Saturday, June 4, 2011

Al Johnson gives concerned citizens the boot!

Including a reporter from the Arizona Republic Newspaper no less! (I can't wait to see how THAT headline will read...)

At the Wednesday, June 1st special meeting of the Quartzsite Common Council, over a hundred citizens attended to show support for QPD officers who had filed formal complaints of unethical and criminal conduct against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert.  Although people were still arriving, the standing room only crowd was told to leave the building by recently promoted assistant town mismanager Al Johnson. 

The meeting was called to order, but quickly adjourned for lack of a quorum, because only Mayor Foster and Councilman Jose Lizzarraga (a potential challenger for the August mayoral recall election) showed up.

In a disgusting display of disrespect for the voters who enabled them to retain their seats, Council members Anderson, Kelley, Winslow, Lukkasson and Cowell all boycotted the meeting. Their lame excuses are posted on the QTown blog. They did not exercise their option to "attend" the meeting by speakerphone and were officially noted as absent on the roll call. The message was loud and clear - none of them are interested in a crisis involving the police department and put private agendas above public safety. 

Town mismanager Alex Taft was also absent. Reportedly on "a planned vacation", she may not have vacationed further than Lukkasson's business on Main St. , where staff and council members were photographed having an not so secret meeting the previous morning, right after they had received several pages of documents detailing the officer's complaints. Her absence left "Building Official"/Planning & Zoning Director"/"Assistant Town Manager" Albert Johnson crowned as king for a day.
Johnson must have been unaware of the Arizona Republic Reporter sitting front row watching this drama unfold. Or quite possibly, he's just too stupid and arrogant to care. 

Although most were concerned over the investigation of Chief Gilbert, citizens never got to hear about case # 1101388 relating to possible charges against Alex Taft for refusing to fill open records requests as ordered by state officials. "Discussion and possible action regarding investigation by the Arizona Ombudsman's Office." was the only other item on the published meeting agenda.

After adjourning the scheduled meeting, Mayor Foster announced that  the lack of council would allow a "town hall" meeting like the absent council have been holding at the Quartzsite Improvement Association (QIA) for months now, and invited the public to speak. 

Chief Gilbert stated that he wanted the record to note his complaint that this "violated his right to due process", something he clearly doesn't even understand. "Due Process" would only have been an issue if the council had bothered to show up, and taken action. The only rights that were violated were the People's right to peaceably assemble and to free speech, when Mr. Johnson announced that he was closing the building and everyone had to leave. 

It seems obvious why 5 member of the Quartzsite Town Council chose not to attend a meeting where they would have been publicly compelled to put Gilbert on "administrative leave" pending investigation, under Police policy manual section P 448.4 (D). They must have been at Lukkasson's sign painting party! Around noon today, Sondra Gilbert, the chief's wife was photographed with welfare grandma Hygea Halfmoon, Lukkasson and others, loading a freshly painted 6' sign into the bed of a certain little red pick up truck. The sign says "Support Chief Gilbert"...


  1. AL Johnson, the future town mis-manager after Alex gets promoted to a County position..... unless we stop their diabolical plan!!!

    Wake up people. There is a reason why these compromised employees get promoted, it's so they can cover up the wholesale plunder a little longer. They can kick the can down the road all they want, but some of us aren't quitting until justice is served.

    Jeff Gilbert, Alex Taft, Al Johnson and Sam Vederman, you've awakened the sleeping giant.

  2. There comes a time when it’s time to stop cutting bate and start fishing! I find it funny seeing Chief Jeff Gilbert crying about his Due Process after all the cases that I have knowledge of where it is obvious to even a blind man that he doesn’t care about your Due Process or Civil Rights under the law.

    Town Manager Alex Taft, each Town Council Member along with the help of Chief Jeff Gilbert are using their new puppet, Al Johnson, as their tool to derail (lets not forget that he tried to destroy town records last year) any Criminal Investigation not limited to Chief Jeff Gilbert, but as well the links to Town Hall and government under the direction of Town Manager Alex Taft.

    As it stands now, before this is all over with, the League of Cities and Towns, AZPOST, La Paz County, and the State of Arizona will find themselves as co-defendants for allowing this dog & pony show to go on as long as it has. I am sure that there are more criminal charges to come, but alas we will have to wait to find out what the State and Federal Grand Juries decide upon.

  3. Interesting, it's about time you officers decided to take action against your Chief. So wonder if the newly hired Rick Paterson was one of them, Me thinks Rick wants Jeff's job. And what about the newly appointed female Sgt who has less experience then any officer at that agency? What a slap in the face to those who really should have that possition.


