Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Controlled burn finally gets a response.

Yesterday morning, the RV Pit stop on Hwy 95 burned off propane from one of their large tanks so that they could retrofit the safety valve. The flame shooting about 20' in the air did not require the attendance of public safety personnel, and both fire department and county dispatch were aware of the situation. 

Today, is a completely different story. An officer from the QPD called in for a full response, and coincidentally, the "free community paper" (ahem...) "ladies" from the Desert you know what quickly showed up for the photo op.


  1. If a business does this and doesn't call the fire department to let them know they are doing this they should be held accounted for if anyone gets hurt. That's just plain stupid.

  2. you're just jealous because your husband does't wear a dress!why don't you leave those 2 mutants alone.just because their paper is totally controlled by city hall doesn't mean that they are a disgrace to the journalistic profession.why don't you go get some matching tattoos on your face for you and your hubby.

  3. Anonymous,

    Burn-offs are a common practice and each business knows (each employee is required to receive training) that they face not only fines, jail time, but as well the loss of their business license for safety violations. Notifying County Dispatch along with the Quartzsite Fire Department is following protocol. What this does show is the lack of proper supervision and training of the QPD and/or political reprisals…

  4. Snowbird,

    Are you saying that Star Bearcat is in fact a man wearing a dress? While I don’t buy into the gay lifestyle I won’t call those that want to live this kind of lifestyle mutants. Many people have tattoos or body art. However, at this date we are not required to emulate their choices in body art, lifestyle, or (IMHO) total lack of morals to be accepted…

    The 1st Amendment as related to the freedom of the press was to allow the free flow in information about the actions of our government, officials, and the issues that the public found questionable. We give up that right each time we allow the members of our government (like Town Hall & Chief Jeff Gilbert) to dictate what is reported and what is kept from the public!