Thursday, April 22, 2010

SIGN WARS - may FORCE be with you!

The closer we get to the election, the more pathetically desperate our unlawfully appointed "mayor" becomes. Roll video tape...oh wait, video taping public officials is apparently no longer allowed in Quartzsite, at least that's what the sign at Town Hall says.(Don't worry, we finally have the video! That's why it took so long to bring you this story.)

Very early on the morning of Tuesday, April 13th, in a childish display of retaliation against a local business for supporting the campaign of Ed Foster, Wes Huntley erected 33 signs on the south west corner of Main St. and Hwy 95. Of course, the police were conveniently on standby (reportedly at the Shell station across the street) awaiting the order to mobilize...

Personal comment to Wes:  The redundancy of signs just advertises that you are a fool who wastes money. But the readers here already know that.

When the operators of "A Fur Salon pet spa" were out walking dogs on the property, they noticed a red truck drive into the location, in excess of the posted speed limit. Because it was so early in the morning, they walked over to where the truck had parked to investigate. "Buffalo" the lot manager had already grabbed the keys to his quad and was following right behind them.

According to the proprietress, she was still in her nightshirt when she walked her dog "Defiance" within about ten feet of Huntley, smiled and said " Good morning mayor, I guess I'm just going to have to go out today and put up two Ed Foster signs for every one of these." Reportedly, the mayor insisted that the "property owner wants these here" but James Martin refutes this claim, instead stating that Huntley had called him two weeks before the incident and asked for written permission, which Huntley did not get. Mr. Martin, an absentee owner who resides in California, had no previous interest in endorsing any candidates, but was seen in town this week dining with Ed Foster and Bill Moore where the conversation included the water and sewer rate increase.

The following eight minute video was downloaded today from:

Quartzsite Police Chief Gilbert doesn't understand the law... 
Here's a charming excerpt :

Gilbert - "You may have your freedom of speech, but there are limitations to it..."

Harris - "Yes I do, yes... No, there are not limitations to it, other than yelling fire in a crowded theater."

Gilbert - "There's penalties to pay when you abuse those rights."

Harris - "There are no abuse of rights going on here. See, disorderly conduct is your favorite thing because..."

Gilbert - "Because it's on the books. I didn't write it. I didn't write it. I didn't write it."

Harris - "No, because its what YOU do to oppress people's freedom of speech, and you abuse it!"

In response to the excessive force used by Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, an assault complaint was filed with Sgt. Karen Slaughter of the La Paz County Sheriff's Office. Other agencies were  also notified.

New signs have gone up on the property this week. The largest one states "YOU CANT FIX STUPID BUT YOU CAN VOTE THEM OUT" and is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the candidates campaigns, rather it is an expression of protected free speech on the part of the vendor. Maybe the sign will be arrested for "disorderly conduct"!

Our bumbling mayor and  his petty sign wars are akin to Nero fiddling while Rome burned. At this stage in the campaign, it's really more about issues like safe drinking water, avoiding bankruptcy, the Town killing Quartzsite's pets while the Town manger solicts donations for her private "no kill" animal shelter and the CDBG grant money for the community center being administered by Alex Taft's personal charity. But the incumbents are better at character attacks then at debating these serious issues.


  1. Wow! Is all I can say to this! Hey where did all the comments go on the water issue? Those were pretty interesting.

  2. Hey anonymous, they should still be there. Click on the "comments" under that post. If it still doesn't come up, you might be having an issue with your computer. I checked it at the library and it worked fine today!

    I can't believe how many hits I'm getting on this video! What do you think Jeff might have done that day have if there wasn't a camera in his face???

    I've got lots more great footage to edit, now that I figured out the program...

  3. Mayor Wes Huntley was seated next to a little
    girl on the airplane leaving from Phoenix Intl. when he turned to her and said,
    'Let's talk. I've heard that flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.'

    The 12 year old, who had just opened her
    book, closed it slowly and said to the total stranger, 'What would you like to talk about?'

    'Oh, I don't know,' said the mayor.
    'How about water and sewer or economic development', and he smiles smugly.

    'OK,' she said. 'Those could be interesting
    topics. But let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass. Yet a deer poops little pellets, while a cow leaves a flat patty, and a horse produces clumps of dried grass. Why do you suppose that is?'

    The mayor, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence, thinks about it and says, 'Hmmm, I have no idea.'

    To which the little girl replies, 'Do you really feel qualified to discuss water and sewer or economic development when you don't know shit?

