz County Supervisors Meeting trying to force the Supervisors to unlawfully interfere in the operation of the County Attorney’s Office?



    June 14th Quartzsite Town Meeting Videos:

  8. I think Joe got carried away and forced his idea upon the rest of the council. All should have their 3 min to talk as long as they are not out of self-control. After watching the film, I didn't se any reason for Joe to act the way he did. It's too bad the others were caught up in Joe's childish manner.

  9. Quartzsite needs more tax revenues so they can hire more thugs like Gilbert and Johnson. Quartzsute needs a house cleaning and several folks need to go to jail,
    Bob Miller

  10. I appears they are all suffering from entitlement withdrawals and the dealer has all the thugs on full alert. Thanx for having this site up, many of us stay informed when we're away.

  11. From what I saw in tape the one council member tried to take over the show and tell the mayor how to run a meeting. That lady was doing nothing wrong she had the floor and had a right to finish her say. She was arrested for no reason it won't stick. The mayor needs to put his foot down to Gilbert and order him to stay out of the meetings, he can do that. But then lil Miss Alex would feel out numbered.

  12. Check out this letter found in the parker pioneer by a resident with no clue as to what Jeff Gilbert is all about. If anyone knows this woman please educate her as this is what she wrote,



    Personal complaints of nine ‘disgruntled’ Police Officers (and one clerk) in the Quartzsite Police Officers’ Association (QPOA) were being distributed around town. Sadly, the letter contains no letterhead, date, names or signatures of these ‘Disgruntled’ members so it tarnishes officers opposed to this. This letter shows “sour grapes” and brings personal dirty laundry into a Political Forum instead of affording Police Chief Gilbert due process.

    As the Town Attorney explained, it is not legal for the Town Council, Mayor or any of these ‘disgruntled’ employees to discuss any employee issues until due process is completed.

    Chief Gilbert could bring lawsuits against each person violating his legal entitlement.

    It’s no secret Mayor Ed Foster and a group of dissidents are trying to incite disharmony and hatred in any way they can in Quartzsite for a while. Mayor Foster faces a Recall Election in August. He will use anything to take the heat off of himself. Since his election in 2010, most votes at Council Meetings were 6-1 with Foster being alone in his negativity and anti-Quartzsite views. The nine disgruntled officers obviously feel it’s politically advantageous to position themselves with Censured Mayor Foster’s dissident group. Funny, Foster’s dissident group doesn’t want law, order or government in Quartzsite.

    These disgruntled officers are paid to keep peace, follow orders as required. Their jobs also require ethical and moral decorum, a Standard of Conduct, professional appearance and obedience (most lacking and breached) to their Chief and Sergeants. If they believe orders are illegal, they can file charges and will get due process.

    None of these ‘Disgruntled’ Officers were included in recent Sergeant Promotions. By the timing of this action, it surely looks like the major factor in this mutiny. Maybe they should look at their ability, growth, ambition and insubordination as the cause of not being promoted.

    This group brought their disgruntled, insubordinate, political grandstanding to an illegal meeting June 1, and to this last Council Meeting to gain support. Sickened, I saw those “Peace” Officers encouraging rowdy, boisterous hooligans disrupt those two meetings.

    How can our citizens trust this disgruntled group to perform their Police duties after they have shown their true colors and complete insubordination? We can’t.

    I really care about this town. We are sick and tired of negativity being created to hurt our peaceful town by this group and other dissidents. What’s next, the Fire Department?

    I liked the Parker Pioneer political cartoon last week that said, “Quartzsite is a great town despite the politics!”

    Violet Kiss

    Quartzsite, Ariz.

    REALLY VIOLET! are you that sucked in by Jeff and the true thugs of QPD?

  13. we have citizens arrest in arizona

  14. joe winslow is a disgrace to all veterans who fought for our country with his dictator tactics.he should resign at once!


  16. I am planning a trip to your town in the near future and I was just curious as to what I was to expect and I must say I am appoled as to what I seen on just this video. It makes me wonder why those police officers still have their jobs and as for your police chief why he is even allowed in your town at all with that kind of behavior. This tells me alot as to the compitance of the people you put in athority. this is scary. Do you allow hangings too?

  17. The rights of the People to make the rules for their employees. You see the employees think the employer should not be able to tell them how to do their job and Mrs. Jone was merely informing the employers that the employees were trying to make a rule that would ban the employers from making the rules. The employees didn't like this so they had Mrs. Jones arrested.

    L.P.H. Zani

  18. Jade,
    I thought of this song while watching your illegal takedown!

    In Liberty my friend!!!!

