Saturday, April 17, 2010


(Actual water sample from
                                            Steve Bennett's swimming pool!)
From: Steve Bennett
Date: Friday, April 16, 2010, 10:10 PM

This is the water pumped into my pool from the city (this is the second time)  After the city and the fire department helped me pump it out ! ! !  This after the city flushed the lines ! ! ! Was worse the first time ....  This is the water pumped to all of your homes !!!

I called town this morning Karen sent some guys to help pump it out ...Good job guys .... thank you ..I called the fire department Jose also sent some guys and another pump .. good job to them too ..thank you 

What upset me today was I tried to get Wes (the mayor to come look at it ) I was given three disconnected numbers to call him at !!!   So I asked for Alex Taft   was put on hold for few minutes then told she was in a meeting .. And never got a call back ... 
I am going to have a meeting with A.D.E.Q.   next week will ask for a permit to deepen and connect to my well (disconnect from the town)                    

 From: Steve Bennett
Subject: FW:
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2010, 7:47 PM

 Same water same pool just sent thru my pool filter.... Quartzsite needs a water filter system ! ! ! 
That's a great idea Steve! 
Interestingly, on the official Quartzsite website,  
the last drinking water quality report posted is from 2008... Oh, and by the way, it had ARSENIC in it!
I guess that we will know by 2011 if it was safe to drink the Town's water this week...But hey, what's a little "sediment" between friends? MORE ON THIS STORY HERE:


  1. Why didn't Gilbert arrest the pool for disorderly conduct? Taft and the "mayor" could claim it threatened them or that it was a disruption.

    But a pool is a hole in the ground so I can see how he got confused when confronted by it.

    Jeff, Jeff, Jeff let me clarify, your head is not up the swimming pool.

  2. That picture of a water sample from Bennetts place is worth a thousand words and the Mayor, Alex Taft and everyone responsible can suck it..

  3. Eeeeew GROSS!!! Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink...This isn't funny. Now I'm glad I was FORCED to buy expensive bottled water because La Paz County Health Dept told me to STOP drinking the well water at Greasewood because it hadn't been tested in 5 years!!! Huntley knows about that too, as well as other violations by James Martin the property owner, but apparently looks the other way because Jimmy let him put up 30 some odd "Wes Huntley for mayor" signs on the property. Jeffy the police chief gives James Martin legal advice too! Now Greasewood has no health let's see if the Town revokes his swap meet license. I'm not counting on it. Taft, Huntley and the rest don't seem to give a damn about public safety. This should bring more customers to Big Market's bottled water machine, or the well water spigot at RV Pit Stop.

  4. A pay off doesn't have to be money and the mayor is an idiot...

  5. Seems to me you all need to find out the policy and procedure of your loca water department. When was this noticed? If it was noticed during business hours of the local water department or health department why were they not contacted to set something in motion. If the local fire department was out there and they thought it could of been contaminated they would of set things in motion by having the proper departments advised. Not sure why your bashing the Chief of Police when they don't handle water issues. Put your big your big boy and girl pants on and grow up.

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  7. It was during business hours..everyone was gone and Taft wouldn't return calls relating the problem and its not the fire department thats responsible for water.. so calls went up the line..

    That said, why don't you suck it "Chief" suck it and drool..

  8. Everyone was gone? Just who is everyone? Why would you call Taft for a water problem and not the water department? Had you called the water department ya could of had a ball rolling. Better yet if you thought the water was contaminated why didn't you put a call into emergency management? Just a reminder business hours are monday thru friday 8am to 5pm. Yes I'm aware the fire department isn't responsible for water, but it was stated they were there helping to pump out the pool and must not of thought it was contaminated or they would of set motion in gear to get the matter cleared up. So when was this 1st noticed?

  9. Read Bennetts Email... your as bad as the anti mayor..Taft is the Town manager..shes paid to know where people are when they arent in the office and who to contact....Bennett never got a call back..because shes as arrogant as she is incompetent.. and what the fire department did or didn't do isn't relevant.. as they arent trained to recognize that kind of problem

    You almost gave it a nice try Chief.. Go away, don't you have files you need to delete before the audit?

    Have a real nice May 18th..

