Sunday, April 11, 2010

Greyhound passenger from Quartzsite arrested!

Last night a Greyhound bus en route to Phoenix from Los Angeles made a scheduled stop in Quartzsite. Shortly thereafter witnesses claim that 47 year old Aaron L'Hoir became combative, accused other passengers of having weapons, and threatened to blow up the bus. Passengers were able to restrain the suspect while the driver called for assistance. The incident shut down Interstate 10 in both directions for about two hours while an explosives team searched the bus. According to DPS Dispatch Officer Christian Snyder there were no injuries and no weapons or explosives were found.

L'Hoir was arrested and taken to the La Paz County jail for assault and disorderly conduct. Sgt. Keven Wood, an investigator with the major crimes division of DPS stated that although L'Hoir boarded the bus in Quartzsite, his home of origin was unknown. I think it's safe to say that this is one "winter visitor" that may not be returning next fall.


  1. Hey, I think I've seen this guy around town!

    Police Chief Gilbert should pay attention to this actual example of "disturbing the peace" cause he seems to think its just a legal excuse to harass anyone who asks questions the council doesn't want to answer...or anyone who asks for a witness, or basically anyone he doesn't want to deal with!!!

  2. This dude is a nut. He has been a regular at the Burton Barr Central Library branch of Phoenix Public Library for years. He pretends to read law books on the second floor while staring at young women using the computers.

  3. The chief of police doesnt care, hes too busy
    knee padding and politicing to do his job. I'm suprised Taft didn't put the guy on payroll.