  19. Secret Agent ManJune 30, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Didn't I read in Jade's paper that gov Brewer was forming an AZ militia? Looks like she should send them to Qsite! Those cops should sign on with Oath Keepers...

  20. I don’t think Joe Winslow was having a single minded flip out when he was trying to have Mrs. Jones ejected as she started to speak. I have viewed the video several times looking at the evidence and actions not only of Joe Winslow, but also Town Manager Alex Taft, Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma, Chief Jeff Gilbert, and the officers involved.

    It is my observations that this was orchestrated before Mrs. Jones had even entered the building. For one, only the Mayor runs the Town Meetings, and during the “Call to the Public,” the Council Members and Mayor can NOT respond. We have investigated the laws of Arizona along with Court Case Law and it is clear that not only was Councilman Joe Winslow out of order but breaking the laws of Arizona with his actions. Worse yet listen to the very words by Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma and the check out the “Arizona Open Meetings Law.” Read for yourself and you can see that IMHO, this person fails to know if not follow the laws she is sworn to uphold!

    There is NO way that the Town of Quartzsite can win in the Criminal or Civil Court over what was done to Mrs. Jones at the Quartzsite Town Meeting on June 28th. It is very clear that her Civil Rights were violated that night. But then again, why sound the Town Council Members, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst. Town Manager Al Johnson, Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma, Chief Jeff Gilbert, Sgt. Fabiola Garcia, and Officer Rick Patterson care, It is you the tax payer of Quartzsite that are going to have to pay for their actions!

  21. El Jeffy and his thug cop buddies can now find employment in this town.

  22. Charlie,
    Yes we have citizens arrest but first you need to find citizens with their hangy downs still intact! Good luck with that. Notice how whenever someone is illegally arrested NOBODY DOES ANYTHING? EVERYONE sits there with their thumb up their butt and says things like "How can they do that?" or, my favorite "That's illegal!" Then they all go to McDonalds and mentally masturbate about what they would do if they weren't neutered.

    If I had been there I guarantee I would've gotten arrested too because I'm not been a stupid sheep!

  23. REALLY DISGUSTEDJuly 1, 2011 at 2:24 PM


  24. Who is advising the council and Chief Gilbert? The meeting on June 28 was a disgrace to all Americans that care about non violent dissent. Although we disagree about Sam Vederman, I do agree with you on this issue. Chief Gilbert is a disgrace to law enforcement.

  25. Sam Vederman is a disgrace to attorney's everywhere! He is Gilberts brother from another mother!

  26. A vast amount of the American public have never had to deal with being arrested because they are “Law Abiding” citizens and most contacts with Law Enforcement are restricted to being pulled over for a traffic violation and citation (Charter Membership to the Club) into Traffic Court.

    Sadly, most people don’t know their rights under the law and/or the limitations placed upon the Police Officer that arrest them. Case in point that we are going to talk about is the arrest of Mrs. Jade Jones at the Town of Quartzsite Meeting of June 28th. To better understand what went wrong one must first read and understand the Arizona “Open Meetings Law” (Something Councilman Joe Winslow and Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma didn’t!). A good place to start is at the following (just download and read) link:

    During the meeting of June 28th, Council Joe Winslow violated the Arizona’s “Open Meetings Law” along with each Council Member that voted to eject Mrs. Jones. Both Town Manager Alex Taft and Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma overstepped their bounds when they interfered with the control of Mayor Ed Foster and supported the actions of Councilman Joe Winslow. Mrs. Jones had been recognized and had the floor during the “Call to the Public” section of the town meeting and Joe Winslow had NO legal right to call for Mrs. Jones nor did Chief Jeff Gilbert in removing and arresting Mrs. Jones.

    Now the best for last, Chief Jeff Gilbert (under DPS Criminal Investigation & should be on Administrative Leave) refused to stand down as ordered by the Quartzsite’s Executive Officer, Mayor Ed Foster! In doing so, violated the Arizona “Open Meetings Law” while violating Mrs. Jones 1st Amendment rights of “Free Speech” and “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Everyone that has view the videos have yet to disagree on these points! As for Sgt. Fabiola Garcia (the liquor control officer that was promoted to Sergeant without going to the Police Academy yet) and Officer Rick Patterson (fired from the La Paz Sheriffs Department for sexual misconduct) just take the time to read the Arizona Laws that they broke with their false arrest of Mrs. Jones that resulted in her injuries requiring her to be taken to the hospital by ambulance!