  10. This is a frightening wake up call. Quartzsite leadership has shown that they don't care what the children drink (or anyone else for that matter)as long as they pander for their parents votes by building a community center. Our current council has revealed their incompetence; in the event of an emergency they have no plan to keep people safe and wouldn't know how to implement one if they did! That's why we need Bill Moore and his training in emergency management. Check the meeting minutes...when Moore was on council he secured a $400,000 grant to fix the water problem and Huntley voted it down!!!Yet Huntley claims in the last issue of "The Desert Toiletpaper" that Moore would be "a catastrophe for our Town". Hey Wes, just look in the mirror. Even FEMA as incompetent as they are would consider your rein of terror to be a catastrophy!

  11. You people are so pathetic, everyones power goes out what's the first number you dial, it sure ain't the electric company or the Mayor's office?
    The water goes bad and you call the Mayor? Expecting he is going to know who to contact.
    Did anyone even think to contact the police department? I guess in your agrroant tantrum you don't realize just who to call, So you didn't know the police department has after hour numbers to the water department. All this is about is your stupid politic game. You don't like someone so your gonna get the whole town in an uproar and oust them out of a job.
    Your all acting like it's the end of the world grow up and learn who to contact for what problem you have. Drink bottle water.

  12. Your so right Anonymous these people do this every time there is an upcomming election. Even I know to look for the after hour phone number on the back of my power bill and or water bill. Then if I'm unable to make contact I contact the police department those guys have numbers to on call water department people. This is also why I drink bottled water.

  13. I see that once again, it appears as if those sniveling cowards who are responsible attempt to shift the blame through "anonymous" posts...Maybe, if the current Council hadn't raised the rate so drastically for potentially tainted water and sewer (charging citizens regardless of whether they are even hooked up or using it) then people could afford bottled water. Look at what Town Hall buys for itself! Even they won't drink the Town water, but Wes Huntley, Patricia Anderson, Bob Kelley, Joe Winslow and Barbara Cowell seem to believe it's just fine for the children. I'll bet that's what they planed to serve at that community center...At least Jose stepped up to the plate and had the Fire Dept. help pump to it out. I sure hope those guys weren't exposed to something.

  14. Seems to me if the fire department would of been at risk to any exposure they would not of pumped the water out. Just go fill up your 5 gal water bottle at any refill station for 1.00 not to expensive.

  15. It seems like people blame the Police Department as a whole for what happens in Quartzsite..Let me start by saying the problem with this blog is the blame on the Police Department. The problem is not with the department is with the Chief of Police.He is so worried about Town politics that he has forgotten about his true duty.Which is his department and fellow officers.His own officers are in a turnmoil because he has not or will not pay attention to their needs. Those boys work their back and not even a thank you or good job today. Instead it's a go try and find a reason to stop someone who is running for council and see what you can find.I'm am not a Quartzsite resident but Chief Gilbert being in office affects my lifestyle and those of my loved ones who do work for the Town of Quartzsite. let the Sgt's run that department between both of them we dont need his 80 plus salary and your officers will hold a higher respect for the person giving orders..

    Respectfully a La Paz County Tax Payer and a concerned spouse of a Town of Quartzsite employee..

  16. Amen to that! I never blamed the department though, we have some officers that are an asset to this community. It's just a shame the Chief is dragging the rest of the department down...

  17. I want to clear up some rumors that are being spread around town by nasty little people that are trying to discredit Foster, Moore, Sias...Hey Desert Messenger, are you out there?


    (Oh, and Rain, Linda's last name is TAUNT - not Taint.)

    Yes folks, it was just little old me that was worried about the what the little children, their parents and immune compromised seniors might be exposed to over the weekend, when Mr. Bennet and others couldn't even get an answer from County Dispatch, the County Health Dept., and most alarmingly THE TOWN!

    So to everybody thats trying to blame opposition candidates for profiteering off of fear mongering and what have you, take it out on me.I'm wearing my "big girl pants" and I can take it. Here's the won't get it from town hall. The citizens gathered at the Yacht Club where I check my email were concerned about what to do about using the water over the weekend until Town Hall opened on monday morning. They wanted to know if they should take a freakin shower. They wanted answers. THERE WAS NO ORGANIZED PLAN FOR A UTILITY EMERGENCY! I saw a problem, took initiative and put something in motion with an expert in the field before I went to bed.

    Drink bottled water? Its not healthy because the minerals your body needs have been taken out. Anyone here who thinks thats the answer can buy it for the whole town out of their own pocket.

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