Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's make a deal? Of course not

The citizens of Quartzsite got  "zonked" again. At Qville's regular clown council circus, the show was on as a "report" prepared by an illegal alleged "private investigator", who lives in our new town mismanager's driveway was read by Mikey J before apparently being destroyed in violation of state law. (see around 18 minutes into the video)

The hopeless voted unanimously voted to censure Councilwoman Patricia Workman based on no evidence of wrongdoing. This is an official way of saying we don't like you, and has no effect on Workman, other than to possible force her to lawyer up and consider suing them for defamation and slander.

Then for a second act, they voted against accepting the deal brokered between the attorney representing the town and the one representing Mayor Foster. What was the deal on the table you ask? Foster wouldn't owe the town anything and would not be able to sue, and the town would owe Foster no back pay or damages. Workman voted in favor of seating Foster, as did Orgeron (who knows the ordinance is illegal and probably just doesn't want to get sued). Everyone else turned down the deal in favor of going to court. What do they care. It's not going to cost them membership in the Risk Pool, that was cancelled two days after El Jefe was brought back as chief Nazi.


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