  4. What a bunch of chicken asses, you call some idiot to drive over to be your witness? Your able to run your mouths only behind a gate, now what are you affraid of? So if you get pulled over on I10 by dps and discover you don't have your id are ya gonna walk away go home and get it? When an officer of the law tells you to stay put you flat do as he/she says. Grow yp you people in Quartzsite are so weird.

  5. I would imagine if they are driving on I10 they have their drivers license or id with them, when they are walking around their property there is no need to have it on their person. If your not from Quartzsite what the hell are you doing reading this much less making any comment? Duh!

  6. You would be suprised how many people drive without their id. Just because I don't live in Quartzsite doesn't mean I don't have business with the town. Again a couple of chicken asses needing to hidt behind a gate to talk to the police. Now if those two were law abiding citizens they wouldn't have to do that.

  7. Gee Anonymous, you've proven that you failed reading AND administration of justice!!! We were in our pajamas, on the property where we live. Where do YOU keep your ID when you sleep? I'd like to suggest a convenient place to put it!!!

    There was no crime committed here by anyone other than the police. If I rough handled 2 cops like that, I'd be facing a judge but you seem to think a badge gives police a different set of rules. An "officer of the law" can only tell you to "stay put" if you are being legally detained. This joker asked him for something he knew he couldn't have possibly been carrying, and then tried to provoke him before he could comply.When someone asks to speak to their lawyer, the conversation is over...either cuff 'em & stuff 'em or leave "em alone!!! "Afraid"??? "Chicken asses??? I think Gilbert is the real coward, hiding behind his gun his "back up" and his doomed buddies at town hall. And for the record Anonymous, we are both Law abiding citizens" - despite Jeffy's best efforts...

  8. I am a law abiding citizen of Quartzsite and let me tell you some of the Quartzsite PD freak me out with their selective policing habits.

  9. Of course no one expects you to have your id on you while outside doing yard work. But you don't just walk away from a police officer to go into your house and get it. For all they know your stupid ass can be going inside to get a weapon. Did you ever think to ask the officers can I please go inside and get my id for you? No you had to make an ass of your selves with your stupid camera rolling which by the way would not even be allowed in a court room. You claim Jeff hides behind his gun and badge, well they are part if his uniform so if you were a cop lmao whould you not have a gun and badge on? You people think you know so much about the law but have never been in law enforcement have never gone to a police academy, you must be looking stuff up on the internet wow now thats a real sure way of learning about the law. Ha ha selective policing habits hhhmmmm oh you must mean because they know all the frequant flyers.

  10. Oh yea and I can see on the video jus how rough handled you were too.............NOT grow up

  11. Grow up? For someone that does not live here, it is very childish of you to engage in name calling about people whom you've never met. (We name call here because of first hand experience!) Also , not a mature attitude to make false assumptions about other people's educational background. Especially when your own grammar is atrocious and you can't even spell "frequent" with the built in spell check function...But thanks for stopping by the blog. Everyone is welcome to make an ass of themselves here without fear of censorship.

  12. I may not live in quartzsite. I have met several people here I happen to own a business here and spend a lot of time in quartzsite. My assumptions are quite on target. I have been pulled over by the police department for speeding and was treated quite well. I have never had a problem with any of the officers or their chief.

  13. If things are so bad as you claim, maybe you should move Arfighter.

  14. You were pulled over by Quartzsite police for speeding??? Gee "anonymous", it seems like you are the criminal on this blog, not us! It must have been one of the good cops like Yeomans that stopped you.

    And your "assumptions" are way off...together, we have a background in legal work and administration of justice which is why we know our Constitutional Rights and that this behavior is flat out wrong and should not be tolerated by the council Jeffy is supposed to be answering to!

    "Selective policing" (not my comment btw) in Quartzsite includes animal control and code enforcement - duties the council put Jeffy in charge of, but not likely they would be responding for that to someone like you who lives out of town. If Jeffy was doing his job instead of running around trying to silence anyone that dares to criticize his benefactors, those "frequent flyers" you believe we have here would be off the streets by now.

    And you still failed reading - nobody ever said anything about doing "yard work". This was BEFORE the new AZ immigation law passed, so Jack was NOT required to provide ID at Jeffy's whim. And yes, the long unedited version of this video with all of the dead air time is admissible in court, AND IT WILL BE!

  15. Wow you two are so far fetched. Video's are not admissile in court. I sure would like to know just what kind of background in legal work and admimistration of justice you seem to think you have. Time will tell and we shall see.

