Friday, October 26, 2012

The honeymoon is over

According to newly acknowledged Mayor Ed Foster, town staff Terry Frausto and Laura Bruno have prohibited him from entering town offices.
Now this new policy hasn't gone before the council for a vote or anything, it's just another example of the "we say so" form of government at work in QVille. (And you all thought we had a council manager form government.)

Foster called his attorney in front of Frausto after being refused entry beyond the public business counter. According to Judge Burke, the town must cooperate with Foster's performance of his duties as mayor, or they are not just in contempt of his court order, it's actually a crime under ARS 12-2029. Can't wait to see Terry in that LPCJ orange two peice ensemble. I hear it's the fashion "must have" for Quartzsite government staff this fall!


  1. Where did this information come from ? Mr Ed ? Sounds unrealistic...can you confirm from video at town hall ?

  2. Could you please show me where it says they have to cooperate with Foster? The judges order I read says they have to seat him at the next meeting and pay reasonable attorney fees. I don't see anything about working with Foster at all. Besides, why does he need to be in the administrative offices? He can pick up his mail at the front counter. If he needs to see Bluto or Frausto, he can make an appointment. After all, they've got important work to do sinking the Quartzsite ship that Bluto initially said she was going to right. How's that working out for you Bluto?

  3. Bluto made an official memo. Mo video needed!