Saturday, April 10, 2010

"mayor" Huntley waffles on prison issue...

After mayoral candidate Ed Foster photographed Corplan execs being courted by our police chief while the "mayor" and members of the Council tried to sneak out the back door of Town Hall, it seems that Huntley's had a change of heart about the proposed prison that HE placed on the agenda for discussion last month...See:

It seems that "Waffling Wes" has finally realized that it's not a wise campaign strategy to support such a questionable endeavor with his center stage seat hanging by a thread. In another grammatically challenged advertorial published by the Desert Messenger on Wednesday, Huntley proclaimed "there will be no prison in our Town as long as I can be active for you, our honorable citizens."  (As if to imply that there would be one when voters deactivate him on May 18th.) But reform candidates and "dissidents" as the waffler likes to call them occupied virtually all of the seats to voice their concerns and opposition at the "mayor's" special Corplan public meeting.

Then Huntley tried to save face by shifting the blame for the secret March 24th meeting between current leadership and Corplan's James Parkey to the Town mismanager Alext Taft. Sorry Wes, we don't believe you didn't know..

And Wes, I know you're reading, so remember...THE REAL STORY ABOUT CORPLAN WAS PUBLISHED HERE FIRST! So naturally, now Huntley wants to assume all the credit for someone elses efforts, suddenly claiming "boy, there were some red flags all over". Note to readers, ANYTHING Huntley puts on the agenda should throw up red flags all over town!


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  2. Its not Huntleys fault there was an illegal quorum, he can't count to four or spell quorum and its not exactly the first time Taft has failed to tell the truth to a gullible and uninformed council.

    Taft and Jeff Gilbert want that prison, waffle boy Wes will change his mind 5 more times then do what hes told like the spineless idiot he always has been.. Which is also why the Town is so far in debt...

  3. How elementarily funny you are ...haven't you ever made a decision and then with further due diligence corrected yourself, even once? C'mon, what we all want is what is best for this town, and no matter how the truth is found (out), the end result is that this was not good for the town, and the Council agrees...period. Be glad that the right answer did show up in time rather than kick on the Mayor. What is important is Quartzsite, not the feeble opinions of being derisive just for the sake of being derisive.

  4. Oh look, it's Wes Huntley's "ghost writer"!

  5. I am not Mayor Wes Huntley's "ghost writer", but you did just prove my point...

  6. Ok "due diligence", it must be someone else that can spell then. Anyone who has sat through a Council Meeting since Huntley was given the gavel knows that he can barely read every other word on the paper in front of him. It's not much of a stretch to surmise that if you can't read well, then you can't write well either. And there is an apparent disparity in writing styles between "From the Mayor's Desk" and his paid campaign ads. (Sometimes even within the ad itself.)

    But it's my forum, so I do get to kick the "mayor". No one has reported yet that Huntley has been able to string a coherent sentence together about why the Council violated open meetings law to quorum with Corplan on the sly. But he did print the excuse of "I didn't know" or something along those in a recent publication. For that, I believe some derision is in order!

  7. What he should be commended for is finding out the truth and shutting the process down. That was admitted both in the paper and at the town meeting.

    Yes, it is obviously your forum, but how machismo that you need to kick on anyone. How humanely human. How basic and elementary. Reminds me of people who get a job and use the 'system', using the equipment unauthorized, taking supplies, using their office inappropriately.

    Just possibly your distaste and disgust of people could mellow and your ears and mind could open up. In my opinion, I have been amazed lately how Hamilton and Sias do not even mention or hint of Foster and Moore. In fact, their taped vote solicitations on our town phonelines make sure Foster and Moore are not mentioned at all. They may have other ideas and not like the way the other two (Foster and Moore) purport themselves and their derision. Looks like there is dissention in the ranks.

  8. Yeah, so much dissension that they spent most of the afternoon and evening together...Didn't you see them at McDonald's tonight?

  9. Just another open vacuous statement, being together (IF they had) does not mean unity, it could mean separation, or pretense of togetherness...

    Again, I still am amazed that Hamilton and Sias only mentioned their own 2 names in their taped vote solicitations coming to all of our home phone lines and cell phone lines (many on the DO NOT CALL Registery, BTW). And, this was not done once, but 2 to 4 times in the last month or so according to people I've talked with. Guess who was not mentioned by any means, not one word?

  10. Hmmm, there is nothing here that shows all 4 of the Reform Slate candidates spent most of the afternoon and evening together at McDonald's. It must have cost a pretty penny, or two. And if they had, sometimes, people show up to get information. Information they can use to use for their own personal strategy. To wit...