  16. Videos may not be "admissile", but they are definitely admissible!

    Again "Anonymous", thanks for playing!

    Arizona Rules of Evidence

    Rule 1001. Definitions

    For purposes of this article the following definitions are applicable:

    (1) Writings and recordings. "Writings" and "recordings" consist of letters,
    words, or numbers, or their equivalent, set down by handwriting, typewriting,
    printing, photostating, photographing, magnetic impulse, mechanical or electronic
    recording, or other form of data compilation.
    (2) Photographs. "Photographs" include still photographs, x-ray films, video
    tapes, and motion pictures.

  17. Wow things are getting interesting in Quartzsite. I'm here from NY last 8 months planning on making a home here. Some of you think you have it so rough here ya should try living in NY.

  18. To Arfighter & Vigilante vendor. You crack me up! Don't know what game you all are playing but you sure give Quartzsite a bad name. Everything seems staged on your part. Nowhere but Quartzsite can crazy ass people like you pull this crap off! I also doubt you have any type of legal background. Thanks for the laughs. I don't believe you're gonna win a battle or war for that matter. Lol!

  19. I have to agree with you on that note they only think they have a chance. Wonder what attorney is going to represent them, oh maybe they will represent themselves up against law enforcement FOP OR AZCOPS can I PLEASE have a front row seat in the court room? You people should be ashamed of yourselves. You sound like the crazy people on the Havasu news paper always bashing cops and or firefighters thinking you know the law or a better way to run a community. Stop giving Quartziste a bad name.

  20. Hey maybe you wackey people in Q-town would rather have the Sheriff department as your local law enforcememt. My guess is you couldn't play nice with them either. I don't think it's going to matter who is the chief or police or who is behind any badge your going to act out for attention no matter what. This is almost better then saturday night live.

  21. Video not admissable? Say Rodney King he biatch.

    It's on till your gone.

  22. Guess your too blind to see the difference in crimes Rodney vs Qtz water lmao

  23. Actually, "Anonymous", if you had read and understood the previous comment, it appears that "John Doe" is saying that video IS admissible (like in the Rodney King case)...NOT trying to compare the "crimes" of police brutality versus incumbent's failure to have an emergency plan for utilities under Federal requirements of Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (PL107-188)and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)

  24. As a Quartzsite Citizen, I am always amazed at the idiocy of those who believe by being dissenters makes them impervious to truth. It is their way, or no other way. Unfortunately, we do ALL have to live together here in Q-Town. What is needed here is a middle ground where everything that matters has to do with the viability of the town NOT personal agendas. Quartzsite needs to become self-sufficient within itself and for all of its people, young and old, poor and more comfortable, retirees and business owners, children and adults. To do this we must abide by the rules and laws of the US, AZ, La Paz, and also Quartzsite. These are created for the safety and viability of this town. We may not all be happy with its wording or actions, but, we must abide for the sake of ourselves and this town. Paying taxes, fees, and other levies are part of this, and those who are law-abiding and want this town to be viable, will pay for them even if we grumble along the way. The dissenters are the ones who want to escape and bypass the law and not pay their due. And, Quartzsite has a lot due and it is not being paid by certain dissenting citizens here, and they could easily pay. By rumors and other innuendo and false reporting, these dissenters are try to persuade others to vote for the reform slate. Horrifically, this would destroy and really take down this town. We moved here a few years ago, brought our business here and will retire here. We are doing our best to help this town be a great place to live and to be proud of its rich history and to have others come and visit, stay, vend, or move in as we did. Let's keep Quartzsite on the right path and keep the existing Council in (Vote May 18th)to keep cleaning up the mess made by the dissenting reform slate and old Council members (en masse). The old Council members made a horrible mess here on personal agendas and look where it got us, just read the stories above. These are hateful, inaccurate, tedious and venomous words of attack on the very people who protect this safe and virtually crime-free town. Because of people like these, Quartzsite has seen more and more vendors and snowbirds stay away. We have witnessed this over many years. We can work together and bring back the shining glory days of Quartzsite, and that can be done by keeping in the current Council (and Mayor) and ignoring these foolish dissenters.

  25. It looks like the Lukkason's have stopped by for a visit! Funny, but the incumbents and their supporters keep on railing against the opposition by saying over and over that it would be "horrible" and "ruin" the Town if Foster, Hamilton, Moore and Sias were to be elected - yet they give not one concrete reason why...I guess that kind of rhetoric might be why Jerry received the least amount of votes of the six who made the cut in the Primary election.