  5. Are the rats leaving a sinking ship? From the video that I watched it is clear that the absent members and the chief had a hand at keeping the public from knowing the truth behind the investigations against him. When this is all over I can’t see the town surviving from all the lawsuits.

  6. After reading the information related to the QPD, I for one have contacted my Attorney who is a former FBI Agent and having him check into the NCIC records to see if, when, and who ran my name through NCIC without legal authorization. If their guidelines have been violated I will bring civil and criminal action against the town of Quartzsite, chief, and ALL officers excluding those testifying against the chief involved!

    Violations of the NCIC guidelines not only pull jail time and fines but also can cause a police department to lose their rights to us the NCIC system!

  7. Hey Anonymous,
    Truth Is Treason In The Empire of Lies! - Ron Paul

  8. Maybe Jade could look up the contact phone numbers, mail address including the E-mail address and post them in her paper. This way we all can contact the powers to be that run NCIC and force them to back check all the Criminal Records Checks ran by QPD and Chief Jeff Gilbert. Remember that Chief Jeff Gilbert believes in “Make NO Police Reports”!

    Can you see the Chief and his “Brown Nose Posse” trying to back date reports to justify the unlawful NCIC checks. Reminds me of a friend that said to me as we watch the Jack-N-The-Box commercial telling everybody that they were turning Monterey Jack back to Jack-N-The-Box. Laughing he said, “Can you just see all of the upper management trying to glue Jack’s Head back together?”

    Have a read....

  9. You people are so stupid you can't force anyone to run a check on anything that has to do with NCIC. Even the lawayer that used to be a FBI agent has no power what so ever with NCIC. If Jeff was mis-using the NCIC system DPS will conduct their own investigation as they operate the NCIC system. Wouldn't suprise me in the least if Jeff was doing just that I agree he needs to go.

  10. I just got off the phone with a good friend that is now working TDY in Chicago, Illinois. The subject of his call was about Chief Jeff Gilbert’s scandal being reported from his neck of the woods. He was shocked at the charges being made and asking me why this had gone so far.

    The over all question should be, “Why has the Governor of the State of Arizona, her Attorney General, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and AZPOST allowed this to go on for as long as it has?” The people that should be the safety stop gap that would make such a thing impossible to happen have in the first place have failed the people that not only live in Quartzsite, but the visitors and business people that rely on our little town.

    It is time that every concerned person that has been a victim or feels that this is a major injustice to our Rights & Freedoms should start calling, mailing, and/or E-mailing each person involved in our State Government here in Arizona and not only ask “WHY” but demand answers and actions!

  11. While the investigatin is going on you won't be advised about anything. Once the investigation is over you will be told the outcome. You people think your special and have to be advised of every move well your wrong. While the investigation is on going it can't be discussed in the town meetings, move on and let the investigators do their job.

  12. I believe this last anonymous post is Dan Field, because Dan Field can't spell either! Dan has a vested interest in making sure nothing bad ever comes out of this "investigatin", that's why a private investigator was hired.

  13. lmao, so I'm not perfect but I'm not Dan, hahahaha not even the same sex. Private investigator isn't going to find out anything as far as mis-use of the acjis system. But you go ahead an pay for that.

  14. Anonymous,

    Just like in the Criminal Complaints against Chief Jeff Gilbert by the Quartzsite Constable? AZPOST was informed by Quartzsite Town Manager, Alex Taft that their investigation found that the charges were unfound. Please keep in mind that NO witness (over 5 witnesses) and the victim were NEVER questions or contacted! In fact NO investigation was ever made to protect Chief Jeff Gilbert from several State and Federal Felonies!

  15. Anonymous,

    I take great issue with you over the N.C.I.C. statement of yours. Your statement proves you lack of understanding of how the N.C.I.C. system works, the ease of misuse of the system, or even the protections in place.

    The Federal Government takes each and every criminal complaint related to the misuse of the N.C.I.C. system seriously, even more so from an Attorney of Law that worked within that system. Don’t be suppressed that after last nights Town Hall meeting that the U.S. Attorney General steps in and conducts a Grand Jury investigation.

    I will not give you any further information as to keep Chief Jeff Gilbert and his “Brown Nose Posse” from covering up their tracks to keep from facing Federal Charges for the misuse of the N.C.I.C. system. BTW, the findings of the Grand Jury will be made available for the Civil Attorneys to add to their cases!