    Hamilton and Sias made taped vote solicitations to many Quartzsite people on the Do Not Call Registry. They called at least 4 times in the last month or two. They called home numbers during dinner hours and other times. Scaring many senior citizens who only get calls when there is an emergency. They also called people on private cell phones, many numbers of which are not even in Quartzsite and are private numbers. And, getting into Federal territory, how did they think that they could call any of these unlisted or on the Do Not Call Registry home and cell phone numbers was...okay, or legal?

    Where did Hamilton and Sias get these private (many unpublished) home phone and cell phone numbers?

  11. AR, are you so frightened that you would not allow a blog written yesterday offering the people truth and how to find the truth (and all of the filed, dated, and stamped facts that I stated on this blog) at the Town Hall?

    I know how long these blogs take to get published, so why did you not allow the truth to be told?

    We all would like an answer.

  12. I will try again to see if this gets posted...

    When people get together like those (if) they got together at McDonald's, aren't always there for unity. They may be there to get all of the information they can for their own strategy. As I have said elsewhere, Sias and Hamilton have combined their efforts and exclude AR, er, Bill Moore, and Ed Foster from their vote solicitations. In fact, in their recent mailer, Sias and Hamilton only have their two slanted (my opinion) statements in the envelope. All of their taped messages that have come over the telephone lines and cell phones excluded Bill Moore and Ed Foster. Although I do have a bone to pick with callers who call against the Federal rules of the Do Not Call Registry. Many were called that belong to that list. And, many were called on private cell phone lines that are not even Quartzsite numbers, many were out-of-state. So I wonder where, and how, these numbers were obtained? Do those two know they have crossed into Federal regulations territory?

    And, if one wants real proof, real facts, they only have to go to the Town Hall and ask for the "Body Politic of Quartzsite" to see the lawsuit of Ed Foster naming everyone on the Council and the Town Manager, and it shows his case was dismissed. And, who wants Ed Foster for Mayor when all he does is complain and sue the Town and cost us all a lot of time and money? Ed Foster who walks and struts around during ongoing sessions of the Town Meetings? He does not even show he is interested in the Town. Voters can see what it cost the Town and us, the taxpaying citizens of Quartzsite. They will see the cost of the Recall(s) to the Town and the taxpaying citizens. They will see the dismissal letter of Bill Moore to vacate the premises for inappropriate behavior. And much more. The facts are there for all to see. Proof, real proof, not innuendo and rumors as the reform people are trying to use.

  13. People often meet at certain places. It certainly does NOT mean it is a sign of unity. Many people meet to get information and use what they get to form or aid their own personal strategy.

    In receiving yesterday's mail, we opened an envelope that carried two bio/statements from vote solicitors of the reform group. They were only from Hamilton and Sias from the reform group. Neither of them said one single word about Ed Foster or Bill Moore. In fact, in their entire message they only spoke of the two of themselves.

    Dissention in the ranks of the opposition (reform) members?

  14. The "truth" as you see it "Anonymous"? Not even close! Political calls are exempt from the registry;
    Because no politician would be stupid enough to prohibit his or her campaign activities.

    As previously stated, the phone numbers of registered voters are public information.

    No "dissension in the ranks", they were in unity at last nights hamburger dinner, and again today at the polls. More together than the incumbents were at the last Council meeting!

    "Anonymous" (the one who posts endlessly and at all hours)you appear to have a surplus of time on your hands, why don't you do your homework before you waste our time?

    Bill Moore was never served with a dismissal letter.

    Ed Foster never sued the Town. If he did, the costs/damages would have been paid from the Town's insurance. You obviously do not understand what a mandamus is. And, it was not dismissed on merit, the judge ruled (incorrectly) that a citizen did not have legal standing to request that the government obey the laws.

    Moore and Foster chose not to spend their money on mailings. Hamilton and Sias did. So what? There is a campaign spending limit.

  15. I reviewed the URL you gave us above.

    Here is the descriptions of Exempt Organizations:

    What is an Exempt Organization?