  26. Aw c'mon AR - it could be any one of several people who have drank too much of the Taft's Town Kool - Aid! Just cause they have another home in Prescott and moved here "a few years ago". I heard the police chief really lives in Havasu BTW. We're all interlopers aren't we? I mean, how many residents were actually born here in Q? And how many of them escape when they come of age? It's kinda funny how we're all anonymous too. Sad is the plight of the oppressed. We don't dare come out of the closet or there will be retribution for sure!

  27. what is sad here are the petty name-callers with all of the negative statements here. Yes, we moved here a few years ago. Yet, no, we do not have a home in Prescott. Where on earth are you getting such erroneous information? But then, I notice this just is added to all of your other incorrect information. Thank you for showing us that.

  28. Pardon me, if the Lukkasson's stop by for a visit, why not? But, if you are saying that the words above on May 5, 2010 3:42 PM were theirs, then you are wrong. Those words were NOT Lukkasson's, they were mine. I will not stoop to the negative innuendo and statements you guys on the Reform Slate and its members make.

    But, I will state this, there are filed, stamped and dated papers with the Body Politic of Quartzsite. There are papers there for anyone to read. Ed Foster's lawsuit with the Town listing all of the existing Council names are there. BTW, he lost. The case was dismissed. Now, before you say it was dismissed because he was not in office, he had plenty of time during the case to prove his point, he could not. He lost, period. And, to pay for his lost case, he is paying with a really low monthly payment. Why? He went to court to complain that he is only on Social Security. Nothing wrong with that, so, he was given a very low payment to pay back for his losses and court costs. The records show that he is a renter so he does not pay taxes here, has low living costs, BUT his Social Security is better and higher than most. He has plenty money left over. Now I wonder if he would ever admit to the AZ and La Paz County that IF he won the election, would he ever report the additional income for a Mayor's salary? I wonder. At the same time, the Town, therefore, us, the taxpayers, have to pay for our court costs for being sued. Is this right? Ed Foster complains, and sues the Town, cries "foul", gets to pay a small ridiculous amount back for court costs and we, the taxpayers, also have to pay back for being sued even though Ed lost.

  29. On another note, after reading the current "Desert Messenger", we noticed an article that said Bill Moore was dismissed from office by the Town, NOT by the Council. This is also in the records at the Town Hall. How is it that someone, Bill Moore, who was dismissed from office, try (or even be allowed) to run again? Isn't there a message there that Bill Moore did not function or do things appropriately? Please read the records, it is all there. Those are facts, not innuendo, not rumors, but facts. So, this is the Reform Slate and membership followers: We have a candidate for Mayor, Ed Foster, who is not even a part of the Town Meeting process by walking around, staring at the walls and mumbling to his cohorts standing in the back and not listening or participating in the actual Town Meetings (many have witnessed this), is not a taxpayer, who sues the Town, costs the Town and us taxpayers a lot of money. That same Reform Slate did the recall, which costs the Town and us taxpayers a lot of money. They forced the Special Election, again, costing us taxpayers and the Town a lot of money. Bill Moore, dismissed from office for inappropriate actions, is trying to run again. Hamilton, not a bad person, probably a nice guy who owns Rice Ranch. He is running because of the water rate hike, in my opinion. What many do not know is that the water and sewage rates were never allowed to raise in the last 10 years. Everyone, all utilities and services (and for everything on that matter) costs more or goes up in price. We have to play catch up on these rates and quickly before AZ takes us out of the game and independents come in and they will really HIKE up the prices! What happened there started 10 years ago, blame the people in Town government back then (in my opinion, some of the Reform Slate are from those times). The current Council has to clean up the mess started back then, not a pretty sight. Maybe if Hamilton understood all this, he wouldn't be running, in my opinion. Also Sias, probably another okay guy/businessman ordinarily, who recently stated that he votes elsewhere and when directly questioned, vaccilates on answers never really answering whether he is actually a registered voter here to vote in Quartzsite. The only other problem we have with Hamilton and Sias, is that finding out that they called to solicit votes with a taped message AND calling people on the Do Not Call Registry List without their permission both to home phones AND to cell phones which are not public at all. That trespasses into federal territory. It makes you wonder how they did not mention the other 2 candidates at all, got private phone and cell phone lists, many of which are not even Quartzsite phone numbers and are either private numbers unlisted and on the Do Not Call Registry? I would like all of the Reform candidates show their proof that one, they live here (not via a girlfriend who lives here but live somewhere else or pretend this second home is where they vote), and, two, show current proof that they are registered voters here to vote in Quartzsite specifically.