    13-409. Justification; use of physical force in law enforcement
    A person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another if in making or assisting in making an arrest or detention or in preventing or assisting in preventing the escape after arrest or detention of that other person, such person uses or threatens to use physical force and all of the following exist:
    1. A reasonable person would believe that such force is immediately necessary to effect the arrest or detention or prevent the escape.
    2. Such person makes known the purpose of the arrest or detention or believes that it is otherwise known or cannot reasonably be made known to the person to be arrested or detained.
    3. A reasonable person would believe the arrest or detention to be lawful.

    13-3881. Arrest; how made; force and restraint
    A. An arrest is made by an actual restraint of the person to be arrested, or by his submission to the custody of the person making the arrest.
    B. No unnecessary or unreasonable force shall be used in making an arrest, and the person arrested shall not be subjected to any greater restraint than necessary for his detention.

  27. Jeff Gilbert should not be in charge of girl scouts never mind a police department. He is a baggage handler running a police department. What are his credentials? Where did he get his college degree and law enforcement training like every other Chief of Police in Arizona? His management skills are minimal and it shows and he is not very smart. Just listen to him and watch the way he acts. The 9 officers need our support. Chief Gilbert, Violet Kiss and Patricia Anderson are out to get them. Who is Violet Kiss anyway? She wrote a letter to the editor in the Parker Pioneer.

  28. Violet Kiss is a tool for the Establishment!

    "Although it is legally appropriate to stop a speaker who is reasonably perceived as threatening, disorderly, or impeding the fair progress of discussion, public bodies must be cautious not to halt a speaker because of the speaker's viewpoint. See Collinson v. Gott, 895 F.2d at 1000. The line is not always easily recognized, especially when a public body is confronted with divergent viewpoints and intense public concern. Hence, while a ruling of "we will not listen to your views on capital punishment at this public hearing on rezoning" should pass constitutional muster, a ruling of "we will not listen to yours or any views favoring rezoning at this rezoning hearing" would not. See City of Madison, Joint Sch. Dist. No. 8 v. Wisconsin Employment Relations Comm'n, 429 U.S. 167, 175-76 & n.8 (1976)."

  30. libertarian Barry Hess has a Quartzsite story on on July 5,2011

  31. The truth is there isn't a police chief in this entire country that isn't absolutely corrupt to the core. Each and every one is a lowlife criminal, and in the larger cities most of them are placed there directly by the federal government.

    When are people going to say "enough!" and throw these criminals in jail where they belong? That goes for the those who abuse their authority from the council seat too.

    What you need to recognize in a situation like this is that the ONLY people who will stand with the corrupt thugs are the ones who benefit, directly or otherwise, from the corruption.

    ALL of these lowlives, thug cops and thugs councilmembers, need to be held 100% accountable and ALL of their official actions need to be 100% transparent - anything else an you are simply allowing their corrupt rape of your town to continue.



  33. ED VALLEGO has posted another story with more links on global edition on July 6 2011.You're getting famous!

  34. Google Jennifer Jones Quartzsite -HOLY COW!



  36. Vinnie From IndyJuly 6, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    WOW! What i would not give to be Ms. Jones attorney in the lawsuit that will be a slam-dunk, outta the park home run verdict. One would think that even if the supporters of the Chief and Winslow don't give a hoot about the Constitution, the rule of law, decency and fairness, they would have a fondness for their money and personal freedom. Good luck with your fascist infestation Quartzite. I think you'll need it! Cheers!

  37. In the AZ that I remember real citizens carried guns and had the balls to use them. The people need to grow a set and next time something like that is attempted hold the so called cops at gunpoint and demand that the state police come in and arrest them. This is still america. Not for long if people sit on their asses and do nothing while a fellow citizens rights are violated by armed thugs. Take your town back. If they won't listen to reason, run them out of town, or kill them.

  38. CONGRATULATIONS QUARTZSITE-you've made Alex Jones !

  39. This is the difference between many of us that live and work in Quartzsite, Arizona and outsiders that make “Anonymous” posts calling for the taking up of arms. WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE IN OUR COURTS OF LAW!

    Many of us have suffered under the present members of the Quartzsite Town Council, Town Manager Alex Taft, Asst Town Manager/Code Enforcement Al Johnson, Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma, Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, and as they call them, “The Brown Nose Posse.” However, the one single thread that has held us together, the keeper of the faith and shining light at the end of the dark tunnel has been in the fact, we are a “Nation of Laws”!

    We knew that in the end (even though it has taken years to get this far) that Chief Gilbert and his select officers would be investigated and charged with their criminal activities. This will lead to the investigation of town government here in Quartzsite. We will find out where $1 million of our funds have gone and to whom they were paid to. All this will happen without a single shot being fired, unless you take into account that some that are involved may chose to blow their brains out over spending an extended visit at one of our older established penitentiary (a public institution in which offenders against the law are confined for detention or punishment; specifically: a state or federal prison in the United States) in a damp, smelly, 7x7 foot cell, being the love child of Bubba.