    In general, your organization is not required to access the National Do Not Call Registry, and thus may access as an Exempt Organization, if one or more of the following is true:

    Your organization is not subject to either the FTC's or the FCC's jurisdiction. For example, a non-profit charitable organization may be an Exempt Organization, assuming, of course, that it is truly a non-profit. Entities that have been granted tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code are not necessarily Exempt Organizations for purposes of the National Do Not Call Registry. See, e.g., FTC v. National Consumer Council, Inc., and FTC v. Debt Management Foundation Services, Inc., at

    Your organization does not engage in any "telemarketing" or "telephone solicitation" activities, as defined by the FTC and FCC, respectively. For example, survey calls and political polling calls are not covered by the definition of "telemarketing" or "telephone solicitations." An organization that places ONLY these types of calls may be an Exempt Organization.

    Your organization qualifies for one or more of the specific exemptions contained in the FTC's and FCC's rules, such as:
    you only call to solicit charitable contributions; or
    you only call consumers with whom you have an established business relationship; or
    you only call consumers from whom you have received written permission to call; or
    you only make business-to-business calls.
    If you are a for-profit telemarketer, you are NOT an Exempt Organization, even if you call consumers on behalf of an Exempt Organization, such as a non-profit. See, e.g., National Federation of The Blind v. FTC, 420 F.3d 331 (4th Cir. 2005).

    Additionally, you must be accessing the National Registry solely to prevent telephone calls to telephone numbers on the National Registry.

    Whether your organization is exempt is a decision that requires an understanding of the FTC's and FCC's requirements, as well as your specific business practices. Therefore, whether you should subscribe as an Exempt Organization is a decision you must make. In making this decision, you may wish to consult with an attorney.

    If you are not an Exempt Organization and you have nevertheless subscribed to the Registry as an Exempt Organization, you may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. If you subscribed as an Exempt Organization by mistake, and wish to withdraw your subscription, please contact the HELPDESK. (end quote)

    Are Sias and Hamilton "exempt"? Under what organization did they "apply"? By the way, no organization was named on the phone by either party. They did not solicit money, they solicited votes. They did not do "polling", they solicited votes. The Do Not Call Registry is valid for people who are on it, and all unlisted private land lines and cell phones should also not be called without permission.

  16. AR, you've been blogging here for months at all hours and that is your right. It is my right to answer or challenge you and whatever hours I wish to access this. I have written here one or two times a day in the past week, now what exactly is your problem with that?

    I have done my homework, possibly you have missed several things?

    And, I beg to differ. Please access the Body Politic of Quartzsite. Ed Foster DID sue Quartzsite by suing every Councilperson and the Town Manager who were all named in the lawsuit. Ed Foster's case was Dismissed, period. It ended up a waste of time (and money) for the Town, including Ed's time and money since he has to pay back his share to the Court in wasting everyone's time. And YOU are passing judgement on the presiding Judge of the Court and saying he was wrong? A little arrogant aren't we? And, if you read the Quartzsite Body Politic, you would see that although the Town has insurance (as all municipalities do), they still have to pay many thousands of dollars (their proportionate share (like a deductible). In effect, the taxpayers of Q-Town have to pay. Since you mentioned the Town having insurance, is that not admission that the Town (through its Council members and Town Manager) WERE sued?

    As I said before, being together does not mean unity, possibly a way to further one's goal and they may be there to get all of the information they can for their own strategy.

    Again, IF you had read the Body Politic of Quartzsite, you would have found that dismissal letter written to and received by Bill Moore.

  17. Nice try, "Anonymous" know perfectly well if I file an open records request for this nonsensical document you say exists, then you will have figured out my identity. I'm not going to risk my personal safety, or that of my family just to prove or disprove your childish accusations. There are too many people in Quartzsite that don't subscribe to your naive notions about "decorum" or "law and order" and such. If it exists, YOU scan it and post the link to where it can be viewed.

  18. To educate oneself, you need to reach out and do it. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it? I do not mean that as a putdown, I mean that how on earth can you antagonize so much without actually seeing and reading the truth?

    Anyone can fill out record requests, anyone. Anyone, that is, that is really concerned about Quartzsite and its truth. The trail is all there and Bill Moore's dismissal letter is there as well, as well as his council emails, notes, etc. to substantiate the reasons for that dismissal.

    If all of you on the opposing side, would simply do real legal due diligence, then maybe, just maybe, we could all meet in the middle and get a lot more done than challenging here.

    I do not have the authority, I am not with any part of the government here (as I said I am a local citizen), to scan the document. You will need to get it yourself. You can read them or pay and get them copied.

    We already know who you are, and the others, just go ahead and get educated on all of this. This whole town would be very happy that everyone gets to know the whole truth and we can get back to building this town. This in-fighting is ridiculous. We welcome all to get together and work together, that is what will make Quartzsite strong and viable.