Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here comes the next contestant...

Who will they appoint to  the Quartzsite Town Council  on Tuesday night? That's the question on everyone's minds now that "Just say - No way Jose" Lizarraga has officially resigned from his council seat to run against "People's Mayor" Ed Foster, in the August recall election.


062811 – 1. Discussion and possible acceptance of Council Member Lizarraga’s resignation and discussion regarding filling the vacancy. (Not open for public discussion)
Alex Taft, Town Manager

Many are speculating that they will reinstall their favorite puppet, former acting like a mayor "Waffling Wes" Huntley. Huntley is currently a co-defendant in the Jennifer Jones harassment lawsuit against the town council, Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, and Town mismanager Alex Taft. Jones, the publisher of popular newspaper "the  Desert Freedom Press" is apparently also running for the mayor's seat.

Some speculate that other possible appointees are political mouthpiece Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, Violet Kiss(ass), welfare granny Hygea "half wit" Halfmoon, or dark horse and recent roll over Steve Bennett.

Other items on Tuesday night's agenda are:
062811 – 2. Discussion and possible approval of Resolution No. 11-10; declaring as public record that certain document filed with the Town Clerk and entitled “The 2010-11 Amendments to the Tax Code of the Town of Quartzsite”. (Not open for public discussion)
Karen Norris, Town Clerk

062811 – 3. Discussion and possible approval of Ordinance No. 11-07; adopting “The 2010-11 Amendments to the Tax Code of the Town of Quartzsite” by reference, establishing an effective date; providing for severability and providing penalties for violations. (Open for public discussion)
Karen Norris, Town Clerk

062811 – 4. Discussion and possible appointment of Public Defender for the Town of Quartzsite Magistrate Court. (Not open for public discussion)
Alex Taft, Town Manager

062811 – 5. Discussion and possible appointment of Prosecutor for the Town of Quartzsite Magistrate Court. (Not open for public discussion)
Alex Taft, Town Manager

062811 – 6. Discussion and possible approval to advertise a request for Statement of Qualifications for Professional Engineering and Related Services on a Task Order Basis on Town of Quartzsite Transportation and Public Works projects. (Not open for public discussion).
Al Johnson, Asst. Town Manager

062811 – 7. Discussion and possible censure of the Mayor regarding violation of the Quartzsite Council Procedure Manual by releasing for publication comments not shared by the majority of the Council, and without the knowledge or permission of the Town Manager. (Not open for public discussion).
Joe Winslow, Council Member

After the childish show that council members put on at the June 14th meeting, I wouldn't be surprised to if they were so embarrassed that they all phone in their attendance, to avoid having to look their constituents in the eye.

Who will fill the shoes of the fireman who turned his back on the police? See for yourself. "Come on down! You're the next contestant" on our municipal game show. And now, a word from our sponsors - the tax payers of Quartzsite!

Just say "NO WAY" to Jose! He got us into this mess...brought to you by the my pet goldfish could do a better job committee for election reform.


  1. Ain't freedom great? Almost ALL of the items on the agenda are NOT OPEN FOR PUBLIC DISCUSSION! When are "you people" going to stop taking this crap from Alex Graft and her cronies on Town Council? Quartzsite, land of the sheep and home of the knave!

  2. maybe they'll appoint Michael Roth. he's so full of crap he'll fit right in. we can count on him to create conflict even if there is nothing to argue about. will he listen to what the majority want or just his own feble minded agenda to piss people off? yeah, let's really bring down the town so oldham won't have to hide his true agenda of being king of quartzsite!

  3. Alex do the right thing and put Chief Gilbert on Admin Leave while he is being investigated. Who can possibley trust him to do the right thing out there? Maybe you Alex should be investigated as well.

  4. Anonymouse,
    What the majority wants is sometimes the wrong thing. Remember, a majority voted in Obama. It's important to speak out when you see wrongs happening. And it's important to let others speak even if you strongly disagree. The founding fathers gave us the Bill of Rights and made the 1st amendment first for good reasons.

    And yes, I am man enough to admit that I sometimes piss people off but it's usually because they lost their capacity to THINK!