  32. AR, have you noticed that your name has been dropped from all mention from the reform slate? They want to make sure you are not even connected to them anymore. Even one step further, Sias and Hamilton won't even list Foster with them either. Falling apart in the ranks? Falling apart at the seams?

    And, you are definitely incorrect in your last blog. The blogger above yours is me, it is not any of the Lukkassons. Is that clear, AR? It is not the Lukkassons. To say it is, is wrong and slanderous. It does not matter whether the Lukkassons have a second home or not, it has nothing to do with what I said, and I still say...

    ...what is sad here are the petty name-callers with all of the negative statements here. Yes, we moved here a few years ago. Yet, no, we do not have a home in Prescott. Where on earth are you getting such erroneous information? But then, I notice this just is added to all of your other incorrect information. Thank you for showing us that.

    AR, again, you are thanked for showing the countless times of writing erroneous gibberish.

  33. I (AR Fighter)am not Bill Moore, nor am I any of the "reform slate" as some people have started calling it (not me). Which has been stated before on this blog and proves that you cannot, or will not read that which is presented to you. This is a bad quality in a councilperson.

    When exactly the Lukkasons became legal residents of Quartzsite, and changed their legal address may have something to do with eligibility to be a council person in La Paz County. Again, ignorance and or arrogance on your part.

    And look a little closer, I never stated that the post you are referring to was written by Jerry and Michelle, only that it appears that they had "stopped by". Lots of people have, and when throw bait in the water...sometimes you catch a fish with a traceable IP address. (By the way, nice property on W. Cherokee Ln.)

    Since both intellius and beenverified websites state the Lukkasons reside in Prescott, and you now clearly imply that they have "a second home", on behalf of all the readers here I would like to thank you for your relentless dedication to "showing the countless times of writing erroneous gibberish".

  34. I said, "It does not matter whether the Lukkassons have a second home or not." It is not relevant. I also mean that it does not matter whether they lived there or not. That is their private matter, not ours. If you have a second home, or third, or fourth, it is not relevant to this blog. If "intelius" (one "L" not two, AR) shows a prior address in Prescott, so what. It does not state whether it is in the history of former addresses or a current one.

    I have checked "intelius" on myself (why don't you try it) and it does carry wrong information. It shows a few addresses where we have lived over many years. Yet, I have seen some of the addresses as incorrect. It does not show our current one and we've been here for about 2 years full-time (regardless of all the years we came here in the winters). The only verification it has is that the site culls (gets) information from many sources, it does not plead that the sources are correct, or verified.

    What is sad is how you, AR, try to pick on one little word intead of staying "en pointe", as they say.

    And, the point is, if you do not want me to call you Bill Moore (although we all know what a blogger he is, just check his dismissal letter and emails, etc., at the Town Hall), then stop calling other bloggers by erroneous names.

    You say that Jerry only stopped by, but you state, and I quote, "This is a bad quality in a councilperson." (end quote). If you think it is not Jerry, then, who? I will state here that I am not or is my spouse a Council person. I can further state that neither I or my spouse has ever been on the Town Council here or anywhere. We are simply caring citizens of Quartzsite that will not stand for people using erroneous information and rumors, not facts, to try to besmirch this Town.

    I won't stoop to your low level of name-calling, you are simply...wrong (again).

  35. AR, here is the disclaimer (much like 'intelius', so that people see how you try to twist a situation. This disclaimer was copied and pasted directly from their website,

    Disclaimer: While we are constantly updating and refining our database and service, we do not represent or warrant that the results provided will be 100% accurate and up to date. BeenVerified. is a database of publicly available sources of information aggregated for your convenience. BeenVerified. does not provide private investigator services and this information should not be used for employment, tenant screening, or any FCRA related purposes. BeenVerified. does not make any representation or warranty as to the character or the integrity of the person, business, or entity that is the subject of any search inquiry processed through our service.

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  37. If the Lukkasons, the Gilbert's, or Taft disagree with the information posted on those sites, then they can file a complaint. Thank you for telling them how to do that. I am not "a customer", and I have not not bentered into any agreement, or violated their terms of service. I only listed information these sites made public. Oh, and I did check these sites on myself, and some other people I know, so I feel confident that the information was correct.

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