    As long as we have our Courts of Law to seek resolve of our problems, there is no reason to take up arms. This has long been the corner stone of our foundation as the “Land of the Free”!

  40. Your council members better straighten up because what those stupid council members and the police chief did is being seen and heard by people all over the nation and around the world!
    I am on the east coast in the state of Georgia and I am on the side of Jennifer Jones. She has the absolute RIGHT of freedom of speech to protest her local govt for redress of grievances!

    Jennifer Jones this is the whole context of the e-mail I fired off to protest all your local city council members and thanking your Mayor Ed Foster for standing for your RIGHT to be heard!

    Thank you Mayor Ed Foster for stepping up to defend Jennifer Jones RIGHTS to her 1st amendment freedom of speech!

    To the thuggish council members who VIOLATED Jennifer Jones 1st amendment for redress of grievances to her local governing body, which is you!
    The world is watching your criminal actions on YOUTUBE. To think you fools could think you could get away with such thuggish criminal acts openly without the rest of the world noticing! Well you were WRONG!

    I hope to dear GOD Jennifer Jones sues your city for every penny she can get! Your type of thuggish governing is why our FOUNDING FATHERS of the American colonies decided to throw off the tyrannical rule of King George of England in 1776!
    You council members have VIOLATED that covenant set down by those brave men of honor by your cowardly behavior against Jennifer Jones and her RIGHTS as a American that the Founders of the United States Of America won for us all in a long bloody revolutionary war.
    How dare you tyrants dishonor those who have died so long ago to secure every Americans right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHT to redress of grievances of the actions of those who we elect!
    You are not kings! You are public SERVANTS!

    In the spirit of 1776, do what it right and don't VIOLATE those whom you SERVE, rights!
    Remember the world will be watching!

  41. Thanks for posting here Robert T! We need more people like you HERE!!! Once we get rid of these criminals, come on over for a visit sometime. Quartzsite without the tyranny is one of the funnest places you'll ever visit. (Just not in the summer!)

  42. [Is Mr. John Gutekunst and the Parker Pioneer on the payroll of Quartzsite? Even when Mr. Gutekunst is at the event his reporting looks as though he is taking payments under the table to make the victim look like the criminal as in his reporting of Jennifer Jones on June 28th Quartzsite Town Meeting. Below is another response not posted!]

    Mr. Gutekunst,

    With all due respect, when are you going to start reporting the truth and not a distorted misrepresentation of the facts of June 28th during the Town Hall Meeting? The videos, witness, and laws clearly show that your reporting of that night is in error. If you were a small paper out of another state and reporting the facts for the 1st time I could look the other way. However, YOU know the truth and facts behind what is happening in Quartzsite and the facts in this case.

    If you hand taken the time to research the Arizona Meetings Law, Arizona State Court, and U.S. Federal Court Case Laws, (as we have) you would have known that Councilman Joe Winslow had “No Standing” (No legal right to interfere, stop, or bring forth a motion during “Call to Public”!) to high jack the meeting and take away the legal authority of Mayor Ed Foster to run the meeting per Arizona State Law!

    Again Mr. Gutekunst, if you had done your homework, you would have know that the Legal advice that Town Manager Alex Taft said that she obtained from Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma is in direct violation of the Arizona O.M.L. as well as a Civil Rights Violation! As for Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert’s calling for Mrs. Jones to stop resisting, resisting what? Mrs. Jones was never informed (on multiple videos viewed several times) by Chief Gilbert, Sgt. Fabiola Garcia, or Officer Rich Patterson that she was being rejected or under arrest. More violations of Mrs. Jones Civil Rights!

    The Parker Pioneer and the citizens of La Paz County need a good “Objective” reporter and IMHO you have failed them with this story. The story is not over yet as there is no doubt that you will be called as a witness in Mrs. Jade Jones upcoming Civil Suit against the Town of Quartzsite. Your reporting of Town Attorney Pamela Wilsma and Town Manager Alex Taft will get you some more bench time in the witness room in a U.S. Federal Court and with the Arizona Bar.

    I have heard from more than one person and others in the business, and their observations of your reporting style and we know that are much more capable than what you have delivered to us to date! You don’t deserve to look like someone that is on the Quartzsite Payrolls.

  43. some1 neds 2 go 2 city hall now

  44. Good Lord, when I left Quartzsite 14 years ago, these problems were the same- only the names have changed. When are the people of Quartzsite going to stand up and stop the corruption?

  45. When the state intervenes on their behalf.